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One of these is not like the rest.

I was practicing facial expressions and the DA hell hole I’ve been caught in decided to rear it’s ugly head.

So here’s my favorite losers.

Guest starring the wo~orst🎶 Inquisitor Lavellan Ev E R.

September Dragon Age Fanfic Reading List

I have spent the better part of today and yesterday getting caught up/starting on all of the fanfic reading I have not been able to do over the past few months. This includes going back to old favourites that have more chapters for me to read, finding new favourites and digging through my drafts for one-shots that I saved so I could remember to comment on them. Also fic appreciation shouldn’t only happen on Writer Appreciation Day, so I’ve decided that on the first Wednesday of every month, I will post a shout-out to the fics I’ve been enjoying:


The Mark of Fen’Harel (G, Solavellan) by @tel-abelas-mofo. AU fic that takes place in Elvhenan. So much elvhen lore goodness. [COMPLETE]

In Waking Dreams (M, Trevelyan/Cullen) by @a-shakespearean-in-paris. Canon divergent re-telling of DA:I that focuses on a wonderful OC, Lydia Trevelyan, and her relationship with the Inquisiton’s Commander. [WIP]

The World Turned Upside Down (E, Solavellan) by @buttsonthebeach. Hamilton-inspired (!!!) vignettes focusing on Inquisitor Ellana Lavellan and her complicated relationship with Solas. 

In Another World (G, Solavellan) by @theladydreadwolf. An Arlathan AU where Andruil’s songstress falls in love with teh Dread Wolf. Super intriguing expansion on elvhen lore. [WIP] 

The Threads That Break Us (M) by @silent-of-spirit. The Roman AU to end all Roman AUs. I’ve been excited to start this one for a while now and the first chapter is just as interesting and intriguing as the premise promises. [WIP]

Kin and Ichor (M, Solas/OC) by @bearly-tolerable. Bear’s characters are as unique as they come and I love the idea of druids as a potential part of DA lore. So excited for this one. [WIP]

Uprising (E, Solavellan) by @lavellanlove. lavellanlove’s writing is engaging, fast-paced and exquisite. I devoured the first chapter and literally cannot wait to read more. Avira is an amazing, complex and flawed protagonist and I love how lavellanlove is exploring the possibilities of the DA4 environment. [WIP]

In Love, Serenity (E, Cullen/Trevelyan, Hawke/OC, Delrin Barris/OC) by @ladydracarysao3. I’m so excited to return to this one. LadyD’s OCs are passionate, headstrong and beautifully flawed, but also the kind of people for whom you want a happy ending. Abner, Aurora and Izzalea are worthwhile characters to spend your time with. [WIP]

Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers (M, Cullen/OC, Lavellan/OC, Solavellan) by @long-liv-prairies. Liv’s writing grabs you and runs away with you from page one. Naomi is such a sweetheart and likeable character, and it’s fascinating seeing Thedas through her eyes. It’s a big fic, but completely worthwhile, especially if you love MGIT fics. [COMPLETE] 

Leminscate (M, Solavellan, Lavellan/Cullen) by @zhanna0717. This was one of the first DA longfics I read and I’m so happy zhanna is still working on it. It’s a sophisticated, many-layered story with complex people and relationships that is so fascinating to dig into. 

All This Shit is Even Weirder (M, Cullen/OC) by @kagetsukai. I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’ve already fallen in love with Hannah and her snarkiness. Another great MGIT, bursting with potential and possibilities. 


Acclimation (G, Lavellan) by @fleshwerks. Spiridon Lavellan is an absolute snarkfest delight. I love him to pieces. This is such a great short piece, infused with a lot of character-driven humour.

I Built a Religion Around You: Goodbye (G, Hawke/Sebastian) by @elfapostate. A beautiful AU featuring a tragic, bittersweet moment between Hawke and Sebastian.

The First Days of Haven (G, Lavellan, Varric) by @elvenbeard. A really wonderful look at the impact of joining the Inquisition on the Herald of Andraste. Tamlen is such a great character and his beginning friendship with Varric is so lovely. (And there’s beautiful illustrations!)

Vengeance (G, Solas, Lavellan) by @roguelioness. Some of RoLo’s most heartbreaking, beautiful writing. This will stomp all over your heart.

Sum up your OC in a 4 songs playlist.

Tagged like two days ago by @gugle1980 gonna do my Main Warden, Main Hawke, and my Alternate Inquisitor (cause I gotta love them more)

Seren Cousland 

  1. Born For This by Paramore
  2. I Wonder by Mary Costa (Sleeping Beauty)
  3. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by Meredith Anne Bull (Strange Magic)
  4. Teir Abhaile Riu by The Celtic Woman

Garrett Hawke

  1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! At the Disco
  2. Champion by Fall Out Boy
  3. Gravity by Sara Bareilles
  4. Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack

Cinaed Trevelyan

  1. Victorious by Panic! At The Disco
  2. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
  3. Invincible by OK Go
  4. You Are In Love by Travis Atreo (Taylor Swift Cover)

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