Just an old photo this evening 😊 Had an super interesting day at the ER today,tons of sprained ankles, broken hips, cuts and so much more. Somehow the 10ish hours there just seemed to fly by🏥and then it was home to work on budgets and school related things. Now, I0’m ready to pass out ✌🏻💤♥️


Found the color changing sequin pillow at Walmart! So excited! It’s duochrome and matte black. 😍😍😍
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19 Things You’ll Do When You Move Out Of Your Parents’ House
  1. Go grocery shopping for the first time and buy a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and five packs of cookies because you can.
  2. Plaster pictures of everyone in your life all over your walls. Like, frame everything.
  3. Get excited about weird things like buying a new broom.
  4. Start subconsciously browsing through home decor websites in your spare time.
  5. Stay up as late as you want without anybody checking up on you.
  6. Buy sequin pillows. Duh.
  7. Eat leftover pizza for breakfast.
  8. Walk around without any pants on because you can.
  9. Call your parents every other day because you’ll miss their weird breakfast banter
  10. Make your parents send you daily updates about your dog. NON STOP PICS PLZ.
  11. Have sleepovers with your friends all. the. time.
  12. Start missing home-cooked meals.
  13. Buy a cookbook so you can make home-cooked meals.
  14. Leave the kitchen in tears after trying to make said home-cooked meals.
  15. Order takeout from the chinese restaurant down the street.
  17. Get a cat. Because you need one. Obviously.
  18. Get another cat because logically your cat needs a feline companion.
  19. Become immersed in the new sense of independence that comes with moving out of your parents’ house and start doing things you’ve never done before - live yo’ life, guuurl!

I’m pretty nervous about my interview this afternoon, and I keep refusing myself things. I just got a refund on an item that cost me a pretty penny, so I want to treat myself to a new deck (I’ve beem eyeing the Idiosyncradeck for ages). But whenever I think ‘treat yo self’, I immediately think 'but you have to deserve it’.

So we’ll see. I’ve vowed to myself that tomorrow is a treat myself day no matter what- indulge in a lot of tea, wear a cute dress or butch oversized sweater (we’ll see how I’m feeling that day), go by Walmart and see if they have the stimmy sequin pillow in mermaid colors and maybe get that.

Learning to balance fixing my feelings of worthiness with my manic penchant for spending too much has been a struggle, but I’m getting better at it.