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The further you are from home,the more you remember little things that makes it special. Serabi or Surabi, they called it in my hometown is a delicious Indonesian version of pancake. It tastes mostly like crumpet but softer and less chewy because its made of rice flour. It is amazing on how this traditional food has come a long way from plain, to oncom ( fermented soy ), chocolate, fruits topping, to pizza! This is definetely on my breggfirst list the next time I lay my feet at the motherland. Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite breakfast from your motherland ?

I saw the lion king on broadway on the 26th at the Pantages….and wow it was amazing!!! I seriously got goosebumps when the curtain went up and you hear the first couple notes of Circle of Life! If you havent seen this I’d really reccomend it! :D And because I liked this play so much, I’m making today Lion King day! (both the movie and musical)