because cosplay is fun

aaaand here is my twoflower costume. the only thing missing is the iconograph and the sapient pearwood chest, but i ran out of time. i spent all last night and most of today working on that extremely loud shirt. but it was so worth it.

and here is my husband…

whose costume took me all of this week to make (and i’m still not 100% done; there’s a bit of detail work i need to finish)

i’ll post some more pictures of the process later but all in all, it took me 40+ hours to get his costume to this point (i expect another 2-3 hours of work on the robe, and then another 2-3 hours sewing him a screen-accurate shirt from the movie adaptation of the first two Discworld novels). my costume was mostly bought things, but i sewed the shirt myself and i’m hella proud of it because i’ve never sewn anything that complex (garment-wise) before. and i’ve never sewn anything so intricately detailed as the wizard robe (all of those stars are handsewn, including the sequins on the hat).

anyway, i’m really really proud of myself for this year’s halloween costumes. i feel like i leveled up :)

and for reference:


W.&L.T. autumn—winter 1997—98.

Show: January 1997 at the Espace W.&L.T. at St. Denis, Paris, France.

Setting: A simultaneous show on 3 parallel catwalks. Behind a transparent gaze, the models could be seen moving from catwalk to catwalk. Each entrance had light journals with different slogans flashing by. 

Styling: American Avatar: 40 models, strong but boyish, with transparent blindfolds like young Superheroes. African Avatar: 40 models looking like W.& L.T. Warriors, with metal headframes and ‘projected’ war make-up. Asian Avatar: 40 girls introducing the first W.& L.T. Women’s wear Collection, inspired by Ladybugs. All eyes were veiled with white transparent gauze with applied sparkling sequins. 120 hats designed by Stephen Jones crowned this collection.

Invitation: 'Kiss the Future!’-scarf with Puk-Puk badge.

Walter Van Beirendonck: A show is in the end a very important occasion. For a brief moment it gives you power over space and time. It gives you a number of opportunities which are not present in other media or in other forms of presentation. I find preparing a show very pleasant work. It is an opportunity to work out and realise my fantasies in greater detail. Fortunately I often get the chance to work on a large budget, so that I can enjoy the medium to the full. 

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I gotta say I would be MOARRR than down to read your version of "Moma Sansa goes grocery shopping and comes home to find her daughters having a prim and propah tea party with Jon and Uncle Robb." Just in case you were wondering, I'm here for you!

ANONNY I AM SO AHEAD OF YOU. Had already started writing it when I got this ask! Inspired by this post. TEA PARTY TIME.

After the Rice Krispie incident, Sansa and Jon decided that one of them would do the grocery shopping while the other stayed home with the children.

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From design to costume: Meg Giry’s Masquerade hat


MMFD Fanfic: A Shady Lane (Ch. 2)

Hiya! Sorry I’ve been so busy that I haven’t updated this fic! This chapter focused on Finn and Rae a bit because I am so goddamned cut up about recent events. :(

Here is Chapter 1 for those who haven’t read it!


Chapter 2 

It was Christmas morning and Rae woke with a start to Christmas tunes blasting from downstairs. Too. Bloody. Early. She’d been up late trying to finish an article about her favorite underrated albums of 2005 when Finn had thrown a pillow angrily at her head to coax her back to bed.

Finn had been weird this trip, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why. Finn had eaten far too many mince pies and drank about a gallon of mulled wine the night previous. Rae had never seen him so bizarrely festive, but it was like he could not stop eating anything in sight. She figured things had been stressful at work for him and he was unwinding as best he could. Perhaps he was stressed about his Best Man’s speech he’d have to give at the wedding. Or maybe he was just antsy about being back in Lincolnshire like the rest of them.

Rae rolled over to fish her mobile phone from the edge of Finn’s childhood bed. She rubbed her bleary eyes to see she had missed a few calls from Archie.

Finn burst into the room, mug of eggnog in his hand. “Wake up, Rae! Your mum and Karim are already here.“ 

“Jesus, they’re fucking early.” 

Rae dragged herself out of bed and checked her reflection in Finn’s mirror, still covered in band stickers from yesteryear. She decided to forgo a shower and just pulled a knit hat over her hair and threw on a jumper over a short maroon dress. Fuck it.

“Good morning!” she said brightly, kissing her mum and Karim as she entered the living room.   The crackle of nervous energy in the room was palpable – her mum was still upset they were staying at the Nelsons. 

“Good morning, love,” simpered Rae’s mum. “We’ve missed you these last few days. We’re just around the corner, aren’t we?”

Rae fought the urge to roll her eyes, but met Finn’s gaze. He choked on a swallow of eggnog and evacuated himself to the kitchen to help his dad with Christmas dinner.

Rae flopped down on the couch, gesturing for her mum to come sit by her. “Well, I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Rae tried to ignore the awkward juxtaposition between her mum and Finn’s step-mum, who couldn’t be more different. Margaret Nelson was a posh, sophisticated solicitor with a sleek short haircut and a long tasteful jumper that wrapped her slight frame. Rae’s mum had a ridiculous snowman jumper on with fuzzy little baubles tacked on every which way and a cheeky sequined Father Christmas hat crammed on her head.  

