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In the show, we see Sansa scream and cry after Ser Hugh dies in the Hand’s Tourney, which is a perfectly reasonable reaction, but it is very different from her reaction in the books, which I find a lot more interesting:

Jeyne Poole wept so hysterically that Septa Mordance finally took her off to regain her composure, but Sansa sat with her hands folded in her lap, watching with a strange fascination. She had never seen a man die before. She ought to be crying too, she thought, but the tears would not come. Perhaps she had used up all her tears on Lady and Bran. It would be different if it had been Jory or Ser Rodrick or Father, she told herself. The young knight in the blue coat was nothing to her, some stranger from the Vale of Arryn whose name she had forgotten as soon as she heard it. And now the world would forget his name too, Sansa realized; there would be no songs sung for him. That was sad


Sansa is very emotional, and especially early on in the series we see her totally overcome with emotions, as an eleven-year-old girl would be. Slowly over time she shifts to observing the world around her, and selecting the proper response, rather than reacting emotionally. Her A game of Thrones arc is largely about disillusionment and realizing that life is not a song, and witnessing death for the first time, she realizes it will not be a song, and it will not be meaningful. Sansa is not nearly as expressive about Arya, but internalizes everything and mulls it over. Being able to respond rather than react, and being so finely tuned to what is going on around her is what really enables Sansa to survive in court for so long.


Imagine Young!Starklings where Jon Snow is accepted.

((Another one of those kind of vague requests. I got this idea upon seeing this on the list and just had to write it up!))

Word Count: 1,165

It was hard at first, how could it not be? Her husband had cheated on her and sired a son with another woman, a son who looked more like his father than any sibling she had been able to give him did. But as the boy grew, Catelyn Tully/Stark couldn’t help but see so much of her husband in the dark haired, dark eyed boy. From the caring way he fussed over little Arya and Bran, from the way he willingly played the knight in whatever story Sansa was obsessed with at the moment, from the way he smiled brightly at his older brother just like his Uncle Benjen smiled up at the Lord of Winterfell…like his whole world wrapped around his brother…his hero. So, it was a surprise, but it was impossible for the Lady of Winterfell not to accept her husband’s bastard son and to treat him as one of her own.

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Do ou care about anyone other than the Starks?

Of course! The Starks are nothing without their supporting characters!!!

BRIENNE. Meera. Davos. Gendry. Hot Pie. Jojen (RIP). Sam and Gilly, obviously. Edd. Pyp and Grenn. Maester Luwin (RIP). Ser Rodrick Cassel (RIP). Pod. Mel (only in case a Stark dies and needs to be resurrected tbh). Thoros (same reason). Micah, the butchers boy (RIP). The Blackfish (won’t believe he’s dead till I see a fuckin body). The block Jon used to cut off Janos Slynts head. Ice (RIP). Lady Crane (RIP). That one actor in the mummers show who played Tyrion as super evil and was banging Lady Crane. Tormund. Lady (RIP). Ghost. Summer (RIP). Shaggydog (RIP). Nymeria. Grey Wind (RIP). The woman who gave Sansa the candle. Hodor. Syrio. Old Nan. Howland Reed. Jon Arryn. SweetRobin, but only when he’s helping Sansa.

Ned fell back into bed breathing heavily and hugged his wife to his chest. He had gone months without her and the stranger he had married years ago had become a beloved wife. Being with her wiped the memories of the siege of Pyke from his mind momentarily. Cat smiled lovingly up at him and he kissed her nose playfully. He was home and the war was behind him.

“How have the children been.”

“Sansa is doing magnificently with her studies and Ser Rodrick Cassel says Robb is doing well in practice.”

Ned knew better than to ask about Jon, Catelyn was still sore that he refused to send the boy away and thoroughly ignored him. She knew better than to ask again.

“And Arya?”

“She is the most difficult baby to ever be born in the seven kingdoms.” Cat said with a laugh. “She started crawling earlier than expected and manages to get into any and every mess possible.  And she missed you so, I only managed to quiet her when I wrapped her in one of your shirts. The children keep taking her to the gods wood when she’s being difficult. I was furious at first but she always seems calmed when she comes back. ”

Ned heard his baby start to wail from the other room, he rolled out of bed and pulled on his pants before kissing Cat on the forehead. Arya was standing and pulling on the cradles bar wailing loudly until she saw him through her tears and reached for him with a whimper.

