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Could you possibly do a mafia!daddy!phil × pastel!little!Dan ? ?? Cause that hc is freaking grEAT (possibly some smut?)

Prompt: dan wearing those cute velvet shorts you see on Instagram and phil can’t keep his hands off of him. (mafia!daddy!phil and whiny!little!dan?)

Oral fixation pastel Dan is all I beg you for

can i pleeease have some more little dan with oral fixation??? 

Here y’all go. Plus dirty talk, exhibitionism, and cockslut!dan. If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile, open in your browser.

Being the son of the boss always has it perks, but when your father is the boss of the mafia, the fringe benefits are almost endless. It certainly isn’t the most relatable circumstance, but Phil Lester is acutely aware of the privilege his heritage brings. His family has never had any financial issues, and, although it may not be the most honest money, it made for a very comfortable childhood. Growing up, Phil never had to worry about being bullied in school – even though he was a fairly strange, quirky kid that would usually attract that kind of negative energy in the cesspool of teenage hormones that is high school, everyone was well aware of who his father was and what he could do, so he was left well alone. Now that he’s older, his blood keeps on giving in the form of a large house in London and connections with almost every business in a ten kilometre radius. That’s not to say Phil has had an easy life, but his problems are quite disparate from the average persons’. He may be rich with a notorious last name that opens back doors, but he does live with the constant knowledge that he may be shot dead at any moment, so he supposes it all evens out.

He works as part of the family, of course. That’s how the mob operates and, although he’s had his fair share of morality crises, he enjoys it. He’s not the eldest son, so, as long as nothing happens to Martyn, he isn’t expected to take over when his father – willingly, or otherwise – steps down, but he is still in control of some aspects of it. He supposes he’s a capo, in a way, being able to give orders to soldiers to do the bidding that’s sometimes his own, and sometimes passed down to him from his father. Most of the members he ranks above are considerably older than him, considering he’s only twenty-five, and he can tell from the hard look in their eyes when he gives orders that they’re not exactly thrilled about that. It doesn’t really matter, though, because to go against Phil is to go against the boss and, unless they’re actively looking to be killed, that’s not a very bright idea.

Phil’s seen a lot of shit since being inducted into the business at twenty. Before that, his father always kept things vague and the gory details hidden, probably more on Phil’s mothers’ wishes than his own, but the reality of what being in the mafia involves couldn’t be sugar-coated for him forever. He’s seen theft, assault, battery, and a fair share of murder. It’s not what Phil would call ideal, but it comes with the kill-or-be-killed lifestyle. He’s pretty much desensitised to the horror of it all by this point, but there is one incident that affected him above any other; it was also the chain of events that led to him meeting Dan.

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Heya! Im back to sewing my ‘Enerjohnnies”!  I am making more Decepticon brands this time because I was told at different times, that there is not enough Decepti-merch out there. That can be helped! The goal is to get a table again at Conventions, sell my stuff to people who love unique and sturdy convention-shopping-whatever-bags. Here are the first ones I finished now, Faux leather and sequin applications galore. All bags come with a zipper now. <3

Gonna combine these two cause why not


  • she’s wild lmao
  • honestly so energetic 
  • she LOVES unicorns 
  • MC and Jaehee don’t know why so they just roll with it
  • the kid that has the weirdest shirt in their bag
  • like on her first day her teacher asked her to take out her snack she comes out with 2 bags of sequins and 5 pots of glitter 
  • loves sparkly things 
  • likes playing with Jaehee’s wedding ring
  • loves Zen’s films 
  • it’s family tradition 
  • wants to be an actress when she’s grows up
  • deadass always wearing a costume of some sort
  • no one knows where she’s gets them from 

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.7.17

theme thursday: wedding finds from davieandchiyo

bridesmaid clutch sets

davieandchiyo has all different styles of bridal clutches and purses for the bride AND for your bridesmaids — from sequins to lacy accents to florals and bows, you get to pick out matching or perfectly mis-matched bags that your gals will swoon over … much like i’m swooning over every damn thing at davieandchiyo. love love.