Rae limped her way through awkward conversation for about an hour before finding an opportunity to sneak away to the kitchen. Rae snuck in to see Finn and his dad in what looked like a deeply serious conversation. They broke apart instantly upon Rae’s arrival and his dad bent over to check the turkey while Finn stirred a pot on the stove with too much vigor. 

“Is something wrong?” asked Rae.

Finn looked back at her, pale and sweaty.

“Nothing. Just, er, finishing up supper.”

“Why don’t you gather everyone at the table, Rae?” said Finn’s dad warmly. Rae hesitated and then slunk out of the room. Something was definitely up with Finn. Was he embarrassed by her mum? Rae thought that Finn and her mum had always gotten on quite nicely, considering her mother was a stage four lunatic.

Rae spent the entirety of Christmas dinner trying to decrypt Finn’s enigmatic funk. What could he say to his dad he couldn’t say to her? They’d spent the last few months really working on their communication skills, which really had always been the crappiest aspect of their relationship in previous iterations. Lately, it felt like they’d been best friends – telling each other everything. So what is his fucking deal now?

“Aren’t you hungry, Rae?” whispered Finn. She’d been pushing her food around with her fork and hadn’t really eaten any of her plate. She glanced around to see that almost everyone was on his or her second helping.

“I’m fine.” He looked at her significantly.

“I can wrap it up and you can eat it later. When everyone’s gone.” He mumbled, trying hard not to draw attention. 

“I’m okay. I just got a lot on my mind, I suppose.” She tucked in for a big bite to demonstrate her okay-ness.

He smiled at her warmly and felt for her hand under the table. 

After they’d finished their pudding, watched all the Christmas specials, and bid Rae’s family goodnight, Rae settled next to Finn on the floor of his childhood bedroom, holding a square package in her hand, wrapped in bright paper. He seemed to be sweating again. He’d changed the record in his turntable about five times before finally settling on a CD: The Life Aquatic by Seu Jorge.

“Ooh la la, Finnley.”

He just swallowed a swig of what had to have been his eleventh beer today. By Rae’s reckoning, he had been completely fucked for the last few hours. 

“Happy Christmas,” she said. Finn laughed and produced a similarly shaped package from under his bed. 

“Happy Christmas, girl.”

They swapped packages and opened them up. Finn unwrapped a copy of The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats.

“This is brilliant!” 


“Yeah! Now go on and open yours.”

Rae looked down to see an LP of The Woods by Sleater-Kinney. 

“Oh, I love it! I haven’t got this on vinyl!”

Finn smiled and looked down at the floor. “I got it at a show when I were in Leeds and I’d been holding on to it. It just made me think of you. You and other badass womenfolk.” He laughed awkwardly as his voice went higher then he’d probably liked.

Rae felt something inside her swell up, a memory from a long time ago, and she pressed her lips gently against Finn’s.

 “So you like it then?” he whispered.

“Of course, silly. Why wouldn’t I?”

“My dad was saying it was a bit of a crap present to give the lady in your life…Thought I oughta got you summat nice or whatever.”

“Bollocks. I absolutely love it.”

Finn laughed and leaned in to kiss her again. The kiss began to heat up, and he fumbled to pull her jumper over her head when there was a soft thud on his window. They separated. Another thud hit the window. Finn and Rae scrambled onto his bed to see the heavily bundled silhouette of someone lobbing a pebble through the air. Finn wrested the window open. 

“Oi! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” 

The figure pulled down his hood to reveal spectacles and a wooly hat.

“Archie?” exclaimed Finn and Rae in collective confusion.

“I need to talk to you!”


“Why didn’t you just knock on the door, mate?” Finn was starting to feel a little annoyed. It was 10 o’clock. On Christmas. Surely Archie could have waited until tomorrow.  Not when Finn was about to take the craziest chance of his entire fucking life. There was a lump in his throat that he couldn’t swallow away. He kept coughing and trying to choke it down with another swig of beer. He felt like fish, flopping on a deck gasping for air. 

“Right, well, I’ve been calling Rae’s mobile since yesterday. I’m not thinking straight, am I?”

“S’pose not.” What the fuck was Archie on about? He didn’t have a track record for being the most dramatic person (Chop and Chloe tied for that one) so he was sure something was definitely up.

They were huddled on the floor of Finn’s room. Rae had gone off to make Archie a cup of tea, swearing Archie to hold his tongue until she returned. So they sat there, framed in awkward silence. Archie had wrapped himself up in Finn’s old ET: The Extra Terrestrial sleeping bag and looked like he was gonna be sick.

Rae returned, balancing the cup of tea and pushing it into Archie’s hands. Archie swallowed a sip graciously.

“Alright. I’m not really sure how to put this…”

Spit it out, tosser. I got shit to do, thought Finn.

“…But can we change this? It’s too bloody confusing hearing Bowie songs in another language.” 

