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I usually post photos on tumblr, but this is an exception. Please share this with everyone you know might be interested (repost from reddit):

[EDIT: The team for Serbian language on Duolingo has been chosen. Thank you everyone for sharing this. Can’t wait to see the course. :)]

There have been multiple applications from people to take part in a Serbian course on However, pretty much no one is getting respones.

Because when Duolingo looks at a language application, they look at these things:
-How many people want to learn the language
-How many qualified contributors there are to make the course

There already are plenty of people wanting to learn Serbian. What was lacking however, was the number of contributors. What we need is a big team of contributors to show Duolingo that we are capable of making the course.
“How can I join the team?”

I have made a Skype group for Team Serbian for Duolingo (ako se pitate, da, pričam srpski).
We need people with these requirements:
-You speak fluent English and Serbian
-You can contribute several hours in most weeks
-We can easily make contact with you (having someone who is unreachable and stays quiet for weeks isn’t very useful)
-Making a course can take months or even some years. So you must be devoted with the team for this long

Post a comment if you are interested in being a contributor and tell us why you think you are the right choice (do you speak both languages, are you dedicated to work on it for a long time with the team?).

People will be picked for further contact via e-mail and then the final team will be decided for the Skype group. When the group is established, we can begin to apply to the Duolingo Incubator together.

Skype: Rafael Divanić

{Odlično! Do sada već imamo 9 ljudi u timu!}

The art of swearing and cursing in Croatia

As in most of their neighboring countries, Croatians curse and swear a lot. They swear when they are angry, happy, depressed, drunk, exited or having sex; and some just swear as soon as their open their mouth. The most used word is definitely fuck in all its possibilities (jebem ti, jebo te, jebo vas, jebeš mi…), depending on who or what should fuck whom.  Most popular are family members, with the mother on the top place, followed by religious figures. They can get really bad and become quickly racist or sexist, so it is no wonder you use some of them only if you want to get beaten up.
But nice Croats swear too, so there are many insults that are more funny or creative than actually insulting. That is why when Croats swear in front of children they try to avoid vulgarity, replace it with small thinks as mice or grain of dust and they let sometimes even the f-word out, but without adapting the rest of the sentence, so everybody knows there is still a fuck in it. The possibilities and combinations are unlimited and many people have their personal swearing style. One rule I could figure out is, as smaller the thing gets that you involve in your swearing, the more harmless the swearing is. Here are some of my favorite expressions and a try to translate them. 

-  Jebem ti trunje („I fuck your grain of dust“)
-  Jebem ti sunce kalejsano („I fuck your shiny sun“)
-  Jebem ti miša („I fuck your mouse“)
-  Jebem ti antikrista („I fuck your anti-christ“)
-  Jebo te Tito („Tito fucks you“)
-  Jebala te zvijezda („Should the star fuck you“; reference to the serbian soccer team Crvena Zvezda or to communism as general)
-  Jebem ti sve po spisku (“I fuck everything yours down the list”; here you can add the number of how often you want to do this, 100 times is really angry)
-  Jebem ti svetu paprika (“I fuck your holy paprika”)
-  Jebem ti sve živo i mrtvo (“I fuck everything yours, alive and dead”)
-  Jebem ti krv („I fuck your blood“)
-  Jebo sliku svoju („Fuck your own picture“)
-  Jebo te patak („A drake fucks you“ (the animal))
-  Jebo te led („Ice fucks you“)
-  Jebem ti kruh („I fuck your bread“)
-  Jebem ti krvavo jaje („I fuck your bloody egg“)
-  Jebeš me u zdrav mozak („You are fucking me in my healthy brain“)
-  Jebem ti prvi red na sahrani („I fuck the first row at your funeral“)

this loss hurts. it hurts a lot. but i’m so proud of these guys. they gave their everything, even more than they could. they’re coming back to serbia tomorrow, where people, a crowd of more than 20 000, will welcome them. and sing. and scream their names. because they deserved it. and i will be there, to sing our national anthem with all of them, to show them that we are proud of them. no matter the loss, serbia is and always will be a country where athletes are apprecieated, where every medal is celebrated. serbia will always be the land of sports. the land of basketball.



A country of 8 000 000 people, almost destroyed by wars, demonized with propaganda and shit like that, and always SO SUCCESSFUL in SPORT… GOD DAMN, WE ROCK!

Metoidioplasty Information

This is part 4 in a series of posts summarizing what was said during the Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle from August 14-17, 2014. This is not basic knowledge, but rather it is supplemental knowledge. This is knowledge to expand upon what you already know but does not provide groundwork for fully understanding it otherwise. For more information I am always available to answer questions.

