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Is it wrong that when I saw that prompt about making anything cheerful sound creepy, I jumped instantly to Charibert and WoL. I don’t got anything but the idea, but it’s there.

“I hate how good you are at making something cheerful sound so creepy.”

Charibert’s painted lips stretch into a terrible smile. Delighting in the effect he had on those around him. Especially you. “What can I say?” He presses a hand to his chest, sighing. “Tis but another way I am gifted.”

You make a face at him. “That’s not a compliment.”

“I have no need of compliments from the mouths of heretics.”

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Hi-Hi, this is the Charibert Anon, um, I was wondering if you could write something where like Charibert like in Notre Dame where Esmerelda dances and saunters over to Frollo tieing the scarf around his neck, that the WoL does that to Charibert.

(Hey again, anon. I hope you like this one. I added Grinnaux since you mentioned him before. ❤)

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