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Jackie’s Diary Entry: #11 

I Will Survive. But Just In Case…

Sometimes life makes you think. On Charlie’s Angels last night, this really ugly Russian guy with hair sticking out of his nose forced Jaclyn Smith off the road, and she ended up in a coma. The saddest things always happen to the prettiest people. It’s so unfair.

Anyway, I was all alone last night because Steven was working, and I started thinking about him driving back from the restaurant and how horrible it would be if something devastating happened. Oh my God, what if Steven got home and found me in a coma?

The world hates the beautiful, so as morbid as it is, I need to prepare my friends for the inevitable. Someday I could be the victim of some dreadful accident (or, more likely, jealous rage). The responsible thing to do is to write my last will and testament.

I, Jackie Burkhart, being of sound mind and awesome body, do hereby bequeath:

To Steven Hyde, my esteemed older boyfriend: my junior year cheerleading photos.

To Donna Pinciotti, my best friend and housemate: my makeup and hair products and fifty dollars for a class on how to use them.

To Michael Kelso, my ex: my sophomore year cheerleading photos.

To Eric Forman: you get Donna back on Monday nights since she won’t need to watch Little House on the Prairie with me anymore.

To Fez, my funny foreign friend: my sophomore year photos of Michael.

To charity, for the unfortunate gross people of the world: all of my clothes. If I can make one poor person feel pretty, then I’m as beautiful on the inside as I am out.

The rest of my stuff should be given to Valerie Bertinelli for when she plays me in the movie of my life.

Of course, Jaclyn Smith came out of her coma and, in an amazing sequined cocktail dress, kicked the ugly Russian guy’s butt. So the moral is beautiful triumphs over the repulsive. Which means this precious flower has nothing to worry about.

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A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 17 -C*NT

A/N: This is the final chapter guys! I really can’t believe how much love this story has gotten so thank you so much. I’m going to be completley honest, I never pictured this story going on for so many chapters, but after awhile I became determined to finish it. So here we are at the end. I have gotten so much encouragment from the people of this community, and it’s really helped me out in real life as well so thank you. Thank you to trixies-padding for betaing, Splatt & Taurus for the kind words and encouragement, everyone who has messaged me on my side blog with praise and encouragment, and all of the others who have loved and enjoyed this story from begining to end. I dedicate this final chapter and epilogue to you ALL. I’m like getting emotional, this chapter has been done for a few days now and I’ve been holding off on posting because that means it’ll really be over. No real TW as far as I know, just fluff and a tiny bit of angst. Thank you so much again and please, without further aideu, enjoy the FINAL CHAPTER! ❤️ xoxo C*NT

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A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 14 -C*NT

A/N: I’m going to say this in the beginning so that I don’t forget AGAIN, THANK YOU to my wonderful beta trixies-padding for beta'ing this incredibly long chapter for me! This was by far the hardest chapter i’ve written so far, I really struggled with this one because I wanted to get everything just right and I got severely blocked. This is 13,000+ words of the finale, and some stuff afterwards. Witney makes an appearance as well as the tiniest slice of Shalaska. We are nearing the end of this story which is making me so sad. TW: Alcohol consumption, drunk antics. I hope that’s it. Enjoy!

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For @antivanonmytongue for the continued cheering up of the emo

Title: Bar None
Author: Ruffles/Satine86
Warning: Swearing, booze, obnoxious J (the usual) 
A/N: Taking place in that new weird Instagram Verse. More bro-sy than I intended, but still with that Rei/Jadeite goodness! ;)

The club boasted a…. well, Jared wasn’t really sure what it boasted. The design was all over the place; low-backed, modern looking couches and chaises lined the back wall, to the left was what appeared to be a well-stocked bar, complete with strobing, multicolored lights. On the right were tall, wire tables and leather cushioned chairs for those who wished to perch while they drank. The middle was a sunken dance floor, a crush of people writhing together while music pumped through the speakers.

Jared thought it was a ridiculous place to try and introduce your friends to your lady’s friends, but he wasn’t about to tell Nathan that. Though, he supposed this way they could all drink and any awkward lulls in the conversation would be down to a minimum. Especially since Zane was unable to grace them with his presence – crafty bastard obviously planned it that way.

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Title: Frostbite { CH2 }

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Summary: All is fair in love and war.
But whoever falls first will deal the greater damage from the other. It’s
always better to be safe than sorry.
Part 1.

Disclaimer: this is part 2 of Frostbite! this story is an AU and is entirely different from Jumin’s route. Jumin Han is not owned by me and is rightfully owned by cheritz. enjoy reading!

update mentions:
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I used to rule the world,
Seas would rise when I gave the word.
Now in the morning I sleep alone,
Sweep the streets I used to own..

Spotlights and camera flashes were all over you when you entered Park Hyatt Seoul’s grand architectural lobby with the paparazzi following you around like hungry wolves. Of course, being the way that you are, you loved the spotlight yourself, you turned around and flaunted your half-million dollar worth Designer Armani Collezioni low V-neck Diamond Sequined Chiffon Champagne Cocktail Dress. It is expensive so, of course, the name is that long. It fitted the worth of the carefully made designer gown.
You made sure you looked like you’re going to own the night.

You flashed the media a high wattage smile as your least favorite reporter cornered you and started asking annoying questions.

