anonymous asked:

Kookie the grumpy assistant trying to get shoved into a sequin dress would be divine

Don’t encourage this, anon.

But like since you’re here…try imagining the conversation that leads to Kookie being the grumpy assistant. Sequin hotpants, though - a tiny dress might ride up and flash people and we can’t have any of that.

Tae the magician doesn’t have any other friends that are thin enough for it. Which Kookie argues Yoongi is both thin AND small. But, y’know, Yoongi vetoed that before Tae even had a chance to ask. Namjoon’s too clumsy and he wouldn’t get the timing exactly perfect every single time, and Jimin is a jerk and Tae refuses to ask him.

So now Jungkook’s learning magic tricks. And he hates that he doesn’t hate it.