serena dress

Sweet flowery dreams)
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters: Princess Serenity 
Cosplayer: Likanda
Ph: Clover
Assistant (wigmaker): Sapphire


Serena’s shirt + skirt from Pokemon x&y !  Complete with her little pocket to keep… stuff in….. idk what’s in there i mean she’s already got a purse so…?? ANYWAY ENJOY!  ^_^

Calem’s jacket: x

(Olive’s editing skills continue to be bad)


Third day on the @starcoweek3​ and the prompt for today is: Original Concept

  When I think in the original concept for the show where Star is not a magical princess from other dimension and just a girl who really love magical girls and sailor moon, meanwhile Marco is a boy who is obsessed with dragon ball.

  Star likes to comb hear hair like Serena/Usagi from sailor moon as well she use a seifuku uniform to imitate the dress of Serena. Meanwhile, Marco likes to use the hair like goku and (as well as star) he try to imitate the style of Goku, using orange t-shirt with blue. This two dorks are practically the same and nobody understands why they do not get along 😂    

 I just imagine this two in the begging dislikes heach other for what ever reason because after of talk a little about their hobbies realize that they are not so different. Even Star invites Marco to her home and read all the manga of sailor moon and all the manga of dragon ball and with the time get along better

 and even star some feelings right there ;)