“(Y/N)! You look fab! How was Italy? The industry is in an uproar since you came back! Also, you go long way back with Chairman Han’s eldest son, right? Is he single?? Do you now permit him to date anyone?” The female news anchor laughed in a high pitched tone. “Oh gosh! The Han siblings are so gorgeous! No wonder where they got their genes!”
Fake B. And who cares about knowing where they got their genes?
But you can play along.

And what the hell? That dude is probably dating his cat.

“Oh, my~ Long time no see! Well, of course, you can certainly see the Italy effect on me, yes?” You graced them with a soft grin, showing your perfect whites. “I believe all those years that involved myself studying abroad, culturing my skills and falling in love with Italy itself was truly beneficial for my beauty.”

You two laughed like troubled teenagers who’re fighting for the Queen B spot.
If she’s fake, you can fake it better.
After all, these greedy minions only want a scoop to tell the world. You’re not going to give them the liberty of prying your life.

“I can see the change! Your skin is certainly glowing,” She gushed, scanning you from head to foot. Your braided floral crown hairstyle bobbed against your movements, your gold accent hair accessories shining every time the lights flashed through it. Your smile grew wider when she perfectly pointed out how gorgeous you’ve been despite the years that passed that you weren’t inside the country.

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Inside the Game of Thrones Cast's Private Pre-Emmys Party

Cast members including Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, Iwan Rheon, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams turned out for a backyard bash Saturday, held at a mansion in Beverly Hills. Guests enjoyed a panoramic view of L.A. as they gathered by the cabana, fire pit and pool and enjoyed food and drinks.

Harington—nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category—arrived with Leslie, and it was evident the co-stars are “still very much an item,” a source tells E! News exclusively. “Kit looked dapper in a nice suit and his long curly hair was slicked back and slightly tousled.” Rose, meanwhile, opted a more casual look: a black maxi-dress with pointed flats. The actress wore her hair down and swept to the side. Harington and Leslie “spent some time together at the start of the party sitting closely by the fire chatting with some agents and cast-mates,” the source adds. Harington, in particular, “seemed like he was in a great mood and buzzed around the party making sure to socialize with everybody,” the source tells E! News, “mostly because everyone was coming up to him to congratulate him on his nod, anyway."After making the rounds outside, Harington and Rheon "snuck into the billiards room for a friendly game of pool,” the source tells E! News. “Kit walked over to the rack and they both very carefully cued up the balls on the pool table.” After nearly 30 minutes of gameplay, the actors—whose onscreen rivalry finally came to an end in Season 6—"hugged each other and walked out.“ Later on, the show’s male actors got together to take a group photo inside the mansion.Dinklage and his wife, Erica Schmidt, "hung out” with the cast and outside “all night.” Clarke, who wore a sequined cocktail dress, was one of the first guests to leave—Sunday is a big night, after all. Throughout the evening, the source says, “The drinks were flowing, and the cast genuinely seem to all be very close friends. Maisie and Sophie were glued to each other all night; they were inseparable."Harington left before Leslie, who continued to party with Rheon and Williams. "Before he walked out to leave,” the source says, “he and Rose hugged and kissed each other goodbye.” - E! NEWS

Dance All Night Prom Style: Top 5 Dresses (PART 1)

All of a sudden, it’s prom. You don’t want the same dress as another girl in your class, you don’t want what’s left over at the stores in the mall, and you don’t want something that you don’t love.

You can buy your prom dress online, have it shipped brand new to your door, and bring it to your tailor to get it fitted. Chances of having a gorgeous gown for the night? Jump higher.

We created this Prom Style for Her feature, which we’ll update every week for the next few months. Dresses, shoes, bags, hair stuff & more.

Here’s our Top 5 Prom Dress Picks right now:

1) Aidan by Aidan Mattrox Sequined Strapless Cocktail Dress

2) Adrianna Papell Embellished Cap Sleeve Chiffon Gown

3) ASOS Sequin Prom Dress with Deep Waistband (Extra 15% President’s Day weekend)

4) Sean Collection Sequin Silk Chiffon Gown (Online Only)

5) ABS Cut-Out Jersey Gown

We’re excited to see your prom outfits come together over the next few months. Drop us a line on Twitter at @wantering​ and we’ll help answer any style or shopping questions you have!

Top 10 Bridesmaid Dresses

The best bridesmaid dresses for every budget!

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress can be a challenge - you need a dress that suits the bride’s theme, color palette and Pinterest board, but one that doesn’t break the bank (talk about stressful)! Sometimes it involves tears, tantrums and returned dresses, but most of the time it just involves a lot of time and patience to unearth the perfect frock. 

With wedding season kicking off, we’ve done the hard work for you. From cute fit and flare shapes to full-length Grecian styles and vintage inspired frocks, we’ve got the best bridal party-appropriate dresses to suit any budget. Shop our top picks below!

1) Aidan Mattox Sequined Beaded Deco Cocktail Dress

2) Alice + Olivia Foss Brocade Fit-And-Flare Dress

3) Victoria’s Secret Knife-Pleat Maxi

4) Ted Baker London Pintuck Maxi Dress

5) Lela Rose Bridesmaid Lace & Crinkled Chiffon Dress

6) Aidan by Aidan Mattox Strapless Chiffon Dress

7) BCBG Maxazria Crepe Peplum Gown

8) Pink Tartan Willow Kelly Lace Jacquard Dress

9) Unique Vintage Draped Collar Tulle Swing Dress

10) Aidan Mattox Embellished Bodice Taffeta Fit & Flare Dress

Which style do you like best? Share your favorites with us!