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Sera Myu Outer Senshi Line Live

rough translations of the fun parts with timestamp

  • (03:28) mikako said she remembered shuu and sayaka were extremely nervous during the first table read of Un Nouveau Voyage. she couldn’t understand why they had to be nervous when they are replicas of their characters
  • (04:47) karin said she is someone who has difficulty taking the initiative knowing new people. shuu recalled that when she first met karin during their photoshoot, karin didn’t dared to look at her in the eyes and she was near whispering introducing herself
  • (09:10) thoughts after watching the recap video of La Reconquista. shuu: even though it has been said many times, but saton and friends became prettier over the past 3 years. saton’s eyes have became bigger.
    mikako: it is oniichan (elder brother)’s POV

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Sera Myu Review: Yume Senshi- Ai- Eien ni…

Casting/Acting: 9. I’m pretty happy with the casting in this musical. And I think that the acting has improved a lot. This is the first musical with Hotaru in it (though she isn’t revealed as such until the revision), and although Keiko Takeda is technically a bit old to be playing her (I believe she’s about the same age as Anza), she’s pretty tiny and has this amazing haunting voice that is just perfect for Saturn, so her age doesn’t detract from her suitability to the character at all. This Chibiusa isn’t my favourite, but she does pretty well. She’s a young girl, after all, and I can imagine it would be pretty scary to perform up there, in such elaborate costumes.

Story Originality: 9.5. This is the most original storyline that any of the musicals has had up until this point. It doesn’t simply follow the anime plot, as the previous musicals essentially do, but comes up with an entirely original approach to the same story. It includes the Outer senshi, which is something that many people felt was greatly missed from the SuperS season. It does borrow some elements of anime plots (Tiger’s Eye being unable to seduce Ami, Fish Eye wondering why they don’t have dreams and having a crush on Mamoru, for instance), but the main focus is on Miss Dream, a mysterious girl who is revealed to be Hotaru… I thought this made the musical really interesting and gave the whole SuperS plot a fresh twist!

Coherence/Easiness to follow: 8.5. In general, this musical was easy to follow. Most of it made sense. The ending is a bit ambiguous, especially in the first version, but I actually kind of like that. The main confusion comes from Miss Dream’s character: how did Nehellenia get her hands on Hotaru? Why does she have these mysterious powers that Saturn never had? 

Musical Numbers: 9. A lot of my favourite songs are in this musical. They all help to contribute to the mood and the development of the story. I believe that we start getting some songs that are not lip synched in this musical (though many still are), so we get to hear how skilled everyone is live now! There are some stellar performances by Anza (Usagi) and Ayako (Ami). 

Costume Quality: 9. They’ve definitely improved the quality of the costumes and wigs a lot in this musical! Even the civilian outfits are better made and more suitable to the characters wearing them. Sailor Moon’s wig finally is starting to look more like how you’d expect it to. I wasn’t super keen on Neo Queen Serenity’s dress, though, and Nehellenia’s wig isn’t quite right.

Choreography: 10. I can’t think of any criticisms of the choreography in this musical! I thought it was all really well done, all very suitable to the music and the characters doing them. I think some of my favourite choreography was in Usagi’s dream sequence. The use of swings and even the flying wires are both tastefully done and add a little something. Since the theme of this musical is the circus (simply because that was the villain’s base), all of it is really fun and cheery.

Revision Improvements: 9. They made a lot of improvements in the revision- we get to see Sailor Saturn for the first time, and Sailor Moon achieves her Eternal form. It’s also the first time that Hikari Ono appears in the musicals, taking over the role of Hawk’s Eye, and in my opinion improving it from the first actor. She will go on to be one of the fan favourites, playing lots of major roles such as Taiki, Loof Merrow, Bloody Dracul Vampir, and Prince Dimande.  

Overall Score: 9. I would definitely recommend this musical to anyone interested! It’s a lot of fun, really enjoyable, even to someone new to the musicals, or even to Sailor Moon in general.

Song recommendations: So many from this one! Double Moonlight Romance, Triple Dreams, Miss Dream, Omoidashite Anata Wo and Over the Moon. Also, if you’d like to see a darker side of Ami (sort of like a precursor to PGSM’s Dark Mercury), check out Ii Ko wa Yameta.

Sera Myu Rewatch: UPDATE #3

Well, my schedule was up today and this will be the final week of Sera Myu Rewatch. I am now on the second stage with Marinamoon and will finish the watch with La Reconrewatch next weekend. 

Here is my planned schedule:

Tonight: Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady

Tomorrow: 10th Anniversary: Ai no Sanctuary

Monday: Mugen Gakuen – Mistress Labyrinth

Wednesday: Starlights – Ryuusei Densetsu

Thursday: Kakyuu–Ouhi Kourin – Second Stage Final

Friday: Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu

I’m almost done with the original lineup. Requests to watch any of the kaiteibans will be determined after La Reconquista. Until then, see ya!

Sera Myu Rewatch: UPDATE #2

Tonight finished off the second stage and the end of the Transylvania Arc/Miyuki Phase. Tomorrow, I will have the schedule for the Marina Phase and possibly La Recon–rewatch. Up to now, Anza, Fumina and Miyuki were able to captivate me with different aspects of Usagi. However:

  • First Stage was solid. Sure the first couple musicals didn’t get me, but what can you do with a budget?
  • Second Stage’s original storylines were interesting and intro to Hikari Ono sparks my love for her (AGAIN). 
  • The Miyuki phase brought in another round of originality unlike anything, with the whole vampire concept.
  • Ayako is still my favorite Mercury, but Hisane was also pretty damn exceptional playing Ami–chan. Then, there’s Chieko…(more in July during PGSM rewatch).

Third Stage has only six musicals left (not counting Kaiteibans), and the Satomi Phase will have Petite Estrangere in August. Sadly, that musical will be put on hold until the fall. For now, I shall update for TBK and 10th Anniversary, while standby for Mugen Gakuen Mistress Labyrinth. 

Until then, I’m sleepy. 


Queen Beryl: The regret of sending your own love into oblivion… It’s her! If not for this girl I would have been an ordinary woman! Just an ordinary queen!

Usagi: I’m sorry. If it’s my fault… then I apologize. But… my beloved Mamo-chan… If he… Just what if… if he loved someone else. It’d be as painful as death but… I think I’d let him go. I’d let him go. Because… just because… he’s my beloved Mamo-chan! Sorry. Because… if I didn’t do that, then my love would be fake