seredhiel84 ha risposto al tuo post “Just read a rumour about Jaime and Bronn going to the Dorne and fighting Obara. WHAT THE HELL???? I GIVE UP. I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE”

I know we will always have the books. BUT what I’ll also know is that two douchebags are butchering the books!!! How can GRRM contain his rage? Those are his babies!!!

I suppose they pay the bills? :// at least after the show he hasn’t been able to go after fanfic writers rotfl

bruxalufalufa  asked:

sleeping with a feast for crows didn't help. I'm still frustrated. And BTW this time there was actual white-washing. There's no way their Trystane could possibly be Doran's son.

Yeaaaah I’ve seen non b/w pictures and uhm unless he has a very white wife who we aren’t going to see since she’s dead…. GENETICS WHAT ARE GENETICS. idek I’m still hoping in some extra casting and that somehow they got wrong the *heir to dorne* thing because it just doesn’t work if there’s just ONE out of three regardless of everything else. JUST. WHY.