Chuck arrives in Goodneighbor. The mayor welcomes him in, but Chuck tells him Halloween is over, and dressing up as George Washington is offensive to Washington people. The mayor realizes that Chuck is a lost cause, and any chance of coherent thought floating through the empty milk carton that is metaphorically Chuck’s brain is about as high as the chance Chuck will take off his dress and wear normal clothes.

In the town’s bar, the lounge singer is attracted to Chuck’s bright sequin dress, pirate hat, and 70s pornstar sunglasses, as well as the way he is unable to pronounce and understand words with more than three syllables in them. There is a brief coitus, the force of which destroys the floor of the building they are on. Chuck moves on after that, as he’s married and thus has no time for a relationship.

He also meets a Vault-Tec salesman, the same one from a thousand years ago. He tries to reminiscence about that time that thing happened, but Chuck chews on a clipboard again, and the salesman leaves.

Chuck’s meandering towards Baseball Town is interrupted by a raider firing a small nuke at him. Its peculiar shape triggers a sportsy flashback in the small walnut of Chuck’s brain, and with inhuman reflexes, he catches the mininuke, swings about, and tosses it back with more force than it was fired with. The subsequent explosion, as well as the aftershock from the enormous, pants-shitting force it was thrown with, topples a building. Raiders leave Chuck alone after that.

He is also attacked by ghouls. They attempt to BLAAAAARGH at him. Chuck knows that Halloween happened yesterday, and that this is just in poor taste. He responds by taking one of the ghouls in the enormous meattrap of his hand, and tossing it up into the air. The ghoul becomes a speck in the sky. It does not come down. Though rotted and senile, some decrepit neurons fire in the brains of the ghouls, and they realize that Zeus has taken human form. Ghouls leave Chuck alone after that.

Finally, Chuck reaches Diamond City. The gate is closed, and a plucky romantic interest named Lois Lane Piper Wright tries to get him in. Before she can finish, she notices there is now a Chuck-shaped hole in the ten-inch thick steel that makes up the main gate. Chuck has arrived in Diamond City.

Some main quest happens, and then Chuck decides to go to Far Harbor, because he wants lobster. You see, he is hungry after he had to lift those boxcars out of the way to grab a teddy bear he found, as well as some string so he could meticulously repair his beautiful sequin dress. He doesn’t crack open lobster, he merely eats it whole.


From design to costume: Meg Giry’s Masquerade hat