Dr. Crane – San Francisco, CA
Dr. Bowers – Burlingame, CA. Presented by her co-surgeon, Dr. Nicole.
Dr. Meltzer – Scottsdale, AZ

Ryan Sallans – Speaking about his meta experience with the Serbian team

Dr. Crane refers to metoidioplasty as “a surgical buffet for your genitals”. There are a lot of options for what you can have done when it comes to meta and for the most part you pick and choose what you want and don’t want. Urethral lengthening, vaginectomy, scotoplasty, testicular implants, fully or partially joined scrotum, scrotum pushed forward, mons resection, you get the idea. There are a lot of options here.

Dr. Crane has been performing metoidioplasty since 2004 and in the past year and a half has done over 60. He’s a reconstructive urologist and has done several fellowships, trainings, and studies all across the world working on perfecting his techniques. He describes his complication rate, specifically his fistula/stricture rate, as being between 10-20%, but says his actual rates are much lower. If urethral lengthening without a vaginectomy is desired then this rate increased to 25%. This is further explained at the bottom of this post.
Dr. Meltzer has performed 75 bottom surgery operations over the past 3 years, though he began his practice in 1990. By 1996 trans people comprised about half of all of his patients and by 2003 roughly 95% of his work is dedicated to serving the trans community. He has 7 years of urological experience and completed a 17 year fellowship focusing on urology, which he puts to work and is now able to report having a 3% complication rate for bottom surgery. He hasn’t had a fistula since 1996 but he has had strictures, for which he uses buccal mucosa tissue to fix and has a 50% success rate with this.

Dr. Meltzer utilizes external scrotal ports for his tissue expanders. If I remember correctly they stick out of the skin about as high up on the abdomen as the hip bones are, but I can’t say this is an exact measurement. In the past patients would need to use a syringe and needle to inject air (I think it was air? They weren’t very specific about this) into the expanders, which caused a lot of problems with infection or with people being too nervous/afraid to do it. With these external ports you just need to pump them to add air. The tissue expanders help loosen the skin that will later be used to create the scrotum. Loose skin means the scrotum can hang more naturally and there is more skin to work with. Dr. Crane finds that tissue expanders are not necessary, but from the experiences I gathered from other surgeons they’re nice to have since the skin isn’t stretched so tight when the testicular implants are placed, which otherwise can cause a lot of bruising or swelling.

Dr. Meltzer and the Serbian team that Ryan Sallans saw both encourage pumping to increase the size of the phallus both pre- and post-op. Post-op this also helps to keep the penis from retracting and coming closer to the body as it heals. Doing so would mean a loss of size. Meltzer showed pictures of his star patient and they were incredible – this guy was 3 inches post-op and could pump himself up to 4.5 inches with a 1.5 inch girth. Once blood flow goes down this immediate size increase will subside but over time it can stretch tissue and lead to permanent increases. For more information on getting started with pumping, look here. Dr. Crane said that the typical size one can expect to have post-op is between 4-6 cm, which translates to roughly 1.5-2.5 inches, but this is dependent upon how long your erectile tissue is as it is anchored to your pubic bone. You can’t release this any further without risking severely damaging your penis. Dr. Bowers reported that the typical size you can expect post-op is between 3-8cm (roughly 1-3 inches) and that 10 cm (4 inches) is exceptional and quite rare. So their rates are quite similar and I’m sure she can report a wider variety because she has seen more patients.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Meltzer has performed metoidioplasty on someone who was unable to be on testosterone due to medical problems. As far as I was aware no surgeon is willing to operate on someone who isn’t on hormones and every surgeon required a person to have been on testosterone for at least 2 years – This is the case with Dr. Crane and Dr. Bowers. The outcome looked similar to a pre-op trans man’s genitalia on testosterone, since there wasn’t sufficient size to actually stand out, if that makes sense. So his genitalia was masculinized to the extent that it could be. He later was cleared to start testosterone and found no issues with growing even though he was already post-op.

