HEY ! So finally here’s the FX exercise we worked on during 4 weeks with Camille Guillot, Sarah Naciri, James Molle, Benjamin Berrebis et Côme Roy. It was a lot of stress but still it really was a blast to do it with them !:) And yeah it’s a trailer for a feature film, but of course it’s totally fake we won’t do the feature aha:)

And you can watch the other trailers from my awesome classmates there:


Here is the FX sequence we did at school ! (with @antoine-bonnet, @julesb222, @quentinbdb, @jocelyncharlesblr, @natblues-blog and @antoinevignon)

The assignment was to create a trailer for a feature film in 4 weeks.

The other team’s trailers will be out this week on :