ser grinnaux


“People question, they even criticize, but it’s not like we ever cared about what they say. All I have to do is focus on you and know everything is right in the world.“

Think you’re all safe? Still gonna terrorize you all with screenshots of Svan and her bf/husband of about 3-4 years: @grinnauxdedzemael.

So @the-sassiest-of-squires and I were watching the new Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card episode that aired yesterday, and when Kero’s playing his video game, he screams ‘ORA ORA ORA!!’. While yes, this is quite common in anime and manga, there’s a certain Heaven’s Ward knight that does the same if your client’s in Japanese.

Yup, Ser Grinnaux.

So combined with that knowledge and the fact that I haven’t slept and it’s 8:30 am, I’ve committed an atrocity.

Sorry if I fucked up the kanji.