sequoia emmanuelle photography

Gold Star Dance Company (U.s.)

Kami Liddle, Gina Bruno, Rose Harden, Kae Montgomery, Julie Rea and Aimee Krasovich

Gold Star is an innovative dance company rooted in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance directed by Kami Liddle based out of San Francisco, California.

Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography

Here’s a shot from my editorial for Dark Beauty Magazine
“Woodland Creature’s”
Posting the rest soon..

Photography: Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography
Model: Jill Evyn
Styling: Sequoia Emmanuelle & Lily Blue
Make-up: Debra Macki, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Hair by: Bianca McMillan
Photo assistant: Ivy Morrison
Headdress by: Miss G Designs
Bollero Jacket- Mother of London
Fur Stole- Kittinhawk
Gown- Ritual

I feel truly blessed, honored and grateful for getting to work with and be surrounded by such genuine, heartfelt, passionate, talented people. I love my job, and it is so worth the hard work, dedication and determination it takes. I highly recommend following the path to creating the life you dream of.

(Photo credits:)

Photographer: Sequoia Emmanuelle
Stylist: Tiffani Chynel
Make-up artist: Sabrina Rucker
Hairy stylist: J Micheal
Models: Chanon Finley