I asked Dr. Nicole (Dr. Bowers wasn’t actually present for the presentation as she had to fly home early) if they had ever performed bottom surgery on someone underage and got a surprising answer. The answer was that yes, they have. The only requirement they have is that you must be have at least 2 years of adequate testosterone usage, so you would need to start testosterone between the ages of around 12-15 to qualify for a meta underage. The key word here is adequate – So people on a very low dose of hormones might need to be on testosterone for longer before they qualify. Again, I was very surprised because almost all of the information I’ve heard requires that you be 18 years of age. This would be a very surgeon-specific decision and as far as I know Dr. Bowers is the only one in the US to allow this. Dr. Bowers listed her prices for meta (including everything) as:
$5,000 – Simple meta/release
$16,000 – Ring meta

She also said that going from a simple meta to a ring meta is difficult. In Ring meta the use inner labial tissue to create the new urethra and in the simple meta this tissue is removed (they did not specify if this was partially or fully removed).

A fantastic thing that Dr. Nicole mentioned, and I find it to be a great note to end on, is that her and Dr. Bowers are working to teach at UCSF to train new GRS surgeons. Dr. Bowers has trained with (and has helped to train) surgeons from Brazil, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Israel, and Serbia, to name a few places, and wants to bring up new people in the United States. This would help to reduce waiting times and to get more local surgeons, the end result being that people won’t have to wait as long or travel as far to have their operations done.

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Imagine Steve learning new languages very easily and for fun. Imagine him learning all languages that are native for the Avengers, like Russian or Spanish or so on and talking to the others in their Native language.

Imagine Steve picking up languages as easy as he can memorize maps. Imagine Steven changing between languages, depending on who he speaks with. Imagine Steve learning Pietro and Wanda’s native language so he could talk to them more easily. (via angelicatriggs)

Languages always came easy to Steve, even before he got the serum. Though he was small and sickly, he was more hirable because he spoke Russian, Italian, and Spanish, as well as his native Gaelic and English. His ability to learn new languages quickly was only enhanced by the serum. After he got it, learning languages was as easy as memorizing a map. One conversation between two people with a translator was enough to Steve to get the gist of a language. He started testing it out with the Avengers before missions.

“Okay, here’s the plan. Tony, Você vai vigiar o perímetro e impedir qualquer intruso de nos atacar uma vez que estivermos rompido. (You’re going to watch the perimeter and keep any outsiders from attacking us once we’ve breached - Portuguese).”

Steve had been doing the language swap thing for a while and also during their every day lives, so no one was surprised.

Steve signed and spoke as he gave the next set of instructions. “Bucky and Clint, I trust you to find the best places to perch yourselves. I’d like it if you two would help with some of the preliminary heavy lifting. As soon as they realize we’ve infiltrated, they’re going to send their men hot and heavy, so we’re going to need air support.”

He turned to Natasha. “Nat, Ты идёшь со мной. Мы идём быстро по земле. Знаешь как учили. (you’re with me. we’re going to go in fast on the ground. you know the drill - Russian).”

“Thor,” he continued. “þú og Pietro hjálpa mér og Nat hreinsa brautina. við gætum þurft að nota sumir gömlu góðu skjöldur / Mjölnir bragðarefur. (You and Pietro help me and Nat clear the way. we may need to use some good old shield/mjölnir tricks - Icelandic).”

Lastly, he addressed the twins. “Pietro, ти и Тор би да ме и Наташа пратити. више потпора, поготово кад удјемо. (you and Thor should follow me and Natasha. more ground support, especially once we get inside - Serbian). Wanda, Ја ћу да вам је потребно да помогне са научницима када уђемо. они морати мало … убеђивање … да их на сарадњу. (I’m going to need you to help with the scientists once we’re inside. they may need a little…persuasion…to get them to cooperate - Serbian).”

Steve faced his team. “All right, Avengers, assemble!”

Serbian men’s national team roster for FIVB World League 2017

Setters:  Nikola Jovović, Aleksa Brđović, Maksim Buculjević

Opposites: Aleksandar Atanasijević, Dražen Luburić, Aleksandar Blagojević

Liberos: Neven Majstorović, Goran Škundrić

Middle Blockers: Marko Podraščanin, Srećko Lisinac, Petar Krstmanović, Alekandar Okolić, Stefan Simić

Outside Hitters: Uroš Kovačević, Marko Ivović, Nemanja Petrić, Milan Katić, Milan Kujundžić

Coach: Nikola Grbić

Sending him (strenght) to Hobi trending 4. worldwide! ❤ Also shoutout to places 1, 3, 5 and 6, it’s about our girls (Serbian basketball team) winning bronze at the Olympics! Good job girls, Serbia is so proud! We may be a small country but we have a big heart (and a lot of medals hehe). Fighting for gold in voleyball for women and water polo for men tonight, as well as basketball for men tomorrow. Gooooo everyone, you can do it! 💜💜💜