serbian crimes

Hanged Serbian civilians, Mačva, 1914.

Austria-Hungary performed its first attack on Serbia not from north, as expected, but from west, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. First region struck was Mačva, where on summer 1914 Austria-Hungarian soldiers committed first war crimes of WW1.

On territory of Mačva, Jadar, Rađevina and Pocerina Serbian army, chasing out Austria-Hungarian army, found ravaged villages. Austria-Hungarian army had killed 1253 people, of which 288 were women, 62 children aged from 10 to 15 and 77 were children aged from 1 to 10. To investigate these crimes, Serbian politicians invited some of the world’s best criminologists and pathologists, among whom was Archibald Reiss. 

People were killed in brutal manners: torn by horses, stabbed by bayonets, buried alive, forced in and then burned in schools and churches, as well as burned on stakes. Rapes were massive, most likely even more than what Archibald had noted, as people refused to speak of it in patriarchal society.

Other than Archibald Reiss, there were multiple journalists who wrote about the event, such as French journalist for “Ilustratión” Henry Barby and American journalist John Reed. Henry Barby writes:

I am forced to seal the barbarian crimes of Austria-Hungarian troops. If I hadn’t seen their acts with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed in the crimes… For now their wounded are situated together with Serbs in Serbian hospitals, they take care of them the same way as of Serbs.

At this time, Austria-Hungary launched anti-Serbian sentiments, depicting Serbs as terrorists:

“Serbs must die”, an Austrian caricature from 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, depicting Serbia as a little terrorist.

Austrian generals accented to the troops that they’re entering an enemy country with people whom they can expect to attack them and that they should act as cruel as possible. Austria-Hungarian soldiers were told they will even to be punished if they acted any different, if they showed any mercy. 

Austria-Hungarian propaganda postcard saying "Serbs, we’ll smash you to pieces!”


I saw a post in the tag asking for a recommendation list so I figured I’d make one! 

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Who’s Gonna Catch You Now by foxwins… Summary:Nothing changes. The banter, they bicker, they work together seamlessly on missions and gripe about it afterwards.(Nothing except for the fact that even though she knew what he looked like naked before, now she knows what he feels like naked and between her legs. Which is unimportant and arbitrary and not worth expending valuable mind space daydreaming about.)

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The One Where Eggsy Holds Her Hands by demisms… Summary:“You’ll get down if they start shooting, yeah?” he yells over the scream of the tires and the blaring honk of the truck he just cut off.They’re driving — not backwards, not yet — and ducking through pretty fast moving traffic with four dark cars hot on their tails. It’s like something out of a movie, and the chase scene would be invigoratingly if Roxy would just sit down and buckle her fucking seatbelt.“You’ll get down? Rox! Lancelot!” 

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Sick by boxesofflowers… Summary:  Eggsy gets himself sick and refuses to acknowledge that he’s actually sick. Plotless fluff because who doesn’t love some good plotless fluff?

Alright here you have it, a quick and dirty list of some of my personal favorite (sfw) reggsy fics. There are more that I really love but this list just includes fics from AO3 for now. I will absolutely continue to update it.


March Pogrom 17-18.03.2004. 
Remember crime without punishment!
Violent unrest in Kosovo broke out on 17 March 2004. Kosovo Albanians, numbering over 50,000, took part in wide-ranging attacks on the Kosovo Serb minority. It was the largest violent incident in the region since the Kosovo War of 1998-99. According to reports by news sources in Serbia, during the unrest, civilians were killed, thousands of Serbs were forced to leave their homes, 935 Serb houses, 10 public facilities (schools, health care centers and post offices) and 35 Serbian Orthodox church buildings were desecrated, damaged or destroyed, and six towns and nine villages were ethnically cleansed. The events were also called the “Kristallnacht of Kosovo” and in Serbia, the “March Pogrom”.

And why is nobody talking about this? Why? Why is nobody talking about crimes over Serbs? Why?? Because we are Serbs, right? 


Rows of women’s clothing hang, as a part of an art installation called ‘Thinking of You’ by Kosovo born artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa, in Pristina Stadium.

Five thousand dresses and skirts were collected and hung across the field of the Pristina stadium, in a tribute to the estimated 20,000 wartime sexual violence survivors from Kosovo 1998-1999 war.

The thing that gets me too is how Mycroft, Mr “Ice Man Master of the Universe I control all facets of the British government and have major influence in other countries and kind of deal with underground Serbian crime rings as well as top secret missions where assassins are dispatched to take care of unfavorable people” Holmes was just like, off retching in the corner. 

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Prompt #1 (redux!): Baby Watson is four years old, and Sherlock is their favorite person. But Baby Watson does not like the fact that Sherlock cannot tell a good bedtime story, so Baby Watson asks their second favorite person, Molly, to gives Sherlock lessons. Baby Watson and Molly tuck Sherlock into bed, and Molly tells Sherlock a story with Baby Watson's help. Molly gets so into the story she doesn't realize both Sherlock and Baby Watson are sound asleep.

A/N: I changed the ending a little, I hope that’s ok?

Ficlet Fridays: Bedtime Stories

He swore to her that it was nothing he couldn’t handle. After all, he did take down a Serbian crime syndicate single-handedly. Well, it would have been single-handedly if Mycroft hadn’t butted in. He’d also defeated Moriarty – twice - so, of course he’d be able to handle babysitting four-year-old Charlotte Watson – or so he protested.

Molly didn’t believe him.

And so, the three of them spent an evening in the company of Peppa Pig toys, Charlie and Lola books, and the cheerful, Australian faces of brightly-dressed “Wiggles” singing at them from the television. How anyone could be so happy singing about hot potatoes and mashed bananas was beyond him.

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