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Hey! I love your writing!😍 Can you write about Tom x Reader at a red carpet/award show & he gets jealous when your fave celebrity flirts with you? Leads to smut? Oops🙊 Thank you love💋

ooh i love this idea thank you! again this is smutty so prepare yourself

Pulling into the driveway of a swanky hotel in London you step out in a pretty yet not outstanding day dress and some cute little heeled boots. It’s not enough to catch the eye of the lingering paparazzi but the odd camera starts to flash as soon as Tom gets out the car.

That’ll soon change; you think as your driver grabs the bags from the boot of the car. Inside is your dress and Tom’s suit for tonight’s premiere of Infinity War along with all the trimmings such as jewellery, makeup, perfumes and shoes.

Hand in hand, both of you check into the hotel and make your way to the suite to start getting ready. It’s only 10am, but you know from experience that red carpets take hours of preparation

And sure enough, within 15 minutes of your arrival people are buzzing around your suite, helping the two of you to get ready. Not much can be said between the two of you as you’re both slathered in makeup and drowned with perfumes.

Then you’re dragged into separate rooms to get changed; your favourite part! Something about getting changed away from Tom makes it feel like your wedding day. Like in a few moments you will be walking down the aisle in the custom-made Givenchy dress you’re slipping into for the premiere.

However, you’re sure at your wedding you wouldn’t be sporting a dress that so obviously represents Spiderman. You’re wearing tight, lacy floor length with the lace precariously covering all your important assets - you can’t afford a nip-slip on a night like tonight! If you were to look from a distance you would think the dress was covered in black flower patterns. Like you are the human embodiment of a poppy! However, looking closely you see that black spider patterns have been embroidered on the dress in tiny sequins.

Clutching safety pins, needles and tit tape, there are numerous people fussing around the dress to make sure it looks perfect for the evening. Your job is to stand in the mirror and see all the last minute transformations to your look; like a sudden change of hairstyle and the addition of a choker necklace.

Just 15 minutes before you have to leave for the carpet, everyone disappears. Probably rushing off to make sure Tom is looking as dapper as possible. After all, he is the star everyone is looking to meet.

With no one fluttering around you and your dress, you enjoy a moment to yourself in the suite’s living room. You watch out on London skyline, thinking about just how different your life is now. I mean, who else can say they’re sitting in a posh hotel in London, wearing a Givenchy dress and going to a premiere with their movie star boyfriend?

Soon enough, Tom enters the living room with his entourage of people. Yet he doesn’t look flustered by the constant fussing over him. Instead, he strides in front of them, adjusting his cufflinks and running a hand through his hair. Tom is in his element.

When he sees you, he stops and stares. He can’t simply believe how beautiful look; with your hair pinned up in a loose bun and makeup looking much better than you could have ever done. And then he’s sees the dress and he’s blown away!

Not because it’s designed with Spiderman in mind, although he wouldn’t stop talking about that. Tom is drinking in your figure in the tight fitting dress and can’t get over how lucky he is to have you by his side tonight.

Tom strolls up alongside you where you stand at the window. “I can’t believe I get to call you mine!”

You bowed your head in embarrassment but smiled nonetheless. Before you had a chance to reply, it was time to leave and so you were both rushing to get downstairs.

Luckily, the premiere was not too far from the hotel. In fact, you had to wait in tons of traffic to get onto the carpet so you were not the last of the Avengers team to arrive on the carpet.

When it was your turn to walk the carpet, you were overwhelmed by the amount of cameras on you. You had been to numerous premieres and events but you still could never get over people’s eyes (and cameras) on you.

Tom understand how nervy you got and so gripped your hand tightly, leading you to where you needed to go. You stood together; Tom in his classic, sleek-black Hugo Boss suit and you in your custom dress perfectly complimenting each other. Even when you’re standing together, Tom would have one hand on your; resting on your back and your arm to reassure you.

After a while, you get comfortable on the carpet. In fact, so confident that when asked for an interview you jump at the opportunity.

Obviously they’re just interested in getting scoops on your relationship or Tom, but you know Tom’s within earshot so he’s well aware what you’re doing.

“So you look fabulous tonight girl!” The interviewer cheered. “Who are you wearing?”

You swished around the dress at your feet, watching as the tiny black spiders glimmer under all the lights. “Tonight’s the first time I’m wearing this gorgeous custom-made Givenchy!”

“Oh wow! And I see it’s Spiderman inspired?”

You nodded at the lady interviewing you. “Yes, well the designer and I came up with the concept when we saw Tom’s costume for this film. I really love the design and I think it incapsulates the character well!”

“Are there any other Avengers’ costumes you would like to make dresses from?”

