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had my fitting for my moh dress for my sister’s wedding. it’s pinned, so of course this isn’t the final status. just hope i don’t look too belly pouchy😬.

Total Stranger

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Mark Tuan x Reader //Slight Smut and angst 

Part 2

Word Count: 1.8k

Description: You were now Mark’s and you hated it, it wasn’t your fault your family made a shady business deal with Mark’s family and it fell through. Now you had to pay off your family’s debt to the Tuans. 

You opened the door to your new residence, walking into a grandiose flat much too big for one person to live alone. You were pleasantly surprised at the aroma that filled the air. It was intriguing to the senses. Warm and cozy the room smelled of a strong coffee mixed with a sweet musk of a cigar. “Great he’s a smoker”, you thought to yourself another thing to add to the growing list of hatred you had for mark. You shut the door behind you and walked through the flat noting there wasn’t a single picture on his walls, they were quite bare. In all the flat was very big but lacked character it was cozy but cold lacking life and excitement that you’d come to miss with your own apartment. Noticing the rest of the flat you looked around mumbling disgruntled words at the fact you now were forced to live here with a complete stranger. Your father made a business deal with mark’s father way before you were born. You didn’t know the exact ins and outs but basically your family now owed the Tuans a lot of money your family currently didn’t have.  Raymond of course foresaw this and proposed years before you or your sister was born that when your family had their first daughter that she would already be promised to his eldest son. The stipulations didn’t constitute a marriage just that Mark could use you for whatever purpose he sought out and for as long as he wanted until the debt was paid. So now here you stood in this strange man’s house that you had only seen maybe twice because of your parent’s lack of fortune. You weren’t actually the eldest daughter ,Your older sister Taz as you liked to call her ran off and got married when she was 17 to a boy she met in high school. Now six years later she was married and knocked up, so that left the burden to you. You jumped lost in thought as you saw him standing there watching you intently. He was brooding watching you with his towering height and his hands shoved in his pants “any other remarks you care to make against my family?”, he asked you matter of factly. You took a step back caught off guard by his tenacity “How long have you been watching me?” you asked returning his stare.

He just continued to look at you unblinking “Grab your things I will show you to your room”. You followed, grumpy that he didn’t even offer to help carry your things, he brought you to a room adjacent to his but presumably a bit smaller. He walked towards the closet and pulled out a red sequined dress much too short to your liking “take a shower and put this on, I’m working on a business negotiation and I need you to be a distraction for me”. You stood there utterly dumbfounded how in hell was he going to order you on what to wear and then not even ask you if you wanted to attend ”w-what!?”, was all you could coherently put together. He didn’t say anything before walking out leaving you to get ready. You looked at yourself in the mirror “Well welcome to hell y/n”. You took your time in the shower washing your hair and scrubbing every inch of your skin. 20 minutes later you parted from the warm water and slipped on the red dress. It was much shorter than you initially thought. The dress was a bit tight too leaving it impossible to wear a bra and underwear do to the split at the hips. So there was no possible way they would not show. Huffing you frowned there was no way in hell you were going like this the only thing you were wearing was a scantily clad red dress and nothing to cover your most delicate areas. As you were fixing the strap on a brand new pair of heels you found in the closet Mark walked in wearing fitted black pants and a buttoned white shirt that displayed his every muscles. Your breath hitched in your throat he was really quite an attractive man to say the least, but he intimidated you. This man could do whatever he wanted and you could say nothing. He smirked enjoying your reaction walking slowly over to you he ran his hand from the split of your dress down your entire leg making you shiver “This dress was a great choice, but you are supposed to distract my business partners not me.”. He stood behind you breathing harsh warm breaths on your neck “Promise me you won’t bend over tonight unless I tell you too”. The hairs on the back of your neck stood up suddenly you wished you would have left your hair down.

