sequin sweaters


autistic mystery twins things:

  • mabel cant wear ponytails. she is trans and wants to appear more fem but the sensory Bad Feel is too much. dipper buys her a bunch of hairbands. 
  • mabel always has tangle toys wherever she goes 
  • dip wears a spinner ring which is less conspicuous
  • dip is kind of ashamed of hs disability and so doesnt really talk abt it. one time he has a meltdown in front of wendy and soos and mabel is the only one who knows what to do. when wendy n soos ask about what happened mabel tells them ‘if he wants you to know he’ll tell you’
  • mabel stims on the rhinestones/sequins/embroidery on her sweaters
  • dipper stims vocally alll the time
  • dips special interest is paranormal/conspiracies 
  • mabel has rlly bad impulse control
  • dip Very needs his routines

This is one of those totally adorable old wool cardigan sweaters with sequins.   It’s lined with a satin fabric so the wool doesn’t itch or cling to your clothing underneath.  Probably from the 50s or 60s.