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When OnS fandom got riled up coz Mika is holding Yuu’s hand for comfort...


Me:  (≖ ͜ʖ≖)  (≖ ͜ʖ≖)  (≖ ͜ʖ≖) (≖ ͜ʖ≖) (≖ ͜ʖ≖)


Happy Birthday! (April 1st, pt. 1)

  • Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura) 
  • G.B./Cyborg 007 (Cyborg 009)
  • Hyumu Hellsing (Majikoi!)
  • Miguel Kurashiki (Rose Guns Days)
  • Espa Roba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Kintarou Tooyama (Prince of Tennis)
  • Tamaki Yotsuba (Idolish7)
  • Arakune (BlazBlue)
  • Elise von Klagen (BlazBlue)
  • Kensuke Kurosaki (Corpse Party)
  • Mashiro Kuna (Bleach)
  • Hanatarou Yamada (Bleach)
  • Keigo Asano (Bleach)
  • Chess Belle (Owari no Seraph)
  • Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)
Seraph Soldier (female) (1): You get a letter from your boyfriend yet?
Seraph Soldier (female) (2): He’s probably too busy drinking. And gambling. And flirting.
Seraph Soldier (female) (1): I’ve said it before. The guy is scum.
Seraph Soldier (female) (2): At least I’ve got something to fight for, right? I’ve got to live long enough to get back home and leave him.
—  ambient dialog in guild Wars 2 
So...I have a sudden desire to write a 5+1 Things one-shot about Shinya...

Specifically five times Shinya had a serious panic attack and had to deal with it alone, and one time he had someone help him through it (it’ll be Guren, of course, because I’m GureShin trash). 

So….yeah, that’s a thing that might happen. XD

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In light of the most recent chapter I now headcanon Shinoa as a sex repulsed asexual, reblog if you agree

The stages of me, shipping people

me: *saw 2 people interacting with each other*
me: awww look at them, they’re soooo cute
me: yep. definetly. shipped

Rough translation of Owari no Seraph Chapter 56 PART 1

Page 1
Norito: Wow, what’s this? Looks like a typical western building that would appear in a movie
Sayuri: The garden is in a good shape. Seems that someone is looking after it

Seraph of the end Chapter 56: The chatty vampire

Page 3
Mito: But the vampires left Osaka as well, that someone is still maintaining those buildings is…
Shinya: So?
Guren: Mahiru
Mito: What?

Page 4
Shinya: Kk, Byakkomaru!!

Page 5
Byakkomaru: Shinya, you cannot longer trust this man. You’ll die
Shinya:…….. If Guren would ever do this….!!
Byakomaru: Didn’t he, how many did he kill in front of you?

Page 6
Mahiru: Hu hu, Byakkomaru will truly try to kill you
Guren: It’s your fault, you did those unnecessary things to this Oni…
Mahiru: Ah…it’s coming.
Byakkomaru:You’ll win, right? You are strong, Shinya
and the distance over there is advantageous.
Shinya: Really, don’t think that everything will follow your plan, Guren

Page 7
Guren: …If I don’t win, I won’t be able to save this guy. Therefore I’ll win
Mahiru: Ah, it’s the first time since high school, that my lover and my finacé are fighting over me
Guren: It’s not
Mahiru: I’ll sleep with the winner so do your best ♡
Guren: Shut up. Die
Mahiru: Your favourite situation(?) ((that word doesn’t really fit in there…orz))
Shinya: Let’s go Byakkomaru

Page 8
Shinya Roar
Crowley: Hm

Page 9
Yu: A noise, there’s someone
Shinoa: Is the person that will help us out already here? Is our comrade over there?
Crowley: Maybe? Because Ferid-kun has planned everything ahead

Page 11
Shinya:/b> DAMN IT!!
Guren: TOO SLOW!!

Page 12
Guren: [A magic trick…?]
Shinya: Ignite…ah
Guren: Take this

Page 15
Guren: It’s over
Shinya: Ugh-I lost
Guren: I had to fight with close distance. I never would have a chance of winning with your long distance gear
Shinya: Well that’s true
Guren: So why did come near?Shinya: You took my fist struck as well. You could’ve dodged it. Why?

Page 16
Guren: …You wanted to punch me because I’m full of secrets, right?
Shinya: Ha, hahaha. Truly, good punch me. There are still secrets you can’t tell me, make me unconscious
Guren: Sorry
Shinya: Really, it’s always my fault

Page 17
Mahiru: He’s sleeping soundly. Hey Guren, why have you brought them here?There might have been other ways, no need to show them indication that you’re hiding something.
If the others find out they’ll be annihilated. So you can’t take those risks.
…You’ve now reached the limit

Yu: It’s coming down. Is that really not an enemy?
Shinoa: Really someone that going to help?
Crowley: Ask Ferid-kun
Narumi: Activate the cursed gears!!

Page 18
Guren: …Oi
Yu Eh…
Guren!!Eh…Guren!! Why are you here!!
Hey Guren!! Is that really you, explain…

Page 19
Guren: Ahhh why are you suddenly talking this loud, little kid!!
Yu: Ah, Ouch!!
Moreover this feeling, it seems that you aren’t controled by an Oni
Kimizuki: …. Lieutenant Colonel Guren
Yoichi &Mitsuba: Lieutenant
Narumi: The Lieutenant Colonel is here, Shuusaku

Page 20
Narumi: …Revival and the price…
Shinoa: …I see, the Lieutenant  Colonel is helping us.
The thing which connected Ferid-san and the JIDA was the Lieutenant Colonel

Page 21
Mahiru: I’m so glad that you’re alright and well. But why can’t you see me?As an experiment you should be far stronger than me.
Your Oni isn’t awakened yet.
You are lacking desire, you need love.
Sexual desire and lust corrupt you to the point where you don’t care anymore about this world and its future.
So, with whom dou you want to do it?
Which man? By which man do you want to be hugged?


Owari no Seraph Chapter 56 TRANSLATED (1/5)

Translations by: @panadabro (( Thank you for bearing with me LOL ))

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope (( I’M SORRY FOR MISSING LAST MONTH AAAAAAA ))

(( Okay okay I was really worried I was going to miss this month again bc I was on a three day tour trip on the weekends, BUT HEY NO I’M HERE AND I MADE IT LOLOLOL - also onto more pressing matters, I sincerely hope Kagami doesn’t pull what I think he’s gonna pull with Shinoa and Yuu bc God forbid this fandom was chaotic and toxic enough when the series first started out with the godddamn MikaYuu and YuuNoa ship wars. Don’t start it up again, please, for the sake of all that is holy. ))