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Bob's Burgers Characters as Aesthetics and Whatnot pt 2

Jimmy Pesto: Exposed brick, dark clubs, trashbags, a bucket full of tears.

Trev: Fluffy blankets, bratboys saying ‘aaayyyyyyyyyy,’ a Slytherin scarf, the perfect terrarium.

Jimmy Jr: Soulful rnb, Les Mis, fog machines, the overuse of sequins.

Andy and Ollie: Too-big sweaters, Nintendo, home made cookies, seashells.



It took me AGEEES to think of what to wear but I’m so glad I settled for this idea!! And yes those are cat tights, I love them!! Can’t wait to see you I’m soooooooooo excited!! Look out for me :D

Love you lots,

Maegan xxx ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


Who are all these people?? Oh wait…thats all me lol (that was very lame haha). Through the last 12 months, with an impressive range of hairstyles if I say so myself (thats not even all of them lmao). I got tagged by a bunch of people to do this ‘selfies of 2k15′-thing so yay here it is!

and I tag @shy-retiring-oxford-chaps @jonnygalaxies @rimerto @arcadiaexists @december7th @mildcraze idk most people have done this already I think?

Five things

I was tagged by jordancat to list five things I love (not people). Please list your five and tag five blogs on your post.

1. Sequins/glitter/shiny everything, yes, I’m a 47 year old woman who wears sequined uggs, I have them in two colors, they’re my go to shoe all fall and winter (oops, I forgot there’s a knit pair with sequins woven in too, so 3 pair). It’s been three years since I got the first pair, and they still make me so happy every time I look at them. Also anything glowstickish. When I was young and stupid we would cut glow sticks open and fling the liquid all over the walls, ceiling and ourselves. (There’s a chance that was before I got sober). But all these decades later, I still love glowing things. I’m easily amused. Sparkly bright makeup and nail decorations. I’m a magpie.

2. Being a mom, laughing with my kids, watching their relationships (when they’re not being jerks), listening to them sing, watching them be happy, watching them enjoy things, having had the opportunity to know people so intimately and to have them to care for and love. Having them come to appreciate and enjoy things that I like, and getting to learn about the many interests they have that were foreign to me.

3. Stories, books, reading, characters I know so well they feel like old friends, sharing the love of reading with friends and family. Watching stories unfold on TV and live theater..

4. Music, singing, dancing, in the car, at home, at concerts, I get so much positive energy from music.

5. My bedroom: it’s only six years old, the floors are gorgeous, giant windows overlooking the woods, my tempurpedic mattress and funky modern wood bed; my closet, with lovely wood built ins, sections for hanging all lengths of clothes, my shoe shelves, and room to dress while enjoying seeing all my pretty things; the bathroom, with my huge shower with a bench, 12" raj head shower and body jets, soaker tub with infinity edge, counter with mirrors which let me see the back and sides of myself while I do hair and makeup; and then all the totally free fun I get to have in the room with my husband. I really love my bedroom (and everything that happens there).

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