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Military Convo's on Skype
  • Buddy: I still wonder what would have happened, or what would happen now, if the US and Russia would team up instead of shitting in each other's boots?
  • Buddy: Just imagine that joint ops of Delta Force and GRU removing terrorist leaders together, or Su-33s launched from a USN carrier slinging shit at pirates.
  • Me: FSB Alfa and Delta...jesus christ
  • Me: That is a fucking scary thought
  • Me: FSB Alfa/SMERSH/Vympel, MVD SOBR, SpetsGRU, Delta, US Army Green Berets with US Navy DEVGRU, RUS VDV, US Army 75th Rangers, US Air Force Pararescue Jumpers for support?
  • Me: Fuck. That. Shit.
  • Me: That is a BIG NOPE.
  • Buddy: And we can throw in GROM and 1st RPIMa as well. For exotic nope.
  • Buddy: (yes, 1st RPIMa, 'cause FRANCE STRONQUE)
  • Buddy: And we'll need a Scottish bagpiper playing the same tune as a Serbian accordion player. For the sake of psychological warfare. Hell, I'd surrender at the cold stare of the Serbian while the strident whine of the bagpipe drills into my ears.
  • Buddy: ... someone fund this as a movie.
Albania vs. Serbia

What infuriates me so much about yesterday’s matter is not necessarily Serbia’s behaviour, as it nothing I didn’t expect from their side. The thing that does leave me insulted is the way the rest of the world chooses to handle the happening, and who they point fingers at. The media states that it all went wrong yesterday due to provocation from Albanian supports, by flying in the drone. This way of thinking might result into Albania being punished, and here’s why that would be, without a doubt, disgusting.

Provocation started way before the drone flew in, but from Serbia’s side. They booed through the national anthem - a first act of complete disrespect. Yet it didn’t stop there, as it has been reported that Albanian flags were burnt up, paired with death wishes to the entire population (Chants like “Kill, Kill the Albanians!” and derogatory slang), both in and outside the stadium. The Albanian flag, which was supposed to be hung next to the Serbian one, like they do at any game, was hidden behind the wall, barely left visible. Every time Albania was in ball possession, the audience booed at yelled at them. How could UEFA overlook the fact that playing a game on foreign grounds, in the presence of an audience that hates you to the core, couldn’t possibly be a fair game? It is mentally draining, but being blamed for the things that happened next, is even more unheard.

The situation escalated, and fireworks were thrown onto the field. The few Albanian reporters present were thrown at by the Serbian audience with hard objects, and eventually the game was put on hold so they could move the fireworks off the field. It is only then, that the drone flew in. One of the Serbian players, clearly angry and infuriated by the flag (it showed the map of greater Albania, which includes Macedonia, Kosovo and parts of Greece, and had the word autochthonous written underneath), decided to rip the flag out of the sky. This was not much liked by the Albanian players, who interfered, which then again caused other Serbian players to mingle. Once the audience broke through the barriers and ran onto the field to attack the Albanian players, by also throwing plastic chairs at them, the situation hit a new low. They were separated and the teams were led off the field - while still being under attack.

Now the European Union has the guts to say that Albanians were the ones who provoked the Serbians? They even dared to say that the security acted very professional, when there is footage going viral of a security team member punching one of the Albanian players, hand balled into a firm fist. That is not professionalism, that is barbaric. Albania has worked very hard to become a member of the European Union, and the EU is allowing for it to be thrown away by barbarians who already have Albanian blood on their hands.

Also, the line we’ve heard so many times by now, is how saddening it is that politics were brought into the game. With the hatred and grief still fresh over a war that happened barely fifteen years ago, you must be very ignorant to expect anything less. Allowing Albania and Serbia to play against each other was very inconsiderate- it is as if you’d put Israel and Palestine against each other. Sometimes politics cannot be left aside, not if too much blood has been shed. But if you still continue to insist on keeping politics out of it, then play the game on neutral ground, with no supporters at all. This game was like a time bomb, we all knew well from the very beginning.

UEFA handled the situation poorly, the EU is desperate to save their own skin and once again, Serbians are getting away with inhuman and animalistic behaviour. What a disgrace.