Gonna combine these two cause why not


  • she’s wild lmao
  • honestly so energetic 
  • she LOVES unicorns 
  • MC and Jaehee don’t know why so they just roll with it
  • the kid that has the weirdest shirt in their bag
  • like on her first day her teacher asked her to take out her snack she comes out with 2 bags of sequins and 5 pots of glitter 
  • loves sparkly things 
  • likes playing with Jaehee’s wedding ring
  • loves Zen’s films 
  • it’s family tradition 
  • wants to be an actress when she’s grows up
  • deadass always wearing a costume of some sort
  • no one knows where she’s gets them from 

anonymous asked:

What would you recommend wearing to go see a theatre?? Like something formal but still kinda casual?? I hope it makes sense 💕

oml this reminded me of bokjoo’s classical music date with the doctor from weight lifting fairy ; u ;

anonymous asked:

I have a question regarding coincidences and spiritwork? I was just working on a particular decorative piece I got, which reminded me of the sea and mermaids. I was braiding the tail (haha) end of it to try and imbue it with magic, when I was called downstairs for dinner having arrived. I check my phone once I'm down there, and the first thing I see is the post you reblogged about Norse sea spirits. Is this just a coincidence, do you think, or a sign?

Ah, also, I just noticed the sequins of the bag I got today are sea-green and kind of look like scales?? I’ve never been good at reading signs, are these ones, or…? I’m sorry for asking, I’m new to practicing and I honestly have no idea.

Hello, Anon! No worries, it’s no trouble to ask. <3 As for your question, the answer is a solid maybe. I say this because it’s not really for me to tell you “yes” or “no.” Now, some folks are very, very skeptical of signs, and they’ll tell you it isn’t one unless you asked for something strangely specific (i.e., “four blue feathers seen within two days”) and it happened as such. Personally? I think that’s a little rigid unless the sign is meant to determine something critical.

For this specific instance, I am of the opinion that you’re best to introspect as to whether or not this was a sign. Did it feel like a sign? It sounds like you would say “yes,” but you’re doubting yourself as a beginner. It’s good to doubt! Don’t get me wrong. Not too much. But enough that you take a moment to think critically, ensuring that you’re having an authentic experience.

A final note? What you just experienced is sometimes referred to as “dashomancy” (divination by Tumblr dash). And yes, I’ve received signs that way, myself. The questions I always ask myself when it happens are as follows: “How frequently do I see this kind of content on my dash? If I’m honest with myself, was I looking for a sign or was I genuinely surprised? Does this seem specific enough to be a sign or am I just reaching for validation?”

I hope that helps! <3