I finally won the roll for the Ancient Spirit wings ♥ so happy! Dropped in the most horrible AM/EF PUG I’d done to date. Actually on the next day I did one that far surpassed it though I couldn’t exactly say I care anymore. Not sure why I still go there. Maybe for the earring skins… maybe to keep track of who gets hats to later bully into selling me the skins of?.. I really don’t know!


I got this Balaurbone Tome as a drop today (it’s the 60-ish white one) and I got a bit curious as to what it actually looks like because most of the other whites have really curious skins. So I equipped it, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. Can you recognize the cover picture? It’s the Asmodian crest! Any theories are accepted :)

And an unrelated sparkly gif of Oriel landscape, with too many frames:

External image


Neglected Tumblr a bit over the weekend because of reasons but here’s some random pics from TS with the advanced engine. Was trying to find out what’s with the secret room outside the Dredgion Command Center but got nowhere so far. Sinv suggested that it’s a lag generator. Sounds legit I guess?

Newer areas/armours actually do look better with the advanced engine (well… for the most part) but no I still don’t like it very much :|