listen … this is so dan … this is SOOO!!! DAN!!!! just … acknowledging things without saying anything at all. i love him so much i’m actually crying right now wtf … i felt this way so often last year when he started casually talking about boys being cute in nearly every live show and video, when he made the sexuality comment in his diss track and dressed in fucking sequins and wore rhinestoned hats .. and i feel it again. he’s the king of just existing and having that be enough, no pomp and circumstance necessary. rejecting labels!! existing outside of the spectrums and the binaries!!!! resisting social categorization!!! refusing to be othered by a society that still always sees heterosexuality as the default and the norm. sometimes dan is lowkey the most rad. what a good dude. i love him <3

So I’m watching the Episode of Parks and Rec with the Snake Juice, and I’d like to take moment to just say.

Richie: I’m like an elephant okay? I walk into a room and it’s like woah okay he’s, he’s in there.

Bill: *crying* you don’t even know one thing and I didn’t even say one thing and then he asked me the whole thing and I didn’t even do it once.

Beverly: I’m not gonna tell you, that- that bitch over there I’m gonna, I don’t, I don’t have to bra-

Ben: *singing under his breath* farts and poop and love and stuff, macaroni saaalllaaaddd.

Stan: Bababooey… *hysterical giggles*

Eddie: *hardcore fast speaking in complete gibberish, angrily gesturing at people*

Mike: *dancing wildly with a ridiculous sequined hat on*

Thank you for your time.

4th of July - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1816

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unbeta’d. All Mistakes are mine. Gifs aren’t mine. Credit to the owners. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Daddy stop!” JoJo’s giggles could be heard throughout the bunker and you made your way to the source, trying to find out just how Dean was torturing your daughter to elicit that kind of laughter. “Daddy!”

“What?” He questioned, a smile of his own lighting up his face. “I’m trying to get you to wave it right! Now go!” He grabbed her arm that was holding a tiny American flag and shook it violently, waving the flag every which way making her whole body shake. You couldn’t resist snapping a picture of them playing before making your presence known.

“You really love torturing her, don’t you?” You stood in the doorway, crossing your arms over your chest and leaning against the doorframe, completely enthralled in watching them battle one another. “And what are you even wearing?” Dean Winchester before JoJo would never have been caught dead in a red, white, and blue star necklace and a sequined 4th of July hat, but damned if he wasn’t wearing one now.

“It’s patriotic, Y/N/N. Where’s your 4th of July stuff?”

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Taako being the only un-goth Reaper is hilarious to me. Kraits and Barry and Lup are over here with their long black/red robes and their clouds of smoke and shadow and their dramatic lighting and their black nail polish and then Taako is just. Fluffy pink blouse, stylish green suit jacket with matching skirt, kitten heels, huge sequined wizard hat with a bow on it somewhere. He's not even wearing fishnets, just regular leggings


Taako: “Lulu, I am on brand. Taako brand.” 

Barry: “Can we please have uh, one mission, where we don’t have this argument, please?” 

Lup: “Babe, you wear jeans to work, you’re not allowed to talk.” 

Barry: “Black jeans!” 

Kravitz (smooches taako and says): “You look very nice today, love” 

Taako: “I look nice every day, krav baby.” 

BBS: Circus Au Chapter: 1


BasicallyIDoWrk, Moo, SMii7y, Vanoss, H20Delirious, Mini Ladd,

Daithi De Nogla, Terroriser, Ohmwrecker, Cartoonz, Lui Calibre, I AM WILDCAT

Okay, warning. This is my first time writing anything in a really long time. I’m still super rusty, but hopefully y’all will enjoy and I won’t delete this within a day of writing it! (And for the sake of my own sanity, I’m going to be writing smii7y’s name like “Smitty”. Just because it looks more serious for this. I love my meme boy, but I don’t want certain scenes to be memes.)

I also might be posting art inspired by this au.


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Two stories of unpleasant retail experiences:

I worked at a fairly cheap costume jewelry/accessories store in the mall.
One holiday season they had us wear Santa hats, red sequined, which had “naughty” on one side and “nice” on the other. We all thought they were cute and funny, and we had the “nice” side facing forward.
Until one day, a middle aged man came in (which was rare for this store, our customers were almost exclusively women under 40), wandered around for a few minutes, then stopped in front of the counter, blatantly looked myself and my coworker up and down (I was 17, she was 20) and said “‘Nice,’ huh? Why not ‘naughty’?”
We laughed it off uncomfortably and said something along the lines of “haha, we’re just nice I guess.”
“Shame. I’d like to see the naughty.” And then he walked out.

