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serbarawarden replied to your post:ive never been to wyoming

me neither

might be going to utah over thanksgiving break tho

one of thee weekends i might just have to like

had up to wyoming cause i have nothing better to do and who wouldnt want a four hour drive

itd be more fun with other people around but alas no one lives close to me

theres a couple people i could probably entice along

serbarawarden answered your question:Okay, a few people wanted me to talk about growing…

Draining blood out of the meat maybe. It doesn’t make much sense to not stand around with the carcass. IDK.

generally the carcass is hung upside down with it’s throat slit.

but like i said, we were kids. i could be remembering something differently. like, yesterday i went back to my old elementary school for the first time in years, and everything looked completely different. memories get warped overtime. 

I hit 400 followers a couple days ago, but never had the time to make a follow forever. It’s here now, in all its glory. Big shout out to everyone, especially those of you who put up with my all my weirdness. I love you all and appreciate you tons. These people are awesome and y'all should follow each other. (Obviously, I didn’t get everyone, but here are some people who mostly reblog DA)


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I’m a piece of trash. I apologize if you see this and your name is not on here. There are so many wonderful people and I suck at keeping track of everyone (it’s like herding cats I swear) so if I forgot you I’m sorry. I still love and appreciate you.