serbian architecture

ID #79620

Name: Vex
Age: 18
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m really bad at introductions, but oh well…
Hiiii… My name is Vex (well nickname) and I’m 18 years old. I’m in my last year of High School and I plan on studying architecture.
I am a bit of an introvert, but also someone who enjoys long and deep conversations about anything, really.
I speak 3 languages, English, German and Serbian (my native language), so I would be able to talk with anyone who speaks one of these three.
I really like reading any kind of books, my favourite one is The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but also the Harry Potter series, along with the Percy Jackson one, and many others.
When it comes to music, I listen to a lot of different artist, but my favourite genre is rock (classic, hard..) also metal and stuff like that.
This is probably getting too long, so I’m just gonna sum the other stuff up: I love art, photography, TV shows, movies.
I’m really open to any kind of conversations, and I guess I’m a good listener. I support the LGBTQ and if you’re anything along the lines of a homophobe, racist, I believe I’m not the right person for you..

Preferences: Don’t have any special preferences, just someone around my age, I guess.
I have an Instagram, Tumblr, gmail, facebook, so basically anywhere and anything you’d be comfortable with.
I’d really like to meet new people and talk about everything, even if we don’t even have any similar interests, you can contact me.