After arriving at the venue you were surprised to see so many beautifully well dressed women standing around. Each one was on the arm of some very important looking men and even some women. “Come” mark said dragging you towards a stout man with a thick accent you couldn’t quite make out. The two women on his arm shooting daggers your way. “Mark baby who is the doll?” the tall girl said in a mocking tone referring to you. She was beautiful tall and curvy but thin at the same time, she had skin like porcelain, but a look that could shatter glass. For some reason a pang of jealousy shot through you. You could tell that she if not both of these women had been on mark’s arm before. “nara sweetheart, this is y/n” mark sweetly smiled at her.  “Mhmm Tuan you might want to keep I tight hold on her too”, the brute man spoke up. Mark’s arm tightened around your waist. Yep both of those women had once been his. The night continued and you watched as Mark mingled flowing from people to people introducing you to a few many of which knew your father and family as well. After finding yourself bored of the small talk you walked away to get a drink making light conversation with a man you’d seen before at one of your father’s meetings. You felt arms wrap around your waist and mark’s now familiar scent fill your nose “I turn for two seconds and you find the company of another man, that doesn’t make me look good”, his tone was hard to read but you could tell he wasn’t pleased with you. He turned you around removing the drink from your hand “come we have to go”. You grabbed his hand following him to a black vehicle that had 4 other men in black suits and two women standing beside them. You followed mark as he led you to them. One guy opened the door allowing you to enter the vehicle you had to climb up and then bend in an awkward way trying to ensure nothing was showing. Mark grabbed your thigh from behind trying to help you but his had slightly brushed one of your folds causing you to gasp. Your head whipped around to meet his gaze registering the shock on both of your faces you realized he didn’t mean to touch you that way he was just trying to help. He pulled you on his lap making room for the remaining people to enter the car. As the car pulled off you couldn’t quite stop the warm feeling from leaving your body since mark had grazed your skin. As the men kept talking Mark listened intently seemingly focused as he continued to soothingly run his hand up and down your inner thighs. You knew he could sense your uncomfortable state as you fidgeted in his lap. He gave your thigh a gentle squeeze before lowering his hand down your inner thigh and rubbing circles with his thumb. His knuckles ever so slightly feathered your core. Your breathing picked up unable to control it you dipped your head into the crook of mark’s neck. He turned you slightly allowing for a more comfortable position before slipping his fingers inside you without so much of a warning. You couldn’t help the involuntary moan that slipped from your lips it was low enough that only he could hear. You didn’t have to see his face to know he was smirking. The entire feeling was foreign to you and all becoming a bit too unbearable. He began to pump his fingers faster in and out of you as he did so spreading your legs. A shiver ran through your body betraying your earlier hatred for him. Right now the only thing you could think was how much of him you wanted. Another moan escaped your lips this time much louder catching the attention of the men and women beside you “Shh” mark purred kissing your temple “ I know your tired, we won’t be much longer”. You nodded your head yes and Mark began talking to the man that had halted the conversation picking up where he had left off as if he had been speaking the whole time all the while his fingers sped their relentless pace in you. You felt warmth take over your entire body as another shudder ran through you. You couldn’t control what was happening to your body no matter how you tried to fight it. The only thing that kept you from coming undone were the sets of eyes you could feel watching you. “So” mark said withdrawing his fingers “Amelia will draw up a contract Mr. Jungsoo and we will officially be in business”. The man cleared his throat deepening his voice “ugH huh yes sure Tuan that is quite alright”, you could hear him shuffling his clothes but you were too exhausted to open your eyes as your body ached as your impending high was snatched from you. You felt the vehicle come to a stop, mark caressed you’re back helping you up “come let’s get you home you are exhausted”. He slid out from the car with you still on his lap, you tried to firmly plant your feet on the ground but they buckled beneath you causing you to grab onto his shoulders. Mark smirked at you leaning down to kiss your forehead “You did better than I could have hoped for”. You couldn’t believe it. That was his plan, he did the whole thing on purpose. Everything was clear now knowing what he meant. You were the distraction providing the diversion that mark needed for his outrageous proposal to Mr. Jungsoo to be accepted. He used you, and used you well. The stranger who you hated now knew exactly how to use you to his benefit and there was nothing you could do. Mark Tuan now had control of you in more than one way. 

