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Imagine your OTP - Haunted House
  • *Going to a Haunted House*
  • Person A: If you get scared, you can hold my hand
  • Person B: O-okay
  • *Enters House*
  • Person A: *Clings to B* D-don't w-worry, none of this is real.
  • Person B: ...
  • Person B: I'm not scared
  • Person A: I wasn't talking to you

Taking a rest from the games (sorry was busy playing Norn9) and studies to make a new video! Kind of wanted to translate something OnS-related but not from the game, and remembered these videos existed… I guess I needed a bit more of Mikayuu and it makes me kind of happy to know that Shinoa realizes that Mika’s really important to Yuu?

Raws from YouTube

Wtf?! “I have never been in a major music magazine” she has been in KERRANG, ALTERNATIVE and METAL HAMMER. Those ARE major music magazines. What is it with her desperate want to look like she did it all alone? She got exposure because of Trisol, The end record and Seraph. They also would have pushed her name a bit. She also would have got exposure with the MANY magazine spreads she has had. What is she trying to prove other than how pathetic she is getting over time.

does anyone know what this says? (x)

edit: the translation’s over here by @minni-chan (thank you ^^)

Why are all the girls in the main cast of toz so pretty and they have limited fanservice default clothes like none of them are there for the boob shot or something and I just—

Look how elegant lailah is with her long hair and her motherly instincts and her killer puns like omg she’s actually really old probably but she’s there and she’s acting like herself with her beautiful clothes. And Edna, my little powerhouse, she’s that big sister you never had and she cares so so much and her cute clothes match her perfectly with that umbrella and thAT SASS. Rose, I loved her the day we met her. She is so badass with her blades and skills like damn girl and seriously, she’s adorbs with her naievity at times and omg that versatile costume which helps her to move the way she wants to. Alisha. Alisha’s thighs. Alisha’s hair. Alisha’s battle skills and her voice omg she can totally step on me even though I know she would never have the heart to do it and her child-like side when talking about the celestial record and seraphs omg precious little angel.

And then there’s Mikleo. Holy shit bruh you got the waist, the eyes, the face, the fingers, you wore tights when you were little? And your circlet??? Why is it making you look even more badass? Why didn’t it have a function or something so that we saw more of it???


Emilie Autumn’s bio from Seraph Records, 2000

Voices calling from across the sky, singing stars, towers scaled by the aid of a maiden’s hair… To most, these are the figments of fairy tales. To one, once upon a time is real. To Emilie Autumn, once upon a time is now.

Richly talented, multifaceted, innovative, eclectic and unconventional - singer, songwriter, producer, and world class violinist Emilie Autumn is that rarest of musical breeds…a true original.

This is a singer with the power to change the world of rock music as we know it. Whether she is writing and performing original songs that bring together an extraordinary mix of sounds and styles; performing concerts in the great classical music halls of Europe and the US; or bringing down the house with her own electrifying violin rock creations, 20 year old Emilie Autumn makes music that defies categories, breaks down barriers and builds a bridge to the new millennium with a truly globe-spanning sound.

The proof is on glorious display with Emilie Autumn’s dazzling debut album “Enchant”, featuring such standout tracks as the hip-hop “How Strange”, a rapid-fire view of mankind’s lack of respect for the supernatural; “Chambermaid”, a scathing rock track utilizing renaissance imagery and backed by Emilie’s electric fiddle wizardry, and the haunting ballad “What If”, featuring a heartbreaking violin performance.

Along with Emilie’s distinctive vocals which fluctuate between preternaturally mature soul singer and sultry siren, her debut album highlights her mastery of several instruments including an array of violins, piano, harpsichord, and her own invention, the fiddleguitar. Also an accomplished visual artist, Emilie’s work is featured on the album sleeve which includes the Enchant Puzzle, the first ever album-based mystery puzzle of its kind, complete with a magnificent prize for the first person to solve it. With 14 tracks of groundbreaking variety Emilie Autumn’s stunning new album heralds the arrival of a major young artist and the very beginning of a brilliant career.

That career was fortold virtually from the cradle when Emilie, a native of Malibu, California, was raised in a highly unconventional family that stressed artistic freedom and self-expression. Attending school only up until her ninth birthday, she educated herself, making her knowledge of literature and her formidable abilities as a writer and poet even more astounding.Evincing an early and impressive ability on the violin, playing everything from a wide classical repertoire to electric Hendrix-influenced jazz, Emilie enrolled in the prestigious Colburn School of Performing Arts at age ten. It was during this period that she began to experiment with a free form improvisational approach to her instrument, taking her cue from internationally renown virtuoso Nigel Kennedy, who later met and became friends with the fledgling artist.

Far too free-spirited for the formal strictures of school, Emilie began playing professionally at age 12, touring the UK. Although she attracted critical and popular raves for her mastery of classical violin, Emilie was already moving into new musical realms, polishing her vocal skills by listening to Jo Stafford and writing songs that recall the sophisticated styles of Annie Lennox and Sting. At the same time, she began her lifelong exploration into medieval, renaissance and baroque music, becoming one of the youngest champions of the period performance movement and earning a classical recording deal by age 18.

Never content to sit still, this young prodigy had already formed her own renaissance rock band, Ravensong, and regularly pack house on the Hollywood club circuit. At 15, Emilie won a place at top music conservatory, Indiana University, but eventually left school when her unorthodox music and by now notorious fashion sense, a disturbing mix of corsets and combat boots, clashed with the university authorities. Refusing to cut her knee-length red hair, Emilie went on to further explore and expand her musical vocabulary, writing rock, jazz, and symphonic originals and, on occasion, even conducting the orchestras that would perform her work.

Lending her compositional talents to film scores, Emilie recently started to bring her music to a wider audience. Prodded by friends in the recording industry to record some vocal demos, Emilie went into the studio to record three songs and emerged with the beginnings of “Enchant”, her self-produced debut album available from Seraph Records. The music remains as paradoxical as Emilie herself, blending electronics with instruments from the 16th century, celestial imagery with ferocious outbursts. Emilie sings, “See beyond the moment, think beyond the day…”, and, with this collection of songs penned while still in her teens, cleverly combines the angst of her generation with the transcendental philosophies necessary for growth. The result announces, in no uncertain terms, the arrival of a mesmerizing young artist with creative horizons that enchant listeners and reach to the stars.

Emilie Autumn: a new season of great music has arrived.

Conversation with friend that I met through mun (I still don't know her well yet)
  • Her: I don't like how people ship mika and yuu. I mean obviously shinoa...
  • Me: lol I ship mikayuu
  • *a while later*
  • Me: yuunoa has a few moments throughout the series. Mikayuu has an entire episode.
  • Her: o shit ur right