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“I’m wearing a 70s sequin top with 90s raver-like jeans with a subtle knee rip. My style is definitely about contrasts. Whether it be in colors, textures, time periods or even feminine to masculine. These contrasts help to create my daily changing narrative. Plus, it can’t be beaten when paired with my dope fanny pack!”

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Magnus Bane is an amazingly complex character. He has been alive for centuries, and what we see of him, his present behaviour, his vulnerability, his love that is all a combination of his past experiences. He has gone through so much, heartbreak, pain of losing his friends, family, lovers. He has had to deal with the guilt, live with the feeling that his mother committed suicide because of him. And yet, he is such an amazing and genuinely caring character. He opens up to others about his own experiences, just so that they don’t have to go through the same thing. He didn’t owe Jace anything yet he gave him a place to stay, put up with his endless one night stands because he is good and kind and caring . He becomes a mentor not only to Simon but also to Raphael, helps them realise their potential, make it work in the downworld. He is oh so wonderful to Maia, tipping her and even giving her an extra gig for Max’s party. Trying to get Izzy to open up about her addiction, helping Clary when Jocelyn died, and working hard so everything is perfect for Max. Magnus Bane is such an amazing, precious and beautiful character.
And yet all the fandom can see is a man who loves glitter and wears sequined clothing and is fabulous. Or they reduce him to one half of their favorite ship.

Give 👏 Magnus 👏 Bane 👏 the 👏 respect 👏 he 👏 deserves 👏

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At my high school we had a kid who would steal all the gaudy and sequiny clothes from the drama department's costume cupboard. He'd steal them a shirt or a hat at a time and then take them home to wear normally and I feel like that's a thing Taako would do

Do you know… how perfect this is…

My headcanon for the twins’ high school career is that they continued to travel with caravans and just went to class at whatever school was closest, then tested out of the classes. So, adding to that, they also raid the drama department of every school they go to. 

That’s their entire wardrobe for a while, because it’s completely free and entirely too easy to get away with. Some of it has to be customized of course, but for a while Taako and Lup both look like a theater class threw up on them - glitter and sequins and clothing from certain time periods and outfits that were clearly costumes once. Taako discovers that he really likes ridiculous hats. Lup likes whatever fake leather and spikes she can find. 

They should look ridiculous, they should look laughable, but they make it work - they own the look, and they’ve both gotten good at making the best of things with what they’ve got. With that much raw material, Taako and Lup are able to make a really impressive set of customized clothing. Those clothes are brighter and shinier and nicer than anything they’ve ever had before, and they love every single piece.

Even when they have enough money to buy clothes, they like the bright colors and exaggerated looks that were part of their first experience really getting to express themselves with clothing. They still customize everything they own to their exacting specifications.


Rewrite the Stars chapter 2: Introductions

Chapter 1 – Chapter 3


*authors note* I am aware that in canon Adrien speaks Mandarin, but to be historically accurate, I changed it to Cantonese since Mandarin didn’t become a widely spoken dialect until the 20th century. And I’m making Marinette come from southern China, where Cantonese was spoken anyway.

Enjoy the chapter!

“I have a very important announcement to make.” Gabriel’s voice traveled throughout the whole tent to the listening ears of his troupe encircling him. Adrien stood at the back of the crowd, leaning with his arms folded against a post.  “We are no longer going to stay in Paris.”

A nervous murmur rippled through the crowd.

“We are not going to be closing down,” his father said over the buzz. “On the contrary, this year we are going on a grand Tour of France. It’s high time the rest of this country sees what we are truly capable of.”

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This blog is so dumb. What's the point. It's not funny.

Are you insinuating that soul-sucking monster that is theater is something to joke about?? As if it’s comical??? You are correct to say that what I talk about isn’t funny. It is not funny. There is nothing funny about how those people corrupt our society with their sequined clothing and their tapping shoes.