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So, I picked up these heels for $1.75! Naturally, I needed something purple to go with them, so I grabbed this shirt while I was at it, for $2.50 :)

I’ve been enjoying dressing in different styles, but it feels so good to be back in my favorite style! Short skirts, tights, and heels are my bread and butter!

As a side note, my new glasses should be here this week, and they would go great with this outfit! I can’t wait to start wearing glasses again :) And I think I did really well on my makeup too!

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(First time on this blog. Don't know if you have more than one muse.) Oh come on, you look cute!

Affetta had looked to her brother, unamused with that usual apathetic glare that rested upon her face. Affetto looked back with a furrowed brow, quirking up as he seemed confused. “You should have told me such first, dear Fetta~” He teased. They both seemed to be wearing the same dress. Red sequin qith a crimson bow around the barrel, neatly knotted upon the top of their flanks.


Whether it’s a messy up do or a formal hair-twist, that one power tool are bobby pins, to keep the hair intact.

Here are some hairstyles you could flaunt once you have the hair twirls and brands secure. A DIY to keep those pins handy at all times is putting a pack together in a tic-tac box.

Styling and customizing bobby pins is really easy:

  1. use nail polish to colour them up to contrast or match your tomorrow’s outfit. 
  2. spare materials, sequin, feathers, bows, beads, buttons, and pearls are a great way to glam ‘em pins!

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【MV+BTS】 Chuwon Chuwon - SasakiAsahi’s Version【MV+メイキング】  

(clip found on the Immortal Geisha facebook, thank you Christina!)

Though this is absolutly not traditional kistuke, I think those ladies have found very clever tricks to modernize and fashionize the Oiran/Taiyu look (the big sequin bow is especially briliant). I also love how they all are so different <3

They look like they had a lot of fun shooting that clip ^^ Great job!