(Post ep. 42: Numbers)

He listens to every show. Sometimes, Carlos knows Cecil is going to come home drained, especially after a particularly… difficult broadcast, or a bad day dealing with management. He knows Cecil might just want someone to make him feel better about… everything that happened, really.

He’d take that last one, honestly. He’d take that honest last one.


The Aminoacid Boy graphic novel crowdfunding campaign has started:

You can now preorder a copy of the book and help me spread the word!

Beside the Book you also have a good choice of perks:

- Set of 5 Aminoacid Pinback Buttons 25mm (1 inch)

- Temporary Tattoos with illustrations of Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order characters. You will receive a A5 sheet with 16 tattoos

- Original Artworks in various sizes. You will be able to choose among 74 drawings of various sizes

- Digital Copy of the Book

- And yes of course the Physical Copy of the Book

2nd day of campaign and it’s already 35% funded!

I know we can make it!!!      :-)

Just a test thing for my personal project! I’m not making another comic, but I might do small sequential things here and there…

I’ll explain this character (and the other main cast) a bit more as I go along, but in the meantime you can check out any previous personal project posts below!

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