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Why Ash Will Win the Kalos League

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Ash in the semifinals right now battling against one of his main rival Sawyer but thanks to Corocoro magazine we know that Ash will beat Sawyer and face off against Alan in the finals.  Now while the fight may be a two parter there’s still one important question.  Can Ash beat Alain?  Well let me explain why Ash will win.

Ash always beats his main rivals 

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With the exception of the Indigo League, Ash has beaten his main rival from each region in that particular league such as beating Gary in the Johoto League, Paul in the Sinnoh league,  Trip in the Unova league, and so on.  Now after defeating his main rival Ash would end up losing to a last minute trainer that the writers created to beat Ash in the leauge but that not the case here since  Ash have already lost to Alain twice, and need to redeem himself. 

Testing Ash Limits

Now it been shown that with the exception of Ramos, Alain uses Charizard to sweep through his opponents. However since Alain want to battle Ash at his strongest he will have Ash earned his way to fight Charizard by defeating his other Pokemon which consist of  Tyranitar, Weavile, Metagross, and two other unknown Pokemon.  Ash team seem like it will be a great match for Alain team with some of his Pokemon having the advantage over Alain team like using Hawlucha to defeat Weavile or having Pikachu use Iron Tails on Tyranitar.  The battle will all come down to their two strongest Pokemon, Charizard and Greninja, 

Greninja Ultimate Water Shuriken

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I have a good feeling that this will be used against Alain Charizard instead of Mega Sceptile due to it looking like a ultimate signature move.  I also have a theory that Greninja use his water shuriken to absorb Mega Charizard Flamethrower and used it to boot up the water shuriken power.

So after all these years Ash may finally win the leauge!  Re blog if you believe Ash will defeat Alain.

As he prepared to face his final challenge, the Kalos League, the boy who’s strength they had all come to respect so much turned around, and spoke these words, and for no longer than a fraction of a second, one could certainly catch a glimpse of the feelings of doubt brought by his past experiences. 

In that moment, only Pikachu understood what it truly meant to be Ash Ketchum~