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Someone requested a picture with glasses.  I don’t wear them for my eyes, just for fashion.  This pair is as close as I have to those coveted ‘cat eye glasses’ from the 1950s.   Oh, to wear a pair of those with a beaded & sequin sweater, big flowing skirt, and an stylish updo.   Plus all the fun lingerie, shoes, makeup, and accessories to match.  

Sweater Swap

((i wrote dumb sabriel crack based on the sweater swap scene in parks and rec))

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“They’re not gonna notice. I’m telling you, they’re not gonna notice!”

Sam raised an eyebrow, glancing down at the pink sequined cardigan stretched tight over his abs. “Sure. Definitely. Cause you and I are exactly the same size. And have pretty much the same sense of style.”

Gabriel made yet another attempt at rolling up the sleeves of Sam’s giant Stanford sweater. They kept falling down over his hands, and that made it impossible to do finger guns. Gabriel couldn’t live without his finger guns.

“Listen, I didn’t say it wasn’t obvious, I’m just saying that our brothers are unobservant idiots,” he pointed out.

“Can’t argue with that. Hey, there they are!”

Sam pointed across the café to a small table where Dean and Cas sat. Judging by the empty plates, it looked as though they had already eaten their way through at least one cake each while waiting for Sam and Gabriel to get there. Rude.

Gabriel tossed his hair and sat down opposite Dean, trying to hold in his giggles and act like nothing was going on.

Dean’s face was worth it.

He looked up and grinned, taking a moment to realize that anything was out of the ordinary. Then he froze, his eyes flickering between Sam and Gabriel, just the corners of his mouth dropping so that his face became the human equivalent of the D: emoticon.

“What the hell is this?”

Gabriel fell about laughing, his head falling against Sam’s sequined shoulder. “It’s sweater swap!”

“I told you they’d notice,” Sam grinned, flexing his muscles in the cardigan. It may have been about six sizes too small, but he was getting used to it. It was kind of an aesthetic.

Dean looked completely horrified, like he was regretting ever introducing Sam and Gabriel to each other.

“Cas. Cas, they’re more of a couple than we are and they’re not even together.”

Cas laughed and took his boyfriend’s hand under the table. “Give it time, Dean.”


(Shoutout to @handleonthescandal for conceptualizing fem!dippin’, an AU where the Pines triplets consist of Fem!Dip, Mabel, and Tyrone. When I recently had the good fortune to spend some time with @dddippinsauce and @equilateral-asshat outside of cyberspace, it was hard to keep the dynamic far from our minds. This fic is dedicated to the two of them ‘cause they’re the bestest chicken nuggets around).

It’s been nearly ten years since the Pines triplets were all together in Gravity Falls for any length of time. They are finally all together, for only a weekend, and Mabel finds herself tempted to pick up right where they left off. Angst, fluff, smut. TW incest. Fem!Dippin Pinecest. NSFW. 11,200 words (ooh what a nice round number!)

Fic below cut, enjoy!

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highgardens  asked:

You mentioned the lyric video in a previous post, so can we talk about how, honestly, every look, every inch of the aesthetic in the TSwift music video that dropped yesterday just /screams/ Esme? Like, if Esme Gigi Geniveve Squalor herself were ever to make a music video as some sort of vanity project, I imagine it would look something like that. (Big fan of your blog, by the way!)

Oh my goodness, yes, let’s talk about that, because the whole thing looks like an absurd compendium of in things. Tell me this doesn’t read like a list stuck to one of the fridges in one of the kitchens of the Squalor penthouse:

- Bathtubs full of jewelry
- Thrones (gold, engraved with Shakespeare quotes)
- Snakes as butlers
- Sports cars (gold, rigged with explosives)
- Complicated relationships with the concept of responsibility/autonomy
- Leopards as driving companions
- Leopards as coats
- Sequined dresses
- Monochromatic orange clothing
- Cages (gold, enormous)
- Cat masks (white, terrifying)
- Sequined cat sweaters
- Baseball bats (gold, not NBA-regulation)
- Stiletto boots for all genders
- Crop tops for all genders
- Riding crops
- Capes
- Spikes (silver)
- All-female biker gangs
- Explosions
- Standing on a pile of your own former personas, thereby retroactively renouncing out things while also demonstrating that you have not only discovered how to clone yourself, but how to commit heavy-handed acts of self-satire
- Aircraft vandalism