“You know, I really like Captain America’s costume, not sure how I could make that a dress though!” You chuckled. “I don’t really have the abs for it!”

“Is it true you have a huge crush on Chris Evans?” The interviewer pops in.

You laugh, feeling yourself start to blush. “I’ve been a huge Marvel fan for years and one of my first favourite heroes from this universe was Captain America. He was really who got me into the Marvel universe!”

“Oh, and here he is now!” The interviewer shouts as Chris Evans stands at the start of the press line. She calls him over and eventually Chris strides over, taking you by surprise.

“Hi Chris, I have [NAME] here and she was just telling me she has a massive crush on you!”

Chris Evans smiles and laughs. “It’s a shame ol’ Spidey got to her first! Could have showed her what a real American hero is like.”

He finished his sentence with a wink, leading you to blush more - cheeks almost the colour of your dress!

“I have to go, but have a nice evening!” Chris said, planting a kiss on your burning hot cheek.

As Chris walks away, you turn to thank the interviewer but catch eye contact with Tom who is now glaring at you. It was going to be a tough evening for you!

It was obvious Tom was jealous. From the way he tightly gripped onto your waist when talking to his co-stars to the somewhat evils he was giving Chris the whole evening!

You just laughed. You had never seen him this jealous before but perhaps you hadn’t ever gotten a kiss from your celebrity crush before. And Tom knew how much you loved Chris Evans!

Not only was Tom insanely jealous, but he was also pissed. It wasn’t your fault, you knew and so did Tom! But it didn’t stop him refusing to talk to you all night.

The only time you did speak was on the way back to the hotel where Tom started getting handsy.

Without waiting a second after getting in the car, Tom dived on you; kissing at your neck before it developed into sucking. You knew what he was doing; trying to leave marks all over your skin so everyone knew he was yours and yours only!

But you didn’t care if he left crazy markings all over your neck and body, when he hit the right spots you couldn’t care less about wondering around London in hickies. In fact, you would embrace it.

Just before we got to the hotel, Tom’s hands started to wander, dipping down and under your skirt. His fingers danced over the cloth covering your core, making your stomach and centre tingle with excitement. This is what he did to you, if only he knew!

The journey back to the room was long, despite being a 5 minute walk from the driveway. Firstly, Tom had to sign autographs for fans outside the hotel, which meant you proceed ahead to give him some time. Then once he was done, he had to know his schedule for tomorrow and talk about tomorrow’s press junket. And then finally, it was the elevator - the slowest elevator ride ever! If it had been you, you have ripped his clothes off right then and there. However, with his managers and publicist in the lift with you, it wasn’t appropriate timing.

Instead, you said goodnight before rushing into the room, taking your clothes as you raced to the luxurious bedroom.

Immediately, you allowed yourself to flop back onto the King Sized bed and watch as Tom slipped the last remaining items of clothing off. Then it was just the two of you, observing each other’s glorious naked bodies.

His slim body was toned yet soft, especially in the dim light which gave him an ethereal glow. One of your favourite things about him was his natural curls. At this current moment, his hair was beautifully dishevelled from constantly wrapping it in your fingertips in the car, and he never looked so gorgeous! You were lucky to have him, and he was going to make you remember that.

Without hesitation, Tom crawled over your body and kissed your lips. Starting with a few pecks to the lips and neck, before the two of you were kissing deeper and deeper. You couldn’t help but moan into the kisses when Tom started rubbing at your clit, causing your body to tingle again.

It wouldn’t take long and the both of you knew it, but you had no reason to rush so you took it slow. And Tom knew exactly what to do; gently playing with your clit for a few moments before moving onto your core.

It had been a while since you received so much attention from him. That’s why it was nice to have Tom softly caress your inner thighs, leaving small kisses there while he made your legs shake, hitting all the right spots with his fingers.

When he wasn’t leaving kisses on your inner thighs, his mouth was lapping at your clit. Repeating the same motions as he fingers, his tongue stimulated your core in ways unlike before and you were in heaven.

What helped you to reach your high, apart from Tom’s expert attention, was hearing him hush the words “you’re mine”, “only i get to do this to you” and “only mine, babygirl” over and over again.


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A/N: I thought it was time to give this little dino some love :3  This is part one of a two shot. The second part will have smut in it so it’s worth reading this <3 Let me know what you think x

PS: The OC does have a name in this and I know I don’t give my OCs names because I find it a more personal experience when you (the audience) reads it and can incorperate yourself into the fic instead of some other girl. Idk it’s just me. But the reason I did for this one is because it woud have been too confusing because there is a lot of ‘she’s’ in this x 

Warnings: None, just hints

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