Takarazuka ~World of Dreams~ in Seattle

I waited until I got all the way home to Boston to post this because I have so many things I want to get out and it would be impossible to do on my phone, so here I am, waiting for some late night Chinese food to arrive, and I’m going to just sort of wordvomit everything from this past weekend before I put it off too long that it’s just too stale to do anymore or I’ll forget these 5000 thoughts going through my head.  It took me until Friday to finish it, so I wrote it in a couple different chunks and it’s a bit rambling, so….apologies for the length (ahaaahahaa…) and also if I repeat myself…I tried to add pictures in to make it more interesting, ahaha.

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This morning during the news I saw a commercial that was Elmer's glue letting people know they had multiple recipes for slime on their website and all I could think of was terrible glue famine you've been going through.

Oh gods, it’s just getting worse. I mean now we have a plentiful stock of glue so that’s not a big deal. But people are discovering all different kinds of things to put into it and now we’re running out of those, too-

Glitter, sequins, styro beads…. like this stuff just flies off the shelves. And one of the newest trends is a slime made with Model Magic and that shit is expensive some folks are literally stealing it. Like we’re the only store in the area that hasn’t been hit with this problem and I’m just waiting for the day that I come in and find all the model magic in the lockup because some people got sticky fingers and no scruples. 

Bob's Burgers Characters as Aesthetics and Whatnot pt 2

Jimmy Pesto: Exposed brick, dark clubs, trashbags, a bucket full of tears.

Trev: Fluffy blankets, bratboys saying ‘aaayyyyyyyyyy,’ a Slytherin scarf, the perfect terrarium.

Jimmy Jr: Soulful rnb, Les Mis, fog machines, the overuse of sequins.

Andy and Ollie: Too-big sweaters, Nintendo, home made cookies, seashells.

While Rarity and Fluttershy talked, Twlight was busy arranging her note cards she had written for a speech before the Breezies came.

Rarity: Ugh, I knew this would be too much purple! Twilight didn’t want to admit it though.

Twilight froze for a moment and looked over to Rarity.

Twilight: I didn’t say anything like that! I didn’t say anything at all!

Fluttershy: No, no! It’s just the right amount of purple. It’s just maybe…you might have just too many sequins on there.

Rarity laughed at Fluttershy’s remark, relieved that the color was fine.

Rarity: Darling, you can never have too many sequins.

Fluttershy: You can if they reflect the sun! What if those poor things get blinded and can’t see to get back home! They’ll run each other off course and none of them will make it back to see their families!

Rarity: My goodness! That is a situation when you can have too many sequins! A rare instance, but a serious one none the less! This won’t do at all!

Rarity used to magic to remove the purple cloak, but under that one was an even brighter one that was whiter than snow.

Rarity: I don’t suppose this one will do either, will it?



It took me AGEEES to think of what to wear but I’m so glad I settled for this idea!! And yes those are cat tights, I love them!! Can’t wait to see you I’m soooooooooo excited!! Look out for me :D

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Pray You Catch Me (Pt. 2/2)

Summary: This is the next story in my series of Beyoncé-inspired one-shots! It’s based of the first track from LEMONADE, “Pray You Catch Me” (my fave!!), with some references to “Resentment”. Don’t wanna spoil too much but it’s sad/jealous Bucky.

Other fics in this series: All Night

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1.9K+

Warnings: sadness, angst, minor swearing (im sorry its SO melodramatic)

Part One | Part Two

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And then, he saw that red dress again.

She said her father needed help cleaning out her attic, or something. And she took her luggage with her for the weekend again. So he trailed her.

He wished it wasn’t so, but Hydra’s training came in handy at this point. All those years of cold trails and evolving into a legend, he was an efficient worker, a secret in the night that left chaos in his wake for the morning. The mental programming may have been gone, but the muscle memory remained, and his instincts as accurate as before.

A wolf in the crowd, dark hair, dark clothes and darkened eyes, he walked towards the diner across her hotel. It was a notification on her phone that gave her away some days before – a confirmation for a room booking at a hotel in the city. All he really needed to do was wait for her to pack up and leave, again. So there he was, waiting for her at her destination.

