sequins and rhinestones


If you’re going to tell me that Gamzee Makara–the troll who carries around glittery special stardust to throw in their own face at periodic intervals–wouldn’t actively try to glue as many sparkly things to their face as possible, you’re wrong and I’ll fight you.

Steampunk Femzee debut, Katsucon XXI 2015

Femzee | Karkat | Photographer


Deep blue set commission for Luts Delf old type in Elven style. The cut and fit was defined by the customer, and I was given a reference of the bead embroidery to create something in a similar style.
The set includes the shirt with embroidered chest, the coat with embroidered sleeves and the pants.

The fabric is stretchy and has a shiny celluloid thread woven into it. Silver beads of a various kinds, both glass and metallic, sequins and rhinestones create an intricate patten with rhytmic stylized floral motives.

This work is one of a kind by the customer’s request. But even if I wasn’t asked about this I wasn’t likely to repeat it, as I feel it’s something more than just a dollie garment.


My Yuri!!! On Ice! Inspired intermediate burlesque routine. Shout out to @goddessofsugar for her work on my skirt. I have plans to order his warm up jacket before the big show in May.

autistic mystery twins things:

  • mabel cant wear ponytails. she is trans and wants to appear more fem but the sensory Bad Feel is too much. dipper buys her a bunch of hairbands. 
  • mabel always has tangle toys wherever she goes 
  • dip wears a spinner ring which is less conspicuous
  • dip is kind of ashamed of hs disability and so doesnt really talk abt it. one time he has a meltdown in front of wendy and soos and mabel is the only one who knows what to do. when wendy n soos ask about what happened mabel tells them ‘if he wants you to know he’ll tell you’
  • mabel stims on the rhinestones/sequins/embroidery on her sweaters
  • dipper stims vocally alll the time
  • dips special interest is paranormal/conspiracies 
  • mabel has rlly bad impulse control
  • dip Very needs his routines

Christian Dior, “Venus” Evening Gown, fw 1949-50, silk net embroidered with opalescent sequins, rhinestones, simulated pearls, and paillettes

samael-d-h  asked:

What's your thought on the beauty and the beast live action movie?. In my opinion it looks like a either a mess or a bland pass over of flick.

I want to have high hopes for it because tbh, BATB is one of my favorite disney movies. 

The main thing I’m really disappointed with is how they designed Belle’s signature dress. Cosplayers have done it beautifully, the face character has an almost exact replica, and the dress they made is just so… bland. It isn’t about it needing to look 100% like the original, but rather than the dress itself lacks anything stunning about it. It’s a plain, simple color, with some ruffles on it. No sparkles, no sequins, no lace, rhinestones, etc. just no nothing. For 160 million budget movie they sure cheaped out on the dress part of it. Not to mention, Emma Watson doesn’t even try to sell the dress or make the dress look interesting. Like the dress just looks basic. 


“I Know Places” (+ more) 1989 tour outfit

Here it is! This one I actually finished so fast? It only took me about one and a half week. I forgot to take pictures of all the steps I took, so if I want to make a tutorial I’ll have to either draw it or make another one.For both the top and shorts, I drew the pattern myself (though I did use an old pair of shorts to get the shape and fit right). The fabric is stretchy, so there’s no need for zippers anywhere! I bought the sequined ribbon and added black rhinestones to it later.

WORTH NET EVENING GOWN with SEASHELL DESIGN, c. 1932. Sleeveless pale yellow V-neck decorated with large shells of various types, the straps with iridescent sequin decoration and scattered rhinestones at shoulder and down low back, attached seafoam crepe de chine slip, side closure. Label “Worth”. Belonged to Elizabeth Arden

The start of a few headpieces to pair with my draped dresses! They will eventually be painted gold and covered with sparkly beads, sequins, rhinestones, and maybe some dried flowers. 

I now have two blisters on the inside of my hands from cutting over a hundred wooden skewers…