sequin soup

Busy day today stretching my first batch of completed embroideries for my solo show in August. These started as machine embroideries, but now comprise of machine and hand stitch in almost equal measures. I have filled in the background of the work with areas of seeding in silk embroidery thread. I have goldworke areas and have also sewn lots of crystals into the work making it twinkle in the light. 

My next set of work will be machined out onto different fabric and will feature more shaded work. 


I’ve had about 50 new embroidery ideas since starting this residency, but I’ve been over thinking EVERYTHING and have felt so frazzled that I haven’t committed properly to a single one.

The transition from being a student to a resident has been harder than I thought, and I have to admit I’ve felt a bit lost and demotivated by not having scheduled tutorials and lectures throughout the weeks. The time that I would have spent discussing ideas with tutors is now the time I spend mentoring younger students, and giving one-to-one demonstrations on how to work the machinery in the workshop. I’ve also been giving presentations about my time as a student, and have been called back to Game of Thrones now and then to give a hand. As well as this, I’ve been setting time aside every week to learn how to drive - a MEGA necessity for me now as I’ve had to move back to my parents house in the irish countryside. In between times I’ve been working on my bottle tops and commissions for a lovely shop called Blackbird Vintage. It has been great completing bulk orders as it helps keep the money topped up, but it has been another distraction from me pushing myself and my own artistic practise. After a beautiful few days in Barcelona, and some time with my own thoughts I’ve been inspired, and know I just have to go with my gut feeling and start making.

Time for a mega change of attitude and to make the most of this wonderful opportunity that I have been granted. New project is go, and preliminary drawings start NOW.

(NB: I don’t normally go this personal online, but I think a lot of the time us creatives use our online presence in a seriously backward manner - wanting to constantly project a super shiny version of ourselves to the public. When in reality we might be really struggling to stay positive and as a result can’t find the energy required to make great new work. If any of my followers are struggling keep motivated, I just wanted to say you are not the only ones.)