Finn felt a ridiculous rage boil in his stomach. What the fuck was Archie doing coming round his in the middle of the night and deciding to change the music? Rae reached for her copy of The Woods and before he could think up something better, Finn found himself in the air, pulling the record from her hands, screaming, “NOOOOOO!” 

“What the actual fuck, Finn?” said Rae, equal parts horrified and amused. 

“I just…want…to…listen to…my Christmas present.” He pushed past her and slammed Seu Jorge out of the CD player. That was fucking smooth. He laid his gift for Rae very carefully on the table behind his turntable and sighed. He’d dropped the needle on, “You or the Memory” and turned to Archie, who sat up straighter after Finn’s outburst.

“Alright, Archer. Out with it,” said Finn as he squeezed next to Rae.

“I…am in love.” 

There was a long silence after that. Finn turned to Rae, whose face went through about 40 different emotions before landing on one that was a brilliant mix of excitement and fondness. Finn turned back to Archie.

“No shit, man? Who is it then?”

Rae slapped Finn, which he found unusually irritating.

“Ch-Chop’s cousin. Devon.”

“Oh my god! The fitty from the pub?” exclaimed Rae. 

Oi, what fitty at the pub? Who was Rae calling a “fitty”? Finn searched his recollection of the other night (which proved difficult because his face was burning with moderate intoxication) until he remembered a lad Chop had introduced him to. A lad he couldn’t even remember Archie speaking with. 

“Well…you only bloody met this bloke. From the pub the other night?” said Finn.

Rae looked like she was going to slap him in the face this time.

“Finn’s been drinkin’ all day, Archie. Don’t mind him. This is terrific!”

“I’m just sayin’, are you sure it’s love? If you met him two days ago?” said Finn.

“Archie can be in love with whomever he wants. That’s his decision,” argued Rae. 

“Do you even know if he’s gay yet?”

“Pretty sure,” said Archie. 

“How sure?” 

“Like, I-have-an-intimate-knowledge-of-his-aftershave sure.”

Rae squealed. Finn nodded, allowing Archie a small smile. Alright, that’s something.

Finn could tell that the evening wasn’t going to go as he’d planned and resigned himself to listening to Archie and Rae gush about this Devon person until he awoke Boxing Day morning, wrapped up on the floor with Rae’s arms around him. They were wrapped up in the ET sleeping bag and Archie was inexplicably nestled in his bed. No matter what happened, thought Finn, they were always going to be bloody roommates. 


Let me know what y'all think! The next chapter will be from Archie’s perspective. I’ve already started writing Chop and Izzy’s wedding which I think will be super fun (but I’m taking my time to get there because this is fun!)

xx cheers m'dears

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Supercat prompt pretty please: Cat hates hats with a fiery passion..., Kara has a drawer full of them.

AMAZING prompt Anon *wink*  This was a blast to write.

Cat Grant Hates Hats

Cat Grant hated hats.  She had for as long as she could remember.

When Cat was seven years old, her mother had bought her a flowered sunhat for staying quiet all the way through a ‘very important meeting’ and Cat wore it everywhere.  She wore it to the supermarket with her nanny, she wore it to Coney Island with her father and he told her she looked ‘very pretty peanut’ when he came to pick her up from her mother’s house.  She wore it to the first day of second grade and Steven Reynolds poked her in the head, told her she looked like an ‘old lady’s garden’ and threw her favorite hat in a mud puddle before pushing her and running away.

Cat’s mother had been called and Cat suspended when she had thrown Steven Reynolds into a mud puddle and gave him a bloody nose.

“Never show your anger, Kitty, only show your power.”  Katherine Grant had not been angry at her daughter, but she had used the incident as a lesson in burying her emotions and how the grown-up world works.  “We’ll get you a new hat, dear.”

“No, thank you, Mommy.  No more hats.  May I have a new necklace instead?”


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Halloween Horrors

Every Halloween costume ends up with a ‘sexy’ version.

No exceptions.

No. Exceptions.

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Henry was in extra high spirits for this Halloween, and thoroughly enjoying himself with all the preparations that came with being a Pines.

Before coming to Gravity Falls, Halloween was something he could only watch other kids talk about at school and wish while knowing better than to ever bring it up. Halloweens with his parents were an opportunity for them to show everyone how much more righteous they were than the licentious, sinful crowds that celebrated, and he spent his Halloweens before his escape listening to his parents read religious denunciations of the holiday while his body throbbed from the latest beating, for anything from looking too closely at costumes to his dad finding candy in his backpack that a kind classmate had passed him.

But now, with a wife who was so into the holiday that she celebrated it twice a year, a grunkle who was even more into scaring kids, three teenagers who had taken a page from their mother’s book when it came to dressing up in costumes and feeling shame about doing so, and a demon brother who was going to be able to come to the all evening, all town Halloween party and be corporal the whole time, what wasn’t to enjoy?

Sure, he’d been hesitant the first few years, but, well…Mabel’s enthusiasm was contagious, and she was loving every second of this.

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