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What's your take on analysis and powers for a Seer of Space? Thank you! I hope you have a good day!

The Seer of Space

A Seer understands their aspect and understands through their aspect

Space is the aspect of physics, creation, and the present

Nothing is better than learning to think and understand the world around you in creative ways, and no one is better at thinking creatively than a Seer of Space. Like most Space players, the method to their madness is almost exclusively kept to themselves, and they’d love exploring the natural world and seeing both the beauty and the science of it. They’re the type of person to have mnemonics for remembering obscure facts and trivia, and they’re great fun to learn from. However, like most Seer’s, this information comes at a cost: self-doubt. They’d never be able to know enough, they’re always be something they’ve forgotten or some mistake they’ve made, and it will tear them apart from the inside. Their goal over the course of their journey is to accept that they’ll never be a perfect encyclopedia and to use what they do know to help their team prosper and thrive.

When it comes to powers, a Seer of Space would have visions or sources of information similar to Rose’s cueball, the Horrorterrors, and her other resources. Maybe their interest in nature would lead to them learning about larger concepts through relatively small things, like the Fibonacci Sequence in flowers or the nuances of flight from birds. The longer they spend exploring, the more they’d be able to understand. As a fully-realized Seer of Space, they might be able to temporarily observe any visible location in their timeline, similar to the properties of Jade’s Spectagoggles. However, this is an immense drain on all but the most experienced Seers of Space would be capable of using this power for more than a few seconds.

Like all Space players, the quest for a Seer of Space would be to breed the Genesis Frog to prepare the player’s entry to their new universe. Their planet will almost absolutely be Land of ___ and Frogs, with the ___ being something relating to their personality or character. Much in the same way that Rose had the Land of Light and Rain (Light literally being her aspect) and Terezi having the Land of Thought and Flow (thought being synonymous with Mind), a Seer of Space may have a space-themed planet. Their quest, however, is certainly to make the Genesis Frog and overcome their personal challenges described in the analysis.

Strife Specibus:

Sniperkind, Shrunkenkind, ThrowingKnifekind

Finally, their outfit looks just so mysterious and fabulous!