Vaxus Trevelyan’s appreciation video

I put it together for the meme but I like it enough to post it as separate thing. I still cannot believe Vax and Zevran share the same voice actor :D

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How old is Morowa? And how do her and Sera end up together (what was the start of their relationship)? What does Morowa do post trespasser?

1. She’s 20-something. I want her to be between Josie & Sera in age.

2. I headcanon it was Morowa’s pure and completely unfettered hatred of Maryden that kicked off their relationship proper. You can read in Sera’s book outside her room that Maryden had unsuccessfully tried to flirt with Sera and sings a song that Sera finds creepy. While Maryden sings this song multiple times even into Trespasser as a game mechanic, I headcanon that she continues to sing the song in-world. That someone would be so socially inept as to not realise when a song is fundamentally disturbing to its intended audience is frustrating in and of itself, but to then have Cole laud Maryden as some unsung hero who soothes others’ pain even while Sera says, “Creepy song is creepy” and physically shudders just absolutely drives Morowa into a blind rage. 

3. She is the Maid Marian to Sera’s Robin Hood. U v U 

Estaba pensando en como es probable que el primer amor sea para siempre aunque se termine, y en como la felicidad dura tan poco, un día estás caminando de la mano con alguien por la calle y al otro te quedaste sola, y ya no podes volver atrás porque ya ni siquiera sos la misma persona, cambiaste, estás más rota y más incompleta. Y te quedas ahí pensando en todo lo que podría haber sido, pero no es, ni va a ser.

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This might be a complicated request but maybe the Inquisition reacting to the Inquisitor being someone "Out of their own Time"? Like they speak about future technologies that don't exist yet and stuff.


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Iron Bull:

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(He’s the only one who wholly believes them)


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Reasons Dragon Age Inquisition must be protected

1. They’ve got no breeches.

2. I’m too pretty to die!

3. Pillowy man-bosoms

4. Look up, giant lady with titsicles.

5. I see you like to play with fire, Inquisitor.

6. We discovered this man attacking the building… With a goat.

7. *Solas Disapproves*

8. [Disgusted Noise]