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Modern Dragon Age Inquisition Social Media Headcanons

Varric has a Tumblr that he posts fan fiction and original stories on. Cassandra is a follower.

Sera has a snapchat and loves the face swap feature. She is always bugging the inquisitor to do a face swap with her.

Dorian is an instagram model.

Cole and Bull play Facebook games and spam their friends with requests.

Vivienne has a large twitter platform with 2 mil followers. She rubs this in Dorian’s face constantly, who only has 50k followers.

Leliana lurks. She never posts, but she occasionally likes Josephine’s posts.

Cullen has no idea how to use social media, but he gladly takes selfies with Dorian and Cassandra.

Blackwall is the jack of all social medias, surprisingly enough.

Josephine has a youtube channel where she does a bit of, well, everything. Nobody can quite pin a theme to her channel.

Solas detests social media, so he says. The inquisitor may or may not have caught him lurking on tumblr and twitter, but pleads the fifth.


“La libertad de opinión” es solo una connotación para aquellas opiniones directamente relacionadas con la opinión principal, aplicada para todo grupo social, tu seras “homófobo” si opinas diferente aunque no “ataques” ni juzgues a este “grupo” o tu seras un “desviado” si presentas una opinión diferente con respecto a otro “grupo”, es un error buscar la igualdad que ni tu mismo otorgas
—  Jean Baptiste Matlec
El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido
El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido

El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido // Quilapayun

“Y ahora el pueblo 
que se alza en la lucha, 
con voz de gigante gritando: ¡adelante! ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!”

“And now the people are rising in struggle with a giant voice crying out: Forward! The people united will never be defeated!”


❝tant qu’il existera, par le fait des lois et des mœurs, une damnation sociale créant artificiellement, en pleine civilisation, des enfers, et compliquant d’une fatalité humaine la destinée qui est divine ; tant que les trois problèmes du siècle, la dégradation de l’homme par le prolétariat, la déchéance de la femme par la faim, l’atrophie de l’enfant par la nuit, ne seront pas résolus ; tant que, dans de certaines régions, l’asphyxie sociale sera possible ; en d’autres termes, et à un point de vue plus étendu encore, tant qu’il y aura sur la terre ignorance et misère, des livres de la nature de celui-ci pourront ne pas être inutiles.❞ - victor hugo, les misérables.

dai companions and advisors on social media
  • sera: viner extraordinaire, decent at snapchat and instagram as well. any kind of visual medium. pranks, funny faces, smooshy kissy stuff for the widdle. tumblr full o' meme hell.
  • cassandra: she has a tumblr, and you are not allowed to know anything about it.
  • cullen: twitter account, no bio, no profile pic, one tweet that says "am i doing this right?"
  • josephine: she's got an account on every major platform and a decent following for each, uses them tastefully and sparingly. her veiled, diplomatic subtweets are things of beauty
  • varric: instagram profile that is constantly hijacked by isabela and the kirkwall crew, full of shots of her cleavage, as well as his cleavage. his twitter and facebook are more closely guarded, extremely observant and amusing. has a secret tumblr account to keep an eye on his fans.
  • iron bull: wildly, ridiculously popular instagram account. deliberately captions everything like your computer-illiterate aunt to seem harmless. everyone forgives him because he wears a lot of tank tops
  • dorian: he's pretty mysterious online - no last name, no full face pics, only tantalizing glimpses of an eye here, a half of a mouth there. will occasionally post a video of his hands doing something complex and magical on youtube as he narrates, comment section goes wild about his voice.
  • cole: he's a weird-part-of-tumblr sensation and has no idea why. abstract nature photos with nigh-incomprehensible captions. he's just glad to help.
  • solas: fuckin snob about social media, thinks its eroding the minds of modern youth, will never admit that he's got a twitter.
  • vivienne: her insta comments are obviously full of "life goals or wife goals" type of stuff. she'll do an outfit once in a while, maybe a book recommendation. she has posted exactly one makeup tutorial, and its nearing a million views.
  • blackwall: created accounts on everything to follow josie, did nothing because it confused him, abandoned them all
Veo a mucha gente convencida de que se van a casar, yo solo les digo que en realidad ellos no han dicho que si lo harán y si a la hora de la hora no lo hacen no vayan a darle dislike al vídeo ni a atacarlos por “mentirosos” cuando ellos no han dicho nada al respecto :v

Como muchas otras chicas han dicho, si lo hacen sera por la presión social no porque realmente quieran.