His burger was cold, milkshake warmed, thin and runny. He didn’t touch his food, didn’t even look at it. His eyes were peeled at the revolving doors across the road. 

Two hours later, a limousine pulled up and a lady red strutted through those glass doors.

She was dressed to the nines. A blonde man with an over-moussed comb-over got out to greet her, leaving wet kisses on her perfectly powdered cheeks. She giggled as the man’s arms snaked around her waist for an intimate hug, palms lying low at her hip. The blonde’s slimy grip on her body was aided by his short stature, exaggerated by the six-inch heels buckled to her feet.

“I see you’re wearing that dress again. Don’t you gals hate repeating outfits?” he teased.
“Sure, but how else were you gonna recognise me if I wasn’t in this?” she purred.
“Baby, I’d know your legs from a mile away if you were walking towards me.”

He looked pathetic in comparison to her glamorous ensemble, wearing a black polo tee and blue jeans. She took his hand anyway and got in, whisked away in the fancy limousine, tinted windows shielding them from Bucky’s prying blue eyes.

He threw a fifty on the table before bursting out to hail a cab.

“Follow that limousine.”

It stopped at the corner of a nightclub in a swanky part of town, queues snaked around the block full of wannabes desperate to party with the rich and famous. But with the burly bouncers up front with a clipboard in hand. They wouldn’t let him touch the door, not without his name on the list, not without the money and name to buy himself onto the list.

He wasn’t far behind them. If he had quickened his pace, he would have been able to reach for her hand, to pull her back to him. Cowardice and resolution stopped him from taking action. He lingered long enough to see her slip into the dimly-lit entrance of the club as the bouncers nodded at the man guiding her in.

With his stature and strength, he could have knocked the bouncers out and barged his way in. With his metal arm, he wanted so badly to knock that sleazeball out, for good. His greasy hair and greasier outfit, what kind of self-respecting man would take a beautiful girl out wearing that? What kind of man would disrespect his date like that? Bucky knew how to clean up when the occasion called for it, even if he couldn’t afford expensive hotel stays or long black limousines.

And to think of it, he was probably half her age. The chap showed no signs of stubble on his face, while acne had certainly found its way to parts of his cheek and chin.

He ain’t even half of me.

He considered breaking into her hotel room to wait for her to return, but he knew he would have broken the man’s nose, jaw, ribs and dick if he saw them stumbling in past 3am and his slimy fingers pulled down the zipper of her dress (if he could reach it).

What are you doing my love?

Hovering his thumb over the “call” button, he stared at the photo of the two of them placed beside her number. It was their first New Year’s together but the photo wasn’t of the usual midnight kiss. Steve had taken a candid of them looking at each other, hanging out at Tony’s party. That night, fuelled by Tony’s Crystal, made it easier for him to let his guard down in front of the team. There were private conversations, lips to an ear. There was a hand on a knee, a palm on a waist, hands that couldn’t be kept to himself. He wasn’t fond of public displays of affection, but he betrayed those ideals and made public his very private desire for her. That night, she looked so damn good in ever little black sequinned dress. He was too proud to call her his, so he didn’t mind all the stares and hoots they got from everyone.

Nothing else ever seems to hurt
Like the smile on your face
When it’s only in memory

He decided against calling her. He decided against leaving a message for her. He decided against waiting in the hotel lobby until she returned until she checked out of the place. Flagging down an old yellow cab, he made his way home. He was going to wait for her, again. Those hours on the road gave him more than enough time to craft all he needed to say and do when she came back.

“I saw you last night. With that man.”

It was the first thing she heard when she unlocked the door to their bedroom. Her ragged appearance was a far cry from the glamour puss she was the day before. Matching that was the bags under his eyes. His sullen face was the first thing her eyes traced over as she stepped into the once-familiar, once-comforting space she called home. He sat at the edge of their bed, back hunched, eyes expressionlessly pointed towards a picture of them together, stuck on the mirror of her dresser.

Her brain skipped past several trains of thought. She didn’t need to ask where, how, or why he was saying this. She should have known better, he would have found out eventually. Occupational hazard. A spy always knows.