“Gods how you’ve grown.” He murmured as he picked her up and carried her to bed. When he left for war she was less than two weeks old. He had missed so much.

“Umaba” She said kicking her feet and clapping her hands.  

“Can you say Papa?” Ned asked tentatively.

Arya looked up at him and scrunched her face in thought before shouting “NO!”

Ned couldn’t help but laugh as he passed her to Catelyn who had pulled on a shift and pressed her heavy breast into her mouth.
“I should start weaning her soon.” She muttered as Arya latched on and fed with vigor. “Hush child.”

“I could hire a wet-nurse.” Ned suggested.

“There is no need, she’s almost old enough to go without. ”

Ned nodded and reached for his pups hand, she grasped his finger in a tight grip that made him smile. when she had been fed, burped and changed Cat lay  her in bed between the two of them.

“She does not like being alone,” Cat explained as she pulled the covers up to their chin.
“She wants her pack.” Ned answered brushing her hair from her face and watched his youngest daughter’s eyes grow heavy with sleep.

I’m just feeling Winterfell right now. especially Ned and Arya

it’s become a series

links below

Lyarra and Ned w/flowers personal favorite

Arya and Ned with flowers love this one

Ned and Arya 

Sansa Arya

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I've been rereading GoT and what's so palpable is even though Ned, Bran and Robb loved Jon, it was only Arya that really truly loved Jon as a real brother/family member. I still find myself tearing up so much at Jon's chapters.

Oh, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. There is definitely tension to Robb and Jon’s relationship, planted by Catelyn early on, and obviously Ned knows that this boy is not his son by blood, but his sister’s, so there is tension there as well, however small. But I think both Arya and Bran love Jon unreservedly as a family member, with absolutely no conditions to their love.

I mean, when Ser Rodrick decides that Big Walder and Little Walder are going to live in Jon’s vacant room, this is what Bran thinks:

Ser Rodrik decreed that they would share Jon Snow’s old bedchamber, since Jon was in the Night’s Watch and never coming back. Bran hated that; it made him feel as if the Freys were trying to steal Jon’s place. (Bran, A Clash of Kings)

And then when the conundrum of who should be heir to Lady Hornwood’s lands, this is what Bran proposes:

“Then let Lord Hornwood’s bastard be the heir,” Bran said, thinking of his half brother Jon. (Bran, A Clash of Kings)

Bran has so much faith and admiration for his bastard brother that he insists another Snow be heir to the Hornwood lands; this is something that not even Robb (at this point) would be open to.

Then there’s the time that he’s so close to being with Jon again, but Jojen convinces him not to. And after, Bran regrets it.

“We should have followed Jon,” Bran said when he saw it. He thought of his bastard brother often, since the night that Summer had watched him ride off through the storm. “We should have found the kingsroad and gone to Castle Black.” (Bran, A Storm of Swords)

When Jon reminisces on his memories of Winterfell, Bran is almost always included alongside Arya and Robb, which shows that they had a very good relationship. Jon had three goodbyes at Winterfell that GRRM thought were important enough to show us: Robb, his best friend, Arya, even more than a best friend, and Bran, who wasn’t even conscious to reciprocate the farewell.

Bran and Jon love each other a lot and don’t have any reservations to their relationship. In fact, Bran includes Jon in his family when he wishes to see and save them all.

He wished Robb were with them now. I’d tell him I could fly, but he wouldn’t believe, so I’d have to show him. I bet that he could learn to fly too, him and Arya and Sansa, even baby Rickon and Jon Snow. We could all be ravens and live in Maester Luwin’s rookery. (Bran, A Dance with Dragons)

I think Jon and Arya’s relationship is focused on so much (and rightfully so) that people often sleep on what Jon and Bran have. It’s very close considering their ages, and untarnished in a way that Jon doesn’t necessarily have with Robb (“You can’t be Lord of Winterfell, you’re bastard-born”) or even Arya (Is she still my sister? he wondered. Was she ever?). Perhaps we might have more tension with Bran and Jon in the future because Jon is certainly going to be unintentionally usurping Bran’s birthright, but for right now Jon and Bran’s relationship is untainted and pure as the driven snow.