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anonymous asked:

can you suggest plus size nymphet tops? i looked through the tag, but a lot of them are discontinued or out of stock now

I do need to update my plus size section but here are some tops for now…

Dolly Halter Top in Red

Hankie Hem Tee by Taillissime


Inspire Red Elasticated Bandeau Top

Inspire Black Floral Print Gypsy Top

Pink Fine Knit Top With Silver Sequin Butterfly Design

Black And Cream Polka Dot Print Jersey Longline Top






Sweet Heart Crop Top


Good Girl

Naughty List 

Sequin Trapeze Tank Top

Bow Peplum Top

Ruffle Crop Top

Surplice Front Crop Top

Sequined Cold Shoulder Sweater

Dear Santa Cold Shoulder Top

Sequined Marilyn Sweater

Plaid Peplum Top

Striped Tee

Adorable top





Rose Ready Ruffle top or in white

Pink Trendy Top

Embroidered Smocked Babydoll Cami

Plus Size Eye Magnet Black Crop Top

Ruffled Top

Knit Barbie Tee

MLP Tee Heather Grey

Office to the Races Top in Plus Size

Seemingly Sew Top in Red

glam top

Mandarin Collar Ruffle Top

Dolls Graphic Tee

Kiss Print Sweater

Hello Kitty Raglan Tee

Hello Kitty V-Neck Tee

Hello Kitty White Red Graphic T-Shirt 

Crisscross Back Shirred Babydoll Top

Disney Minnie Mouse Collection Halter Peplum 

Heart Print V-Neck Top

Cable Knit Tunic

Polka Dot Blues Peplum Top

Daisy Duke Corset

Lace Sweetheart Top

Polka Dotted Babydoll Cami

Sequin Cami

Beyond White Top

Strappy Ruffle Top

Ivory Paradise Peasant top

Disney Winnie the Pooh Sweeter Than Honey

T-shirt, print Perfect, with long sleeves, Henley neck

White Lace Peasant Top

Fight Like a Girl “Fetsu Design Custom Tailor

Dreamy Sweet Sailor Top

Pastel Cute Baby Pink Sailor 

Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Pink Bow Cotton T-shirt 

Plus Size Chibi Moon Jumper

White Dots Chiffon Blouse 

Candy Color Micky Mouse T-Shirt

Zooey Top in White & in Pink

Peasant Top in White


CURVE Sweetheart Crop Top In Scuba

Lace T-Shirt In Floral Print

T-Shirt With Rainbow Cloud Print

Tunic With My Little Pony Print

Inspire Bardot Top

Off Shoulder Gypsy Long Tops

Arcadian Dreams Top

Lattice-Patterned Velveteen Top

Sheer Floral Crochet Top

Lace Chiffon Paneled Top

Cutout-Back Crop Top

:) <3

autistic mystery twins things:

  • mabel cant wear ponytails. she is trans and wants to appear more fem but the sensory Bad Feel is too much. dipper buys her a bunch of hairbands. 
  • mabel always has tangle toys wherever she goes 
  • dip wears a spinner ring which is less conspicuous
  • dip is kind of ashamed of hs disability and so doesnt really talk abt it. one time he has a meltdown in front of wendy and soos and mabel is the only one who knows what to do. when wendy n soos ask about what happened mabel tells them ‘if he wants you to know he’ll tell you’
  • mabel stims on the rhinestones/sequins/embroidery on her sweaters
  • dipper stims vocally alll the time
  • dips special interest is paranormal/conspiracies 
  • mabel has rlly bad impulse control
  • dip Very needs his routines