Ormai le persone sono così tristi. Basta notare il fatto che quasi tutti (ad eccezione dei bambini) ormai odiano il natale, quello che dovrebbe essere il periodo più bello e felice dell'anno, basta guardare le persone su autobus o treni, nessuno legge, nessuno si scambia sguardi, tutti fissati su quei cellulari o su quei tablet, basta notare che le persone preferiscono parlare tutta la sera su uno stupido social network e dirsi ‘mi manchi’ e roba del genere invece di dirsi 'ora vengo da te’. Tutti in casa al computer. Dove sono finiti gli sguardi? Gli attimi per stare insieme? Le avventure da vivere? L'amore?
—  Mi vengono i brividi quando ti guardo.
If the members of the Inquisition were YouTubers
  • Blackwall: One cover of Wonderwall after another. He can't even play the guitar why is he doing this? Might think it's funny because of his name.
  • Cassandra: Has a booktube channel that absolutely nobody in Skyhold knows about. It's a platform where she can secretely fangirl about Varric's work.
  • Cole: Accidentally took a video while trying to take a selfie. Somehow managed to upload the video to YouTube. How he got 1 million views will always be a mystery.
  • Dorian: One of those super relatable vloggers. Does challenges with the other companions but titles them something like "Sweaty Grey Warden tries to beat me at the 7 Second Challenge"
  • Iron Bull: Fitness vlogs but more along the lines of "Instead of doing push ups you can pretend these water melons are your enemies and CRUSH THEM TO DEATH." People are mildly concerned.
  • Sera: Films social justice rants on a webcam from 2001 and proceeds to talk for about 30 minutes without editing.
  • Solas: Doesn't know how to use YouTube and instead becomes one of those shopping mall priests and holds really loud and incredibly awkward monologues in the middle of the courtyard. Everybody is sorta afraid of him.
  • Varric: Daily vlogs that people seriously watch every day because his life is actually interesting.
  • Vivienne: Fashion and make-up tutorials that gather such a great following that every YouTuber tries to collab with her and every person in Thedas copies her looks.
  • Cullen: Talks forever about everything going on in his life but nobody really watches. His most watched video "I have a hole in my ceiling and winter is coming soon" has 600 views. He's incredibly proud. Dorian doesn't have the heart to show him his daily amount of clicks.
  • Josephine: Talks about boys and girls and stationary and overthrowing the patriarchy. Cute things like that.
  • Leliana: Life hacks about things that definitely sound illegal.
DA:I Highschool! Au
  • Dorian: The flamboyant gay who is a stereotypical hipster, usually reading books at Starbucks or complaining about social issues
  • Sera: Aggressive activist, who usually runs all the rallies for LGBTQ+, feminism, etc. usually the one in detention for prancing people or doing something she's not suppose to
  • Solas: Angry nerd who wears sweater vests and chills in the library most of the time. Always gets the best grades on tests, perfectionist, other students often have a hard time understanding him
  • Varric: The one who always has stories, the student that appears like a good kid and is the classes best writer, but also gets in the most trouble when the teacher isn't looking
  • Cassandra: The biker chick who always wears leather jackets, eyeliner, and sneaks out back to smoke a cigarette. Everyone is sort of afraid of her because she'd kick anyone ass in a second
  • Blackwall: Heavy Metal band class lover who usually wears black and wants to use the electric guitar. The only student that lives with his family on the farm.
  • Cole: The creepy emo kid in the back of the class that everyone is either too scared/weirded out to talk to him. Is actually very gentle and sweet if spoken to.
  • Vivienne: Fashion police. Popular girl who always has the best clothes, gossips about people, and leads her own clique. Is the bitch of the school and she knows it.
  • Cullen: Cliche football jock, captain of their team. Even though he's the jock, he doesn't act like it all the time, and still has the shy/awkward mentality.
  • Lilliana: Girl you go to if you need to know something about anything. Answers to a test, the best person to buy drugs from, probably sells things secretly in her locker
  • Josephine : Also the person you go to if you want to know things, except she keeps tabs on students, who they are, what they're about, and everything in their school/personal life.
  • Iron Bull: Really big guy that most of the students are afraid to talk to even though he's really a softy. Also somehow everyone seems to have slept with him at least once
Perhaps, if anti-SJWs were simply anti-aggressiveness....

and refrained from things like name-calling, insults, and ridicule - then maybe I’d be more prone to take them seriously. However, TIA outrightly says that they’re about mocking people - so, no, if you claim to be against aggressiveness from SJWs… then you’d better also be against aggressiveness (and meanness in general) from anti-SJWs.

~ Sera