sequin clothes


ironbar36  asked:

Could you do Arabian AU chrom and Lucina if you know fire emblem...

Yaasss, I know Fire Emblem~ Ever since Ike’s games. Played everything except for the ones in Jugdral. I’m in the middle of that. :’)

I wasn’t sure if there was a particular Arabian AU you wanted and I didn’t see anything in the search engine, so I drew my own designs…TwT;

This was pretty fun to do. I figured that even though Chrom is royalty, he’s always outside with the Shepherds, which is why he has a sort of tan. Same with Lucina. She’s starting one.

I tried to give her something that Marth could also wear, since they wear the same outfit in Awakening. Marth with dem sleeves plz

Still taking requests!