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So, I picked up these heels for $1.75! Naturally, I needed something purple to go with them, so I grabbed this shirt while I was at it, for $2.50 :)

I’ve been enjoying dressing in different styles, but it feels so good to be back in my favorite style! Short skirts, tights, and heels are my bread and butter!

As a side note, my new glasses should be here this week, and they would go great with this outfit! I can’t wait to start wearing glasses again :) And I think I did really well on my makeup too!


Whether it’s a messy up do or a formal hair-twist, that one power tool are bobby pins, to keep the hair intact.

Here are some hairstyles you could flaunt once you have the hair twirls and brands secure. A DIY to keep those pins handy at all times is putting a pack together in a tic-tac box.

Styling and customizing bobby pins is really easy:

  1. use nail polish to colour them up to contrast or match your tomorrow’s outfit. 
  2. spare materials, sequin, feathers, bows, beads, buttons, and pearls are a great way to glam ‘em pins!

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Excuse me y’all but this show gave me LIFE!!! Not since McQueen have I adored a collection so much. The silhouettes, the fur, capes, sequins, feathers, bows. Complete maximalism. So very, very luxe with a dark edge. Love, love, love.  


【MV+BTS】 Chuwon Chuwon - SasakiAsahi’s Version【MV+メイキング】  

(clip found on the Immortal Geisha facebook, thank you Christina!)

Though this is absolutly not traditional kistuke, I think those ladies have found very clever tricks to modernize and fashionize the Oiran/Taiyu look (the big sequin bow is especially briliant). I also love how they all are so different <3

They look like they had a lot of fun shooting that clip ^^ Great job!

Jojo: *wears bows all the time, has blonde hair and blue eyes*

Brynn: *wears a bow and sequins ONCE as part of a dance, is also blonde with blue eyes*

Jessalyn: UMMM??? Excude me, but is that a BowBow™ on Brynn’s head?!?!? WTF!! She looks just like my precious 100% original daughter! COPYCAT!