Plassein by Joji Koyama / Available at / 552 pages. A collection of short stories, told through a series of sequential drawings that intertwine to create unsettling, dissonant dreamscapes. The stories of Plassein observe the forms and textures of the built world, tracing their strange, melancholic entanglements. Set out like a storyboard for a speculative film, with a single frame per page, the images accumulate into fleeting scenes and shifting narratives at once familiar and otherworldly. Joji Koyama is a filmmaker, animator and graphic artist. Designed by Dan Solbach and Katerina Trakakis #JojiKoyama #Plassein #graphicdesign #typography #sequential #artbook #storyboard #speculativefilm #narratives

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Sequential Heart - Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie / Creators of The Wicked + The Divine, Phonogram
The Wicked + The Divine has remained one of the most intriguing, trail-blazing comics to engage new audiences in the last decade, unfolding one hell of an ambitious story of belief. A cutting analysis of pop culture and devotion, the title follows a reckless group of kids imbued with the divinity of various multi-cultural deities. Instead of cultivating lasting change with their followers, the new gods fight, fornicate and perform grand musical ceremonies. In other words, you can put the almighty in a

Delightful Podcast with full transcript. Example quote..

McKelvie: You go to the gym now, at Cons in the hotel. It’s terrible.

Gillen: I haven’t done it this week. The gym’s a bit crap.

McKelvie: See, he knows if a gym is crap or not.

Gillen: The free weights are put in a corner, and you’ve got, smaller than the room we’re in now, two meters square. Even if one person was trying to work out in the area, you’re just going to be doing bicep curls in each others’ faces. It just becomes sex, very rapidly escalating into sex.



There might be more to this eventually but I haven’t quite mastered the delicate art of thumbnailing, a subset of another skill I’m terminally short on: Planning Ahead™

THEREFORE if you used the panels to plot a line graph showing the relationship between the Art Quality and My Desire To Be Doing Literally Anything Else® over time you’d wind up with a really neat X.

Red Sonja sample page 2. Some of the dialogue because I think it’s great:

Orphan Girl: Then why… Then why do you dress like that? I don’t see the point of wearing armor if there is so little of it.
Sonja: I… I hasn’t really thought of it before. I always said it was a good distraction. Men would watch my body closer than my blade…
Perhaps I am seeking that attention again. Maybe because I have sworn to not lay with a man who could not best my sword… Or…
Or maybe I am calling to those who would force themselves on a woman… Like a siren calling sailors to their deaths… Calling such men to my blade so that I may slay them again and again.
I am tired. We move at dawn, girl, get some sleep.

Who’s Next #NoMercyPercy by @basiliskart

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I haven’t done something this ambitious, just about ever. While I need to work on my manual lettering. and my supplies (inconsistent blacks), i’m very happy with it. Plan to get this proper scanned and touched up in the photoshops.

The Women of the Web get an assist from Captain Marvel!

Almost done. Next post should be the finished page!

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I wanted to wait until I’d had a few done, but I feel I can share these now.  I mentioned a little while back that I was contacted by en editor at a company I really wanted to work for with a test script, well it was a DC!
I’ve been working on some Injustice: Gods Among Us sample pages from issue #17. Written by Tom Taylor and originally drawn by David Yardin.  (Which was intimidating let me tell you, they are two amazing Australian creators who have both been an inspiration to me over the years and two really top guys.)
I learned a lot working on these pages and I received some invaluable feedback. I am really very lucky to people willing to offer their time to help me improve.
The general consensus is that I’m ‘nearly there,’ but not there yet - professionally.  I can see that, my panel layouts and composition are holding me back and it’s the thing I have trouble with the most. However, I am excited for what is happening next!
Can’t say much yet; past I’m about to buckle down even harder and push through everything that is currently problematic about my sequential work. Hopefully I will emerge the other side with a comic gig, and the knowledge that I have not wasted the time of those people passionate enough to help me get there.