This is how it will end, Master and Queen.

I worked on this shit the whole week-end, finding the good color, give me a price lol. I guess it’s a better kiss than the last one.

And yes, If I see this artwork posting somewhere else than my twitter account, tumblr and deviantart (and also, not used by people I authorized) I’ll kick your ass, like really, seriously.

how the dragon boys think about the bracelet girls
  • Yuya: Yuzu? she's my best friend! she has been so supportive of me all throughout my life especially when my dad left. I don't know what I'd do without her. I would do just about anything to make her happy. ah! but don't tell her I said that!
  • Hugo: Rin? hehe well Rin is... she's a great friend! an awesome friend! the best friend a guy could ever ask for. I grew up all alone except for Rin and the only way I was able to survive was because we were always there supporting each other. I really... like her.
  • Ute: Ruri? Ruri is great. she's just... so great, you know? I uh... I feel like it would be kind of rude for me to talk too much about her when she's not here. but she's a great girl. I want to protect her and see her smile.
  • Joeri: who the fuck is Celery

brokenklefki  asked:

buy a vowel!!! the ray pieces ALL deserve their own existence.

Absolutely! Aside from Serena’s early carding shenanigans, none of the girls did anything wrong. And their ultimate fate was initiated by someone who didn’t even see them as fully human. Talk about fucked up.

But irl, plenty of people suffer fates that they absolutely don’t deserve. The outrage is justified, but I do think that was the point of having the girls remain fused.