At another job (home decor store), I found that the (extremely outdated) website they used to send out the schedule didn’t play nice with my computer. I called and told one of the managers (Manager J) what the problem was, and said I’d use the school computers to check my schedule whenever I could, but could someone please call me if I was scheduled in the next week or so? She said sure. After two weeks of radio silence, I called to see if I was scheduled. “Uh… don’t work here anymore. You missed two shifts, that’s automatic termination.”
Eventually, thanks to my frantic, near tears “what??? But I talked to Manager J?” it was chalked up to a misunderstanding, and I worked there for a couple months.
One time, I was scheduled to open, (something I hadn’t ever done at this store) and when I got there, all the doors were locked. This particular store was unusual in that ¾ walls in the building were glass, so I could see the entire store except for the back office. There was no one there. I triple checked that I was on time (five minutes early, even!) and then called the store, figuring if someone was in the back office they’d pick up. About ten minutes later, the manager I was scheduled with finally picked up and then came to let me in, seeming very surprised to see me. I was a little thrown off and asked if I had read the schedule wrong. “No, no. I saw you were scheduled to open with me, but Manager J said you probably wouldn’t show, so I already called someone to fill in for you.” After a few awkward attempts to get an explanation I gave up.
I ended up working that shift anyway (I was marked late!) but after that week I was never on the schedule again. By that point I was fed up with that store for a lot of reasons, so I was willing to quietly be fired and just mourn the opportunity to put the experience on my resume. I guess I had somehow offended Manager J? For whatever reason she seemed out to get me fired. I’ve spend a lot of energy wondering what I ever did to her…

One day, one rhyme- Day 1308

I can drift off at any time,
To lands far, far away,
No matter what the task at hand
Or even time of day.
For example, at breakfast time
I simply floated off
And met a polite doorman
With sequined hat to doff.
The door he opened led me to
A theatre floored with grass,
Where seven cows and a sheep were
Taking a drama class.
I watched for many hours until
I became less engrossed,
Returned from my flight of fancy
To missed calls and burnt toast.

because cosplay is fun

aaaand here is my twoflower costume. the only thing missing is the iconograph and the sapient pearwood chest, but i ran out of time. i spent all last night and most of today working on that extremely loud shirt. but it was so worth it.

and here is my husband…

whose costume took me all of this week to make (and i’m still not 100% done; there’s a bit of detail work i need to finish)

i’ll post some more pictures of the process later but all in all, it took me 40+ hours to get his costume to this point (i expect another 2-3 hours of work on the robe, and then another 2-3 hours sewing him a screen-accurate shirt from the movie adaptation of the first two Discworld novels). my costume was mostly bought things, but i sewed the shirt myself and i’m hella proud of it because i’ve never sewn anything that complex (garment-wise) before. and i’ve never sewn anything so intricately detailed as the wizard robe (all of those stars are handsewn, including the sequins on the hat).

anyway, i’m really really proud of myself for this year’s halloween costumes. i feel like i leveled up :)

and for reference:


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How would Ut, Uf, and Us Papyrus propose to their S/O? (I saw you did this with the Sans’ and it was awesome so I wanted to see your take on his brother!)

Undertale- Papyrus

It’s as big and grandiose as you can imagine. Fireworks, him in probably the goofiest looking sequin suit you’ve ever seen, sequin top hat included. It’s all very silly, but he’s as serious as death when he asks. Maybe not in tone, but in meaning, absolutely.

Underfell- Papyrus

A lot like Sans, he has no idea what the hell he’s doing. He’ll probably just take a more indirect approach since he isn’t exactly great at dealing with his emotions in front of you. He’ll simply leave the ring box on your night stand while you sleep, and hope you come find him in the morning.

Underswap- Papyrus

He’s so nonchalant about the whole thing. It’s really not a big deal to him, it’s just something you do when you decide who you want to marry. He’ll probably pull you to the side if you happen to pass by one of his stations and point to the small drawer under the counter. When you find the ring box, he just gives you a once-over and says “so, you game babe?”.