mothlikestars-deactivated201703  asked:

top five pints you've ever had

is this as in like nicest pints? or just individual pints that stood out? i’ll go with the former (cos i’ve never had any PROPER STAND OUT pints i don’t think)

  1. SOV. I fucking love Sov and it breaks my heart that Colpz doesn’t serve it (but the summer’s coming and that gives us an excuse to maybe go to the swan more often cos their beer garden is really nice and almost makes up for how fucken awful the Swan is itself). Sovereign is so so so nice and SO cheap and was always my Sam Smith’s pint of choice
  2. Taddy’s!! Taddy’s is ALMOST as nice as Sov but a little bit more expensive. My fave thing is walking into the colpitts and Colpz David immediately pouring me a pint of Taddy’s without me having to ask.
  3. When we go to places that aren’t Sam Smiths I’m always a bit lost err I get Carlsberg at Spoons because it’s cheap as shit and even though it’s not anything spectacular it doesn’t taste of piss so
  4. pint of orange juice????

those are all the pints i like oH WAIT i like tuborg as well??? my first legal pint was John Smith’s and I still don’t know why because I hate John Smith’s, it was awful. Sometimes I drink Foster’s but that’s pretty gross too LOOK JUST TAKE ME TO SAM SMITH’S PUBS PLEASE