Because that fucking eye to eye fucking contact!!!

That was Shireen tied to a beam begging her parents to save her.

That was Sansa being held against her will as she watched her father be beheaded on holy fucking ground.

That was Gilly being restrained when Sam was getting beat.

That was Bran watching Ser Rodrick be beheaded.

That was Jon racing towards his last brother.

That was Cersei seeing Joffrey die.

That was Daenerys ending Drogo’s suffering.

That was Grey Worm laying next to Ser Barristan’s dead body.

That was Myrcella dying in her father’s arms.

That was Theon watching Ramsay rape Sansa.

That was Yara leaving Theon in the kennels.

That was Fat Walda holding her baby in the kennels.

That was Arya trying to save Gendry.

That was Sam holding Pyp’s bleeding neck.

That was Edd and Tormund waiting for Melisandre’s magic to kick in.

That was Podrick holding his lord in battle.

That was Brienne seeing Renly get stabbed.

TL;DR That was a child wishing their father would come and save the day.

IMAGINE: Snow’s Bastard

Imagine: Being Robb’s betrothed/wife but being pregnant with his Bastard brother’s child.

(For anon. This might not be as long as you wanted but I kind of have an idea for a part 2 i might do, for when the reader has the child, and i didn’t want to risk repeating things from this part.)

(Pt. 2

(Word Count: 1,459)

He knew you were with child, it was the only reason he would be rushing the marriage between the two of you. He knew you were with child and that it belonged to his bastard brother and to save your honor and Jon’s life, he had chosen to push the marriage forward so when you began to show no one would think the child wasn’t his.

The wedding was held the day before the royal party was to leave and journey back south with Lord Eddard, Lady Sansa and Arya, and a huge portion of Winterfell’s protection. Your dress was the same your Lady Mother had worn when she was around your age marrying your Father, Lord of (insert castle/holdfast). It was also the day before the true love of your life was to leave and join the night’s watch. He didn’t know you were carrying his child, he couldn’t ever know. You knew Jon Snow enough to know that were he to find out he would forsake all plans and try to be there for you, and not only would he gain more of Lady Stark’s wrath for staying in Winterfell but whispers would begin to arise. And whispers were the last thing you needed now.

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A Symbol of Love... (I make up the titles on the spot okay? haha)

((It’s kind of short, but I LOVE how it turned out))

((Word Count: 1,066))

The pregnancy had been a surprise to both of you. Robb, the King in the North, was warring and even though he had been told by his Mother, Uncles, and Lords that it was in the North’s best interest for him and you to conceive, he hadn’t wanted to. He had three brothers, sure one was illegitimate but he could always be legitimized, and two sisters. He had five heirs already. He didn’t want to have a child, and then die, and then for you to have to raise a child all on your own and have that child never know their Father.

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got gif challenge » five relationships  » theon & the starks

“It’s a dish I tasted myself, or have you forgotten? I was ten when I was taken from my father’s house, to make certain he raised no more rebellions.”
It is not the same.”
Theon’s face was impassive. “The noose I wore was not made of hempen rope, that’s true enough, but I felt it all the same. And it chafed, Ser Rodrick. It chafed me raw.” He had never quite realized that until now, but as the words came spilling out he saw the truth in them.“.

A Game of Thrones: Chapter 67, Bran

“Below in the yard, Ser Rodrick was yelling. ‘You fight like a goose. He pecks you and you peck him harder. Parry! Block the blows. Goose fighting will not suffice.’”

Hey now, have you ever tried to take on a goose? Those monsters don’t back down from anything, even cars! You honk at them, they honk back. Fearless, geese are.

“It’s a dish I tasted myself, or have you forgotten? I was ten when I was taken from my father’s house, to make certain he raised no more rebellions.”
It is not the same.”
Theon’s face was impassive. “The noose I wore was not made of hempen rope, that’s true enough, but I felt it all the same. And it chafed, Ser Rodrick. It chafed me raw.” He had never quite realized that until now, but as the words came spilling out he saw the truth in them.“ -A Clash of Kings