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Magnus Bane is an amazingly complex character. He has been alive for centuries, and what we see of him, his present behaviour, his vulnerability, his love that is all a combination of his past experiences. He has gone through so much, heartbreak, pain of losing his friends, family, lovers. He has had to deal with the guilt, live with the feeling that his mother committed suicide because of him. And yet, he is such an amazing and genuinely caring character. He opens up to others about his own experiences, just so that they don’t have to go through the same thing. He didn’t owe Jace anything yet he gave him a place to stay, put up with his endless one night stands because he is good and kind and caring . He becomes a mentor not only to Simon but also to Raphael, helps them realise their potential, make it work in the downworld. He is oh so wonderful to Maia, tipping her and even giving her an extra gig for Max’s party. Trying to get Izzy to open up about her addiction, helping Clary when Jocelyn died, and working hard so everything is perfect for Max. Magnus Bane is such an amazing, precious and beautiful character.
And yet all the fandom can see is a man who loves glitter and wears sequined clothing and is fabulous. Or they reduce him to one half of their favorite ship.

Give 👏 Magnus 👏 Bane 👏 the 👏 respect 👏 he 👏 deserves 👏

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This blog is so dumb. What's the point. It's not funny.

Are you insinuating that soul-sucking monster that is theater is something to joke about?? As if it’s comical??? You are correct to say that what I talk about isn’t funny. It is not funny. There is nothing funny about how those people corrupt our society with their sequined clothing and their tapping shoes.




My name is Bella, online I’m otherwise known as Bellholzo. I’m 22 years old from the seaside city of Brighton in the UK. I’m a marketing & social media manager for a distribution company and in my spare time I’m a fashion blogger, charity shop addict, artist, photographer and I love creating my own clothes! 

My love for creating my own clothes and changing up existing pieces began when I was involved in the cosplay community, I love working with fabric, though granted I have a long way to go in terms of perfecting my abilities, I love putting my creative ideas into pieces and creating something eye-catching.

I love anything covered in sequins, gems, glitter or tie-dye. If I could wear rainbow coloured clothing 24/7 I would! I mainly enjoy finding hidden gems in second hand shops, bootsales, vintage stores and recycling centres, one of my favourites is Shabitat in Brighton, a huge recycling warehouse with so many amazing hidden goodies. I’ll be making a post in a few days regarding my clothing finds there! I decided I really wanted to start documenting my finds from second hand shops, not only because I would love to encourage people to actually use shops that help important charities but also to help the environment by encouraging people to not buy brand new but giving awesome clothes and accessories a second home. I’ve been aware for many years that there’s a stigma around wearing ‘used clothes’, and personally i’ve never been put off by the concept at all, but I would love to show the world what you can find in these shops but also that it’s not a negative thing to purchase and wear second hand clothes!

Asides from clothes, I’m obsessed with home decor and decorating, I’ll be including many posts from my finds at bootsales and stores of the things I find for my home, on a budget! I love making my cosy apartment beautiful and I hope you guys will enjoy seeing what I do with it over time as I’ve only been here for a year. 

Expect to see lots of photos of my cats as well, it’s just inevitable.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Peace & love!