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DMMd Boys Speaking English Headcanons
  • Aoba:Can somewhat hold a basic conversation, but stumbles over a few words here and there.
  • Koujaku:Self-taught, probably learned to impress a girl at one point. Tries to act/sound like he knows what he's doing, but actually has little to no clue. Textbook English, not real stuff that anyone would ever actually say
  • Mink:Fluent in English, due to living in America. Gets in arguments over pronunciation of certain words with Koujaku. "Look, Red, I fucking KNOW English, whatever you just said makes no sense." "FUCK YOU MINK I KNOW WHAT I"M DOING"
  • Noiz:Also fluent, because in Europe, everyone speaks like, every language. Noiz likes showing off his English skills.
  • Clear:Programmed to know at least 80 languages, English being one of them. One day, something inside him just went slightly haywire and he started speaking English and couldn't get his default language set back to Japanese. No one could understand him.
  • Ren:In his Allmate form, he had unlimited knowledge and could speak and translate from any given language. In his human form, he still tries to translate things but then realizes "oops i can't do that anymore"
  • Mizuki:He gave it a shot once, but only once. He got very frustrated. "YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOUR ENGLISH. I AM JAPANESE AND I WILL SPEAK JAPANESE THANK YOU VERY MUCH."
  • Sei:Doesn't know much English at all, but tries to speak it anyway. He can barely introduce himself, or pronounce a single word without messing up. But when he gets a sentence out, no matter how much he butchered it, he will smile like he's so darn proud of himself and it's the cutest thing ever
  • Virus and Trip:These two like to mix random English into their Japanese b/c they think it makes them sound fancy when in reality it makes them sound like douchebags. they also do this with french and italian words

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