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so listen. These 'skinny' recipes make me nervous. Are they legit as delicious as the biggens recipes? And since I'm new to the "not eating like I'm 4" hustle, whats your favorite easy-ish recipe?

I wouldn’t know because I refatten all of them. I bet they taste okay, not quite as good, but even if they were the thought of eating fake food skeeves me out so it’s a no. Who knows what that shit will do to us years down the road? I’d rather be heavier than chemical-ridden. 

Anyway, as for (not too un)healthy, yummy, and easy:

  • Bacon Horseradish Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower - veggies replace a good amount of noodles, win!
  • Buffalo Chicken Tacos - corn tortillas really aren’t that bad for you, but I could throw the chicken on a salad with avocado and blue cheese crumbles and still be happy with that
  • Quick Tomato Soup - requires almost no fresh things so it’s easy to throw together last minute and so good when it’s cold out, also way more filling thanks to the beans and baby pasta
  • Peasant Pasta - not exactly low calorie but we make it all the damn time and I have it down to a 20 minute science

Just now realizing that these are basically all grown versions of kid foods….whatever. Still delicious. 

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i love EC planner time but I think imma get the notebook with the calendar inserts instead. The planner is kind of huge. What are your thoughts? #rivetingquestions4lyfe

The life planner’s layout really works for me since I like to break things down by day (less overwhelming) and the few actual notes I take fit nicely in those lined pages at the start of each month.

However, I converted yet another person to EC and the notebooks she ordered are adorable. Definitely a little less hefty, but the size has never bothered me since I carry purses the size of Tejas anyway.