“It’s not what you think, let me expla-“

“Who is he? What the hell, he’s half my size, probably half your age. Is it the money? Are you going to leave me for him, or were you playing us both? If you weren’t happy with me why didn’t you say anything? I know you lied about your parents. Have you even told them about me? You must be embarrassed of me, huh?” He paused for a breather. “I just want to know – why?”

His voice was raised, cracking as he asked his last question. The floodgates had opened. Hiding his suspicions for so long, wrestling with his insecurities. He poured out his pain with his sharp choice of words.

Still, she knew she did nothing wrong. It was an occupational hazard. That was all.

“I love you so so so much, Bucky. I’m sorry I lied, I had to. But I didn’t mean for you to be hurt this way.”

“You had to? You had to lie to me? So you had to cheat too?”

She was close to tears. “Please, just let me finish.” She cautiously sat beside him on the bed. He didn’t flinch at her touch as she took his hands in hers.

“He’s nothing. He was my mission. I couldn’t tell you before because no one else knows about this. I’m on assignment from Director Coulson.”


“That’s exactly it, the team doesn’t know Coulson’s alive yet. And that guy was a high-ranking employee of this tech startup that was manufacturing malware and was intending to auction it off to terrorists around the world. I had to get intel on the sale. SHIELD needed me. Please understand.”

His face softened as he sighed through his nostrils. As much as he was relieved, her words didn’t lift the pain that still hung heavily on his chest.

“You had to lie,” he repeatedly after her.

“Yes, and I’m sorry. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but it comes with the job, you know?” She waited for him to respond.

“Is the mission over?”

“Yes. Last night was the end of it. I got the intel, his encryption key, copied his access card.. the usual. It’s done. I’m not going anywhere. Will you look at me, please?”

As his eyes met hers, she broke at the sadness that still lingered in his eyes. She fought through her own tears as she spoke.

“I would never do that to you, okay? I will never-” She took a deep breath before she continued, “cheat on you. I really do love you. I’m so so sorry, Buck. It was just part of the mission.”

She didn’t deserve to cry. She waited for him to shout back and argue. She waited for the but-still’s and you-should-have’s.

“Did you.. with him?”


“And that dress?”

“He bought it for me. “A gift” he said.”

“And the hotel?”

“SHIELD’s tab. It was my cover. The jet-setting socialite. He didn’t get anywhere near my room, I swear.”

“I wanted to stab his eyes out when he ogled at you in that dress. I was so close to breaking his nubby fingers when he touched you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“What did you do with those plums? I really wanted your parents to have them.”

“I gave them to my taxi driver. I’m sorry, Buck. I really do wanna introduce you to them. I am not and have never been embarrassed about you. How’s this Christmas sound? My dad’s really excited to meet a Howling Commando.”

She prayed that those words would convince him that he had no competition at all. She had planned to spend the rest of week with him and only him, erasing that sleazeball’s fingerprints with Bucky’s tender touch, recuperating from the charade she had to put up for the past few months. No one likes keeping secrets from the people they love.

Her heart raced when he stood up. More tears fell from her eyes as she held her breath, expecting the worst. But he didn’t get up to leave. 

 After fetching some tissues from the bathroom, he began dabbing away the tears from her eyes, ever so gently with his metal fingers. 

“I’m sorry. I should have just asked instead of following you like that. I could have compromised your mission. If he’d spotted me, you could have gotten hurt. I should have tru—I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, I’m sorry my insecurities got the better of me. I’m sorry.”

It took her a while to register what he was saying. Relief overcame her as she pulled him into a hug, “please don’t apologise. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

They lingered in that position for a while, soaking all they had missed of each other, recollecting every arch and dune of their bodies, familiar puzzle pieces finding their way back to each other.

“Do you still have that dress?”


“You shouldn’t stuff it in your bag like that, it probably costs more than all the stuff we have here.”

“I know. But it’s his money.”

“You looked really good in it by the way.”
It felt good to hear the playfulness return in his voice.

“I’ll put it on for you anytime you like, soldier.”

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