Katya's Birthday Surprise - Part One (Trixya), by Lavish

A/N: Hello hello! I know this is long overdue, but I’m finally submitting the lesbian Trixya fic I’d been talking about for so long! I started writing this around Katya’s birthday as a one shot, but it just developed into something a little bigger. For the time being I have other 2 parts done, so there’s more to come! In this AU all of the Aryan Airlines girls are throwing Katya a birthday party and she evidently doesn’t suspect it one bit. All of them are cis-girls and around the ages of 16 and 17. Please don’t hesitate to send me feedback on my ask boxhere! Huge thanks to the lovely Izzy (@dirrty-sequinss) for being a lovely beta! Love, Lavish.

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Who To Do Without You (Rajila) - Izzy

AN: This is over 8,000 words of an oblivious Raja sleeping with everyone while a lovesick Manila suffers. I’m describing this as fic challenge inspired because it features pairings like Raja/Willam with a beard and Raja/Adore. I don’t want to spoil all the pairings that pop up, but if they’re in the tags, they probably make out with somebody. I literally cannot believe I wrote this. Feel free to talk to me on my sideblog @dirrty-sequinss. Feedback is very appreciated!

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