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Time to recommend my top five LGBT YA books!

5. “Carry on” by Rainbow Rowell - I love it because it’s so blatantly obvious that the characters are derived from Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. As a die-hard Drarry fan, I approve. (I adore Baz so much I bestowed my teddy bear his name).

Favorite line: “I’m going to die kissing Simon Snow. Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.” -Baz

4. “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli -This is so fluffy I almost punched my wall. Honestly, I got stuck near the end because of the inevitable scene. I was so absorbed into the story I could feel the characters’ emotions as if it were mine. Plus the main character is a Drarry fan. Who wouldn’t loveeee him?

Favorite line : “Why would I want to watch other people kissing when I could be kissing you? - Simon

3. “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Saenz - I fell in love with this story since chapter one. The opening line made sure I would stay till the end of the story. This is the kind of book you’d re-read every year just so you could be reminded of how awesome it felt to be in there. And there will be a sequel! Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.

Favorite line: “And it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness. Wow, a world without darkness. How beautiful was that?” –Ari

2. “I’ll Give You the Sun” by Jandy Nelson – Noah’s point of view is one of the best I’ve read. He’s funny, smart and so mind-blowingly charming I couldn’t help but swoon each time. This book is actually the first book I’ve read in the LGBT YA genre. I’ve downloaded it before illegally and man, I finished it so fast I cried in the end because I wanted more. And more. Sequel please.

Favorite line: “What happened between us has colonized every last brain cell. I can barely tie my shoelaces. I forgot how to chew this morning,” –Noah

1. “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miler – You like LGBTya books? Read this. You like Greek Mythology? Read this. You’re not into this genre? Read it still! Seriously, I’d recommend this book to every person out there. It fed my curiosity on what Achilles and his famous best friend, Patroclus were really like. And you get to see Patroclus POV of the Trojan war. How awesome is that? This book has ruined me.  This is a Harry Potter like addiction.

Favorite line: “They never let a hero be famous and happy. I’ll you a secret. I’m going to be the first. Swear it, Patroclus. Because you’re the reason. Swear it.” -Achilles                

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Hey, Ms. Librarian! I'm in need of some Inuyasha fanfiction to binge read, but I don't have time for any multi-chapter fics right now. Any chance you've got some good one-shots for me? ^.^

Hey hi hi!! Okay first off I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve been cross referencing your favorites list to make sure none of these are on you list. XD

First. I found you don’t have any of Gypsyn’s work on your favorites list. And I thought I would maybe recommend her everything. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of love I have for her writing. Her most popular fic is by far The Half Breed’s Wife which I highly recommend. My personal favorites are A Story for Shippo (the running commentary has me in tears) and Split (cause what’s better then one Kagome? Two Kagomes that’s what.) 

You don’t have enough of Mustard Yellow Sunshine in your life cause HAVE YOU READ HER STUFF? It’s da bomb. Her newest fic Just Want To Hold Your Hand will blow you away with the fluff. And she’s got You Are My Shelter and The Journey Home and To Protect as ongoing multi-chapter fics!! 

Have you read Double Take by The Commitee?? Cause I will never not recomend this fic. Multi-chapter (sadly incomplete but I still have hope that one day they’ll finish it) And as someone who I know likes Kikyo as well I think you would enjoy this as much as I do! 

I’m surprised to see that Sachi by Quillwing717 isn’t on your radar! Cause it’s amazing and very detailed. With lots of intense scenes and mystery! If you like this you’ll love her other stuff too! She writes very long chapters. 

Okay for your multi-chap needs I would suggest L.M. Avalon she’s got things on lock. Like her little Dashed Hopes series that has two sequels (Aftermath’s Destruction and  So This Is How It Happens?)has me in love. I mean there’s a part where he kisses her to distract her from the fact he’s stealing cookies! That’s my kinda fluff right there!! If you want to drown in fluff read the one-shot Never Too Late

We Were Young by bluedragon03 the writer is a sweetheart and the fic is an absolute fluff ball of fluff. So much sugary cuteness I squeal every time. (She also writes Fairy Tail stuff so that might also intrigue you!~) 

I recently read through a lot of King Baka’s stuff and I really enjoy his writing! Separation and The Way You See Me are excellent! 

A writer that I really love and wish I could see more of is Rochoa. I really REALLY want you to read Home. Oh gosh. I love Home so so so much. Warning it’s incomplete but it’s. So. Good. 

Want to know one of my favorite oneshots? His Hands by Quickening

I hope something here is new and interesting for you! 

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Do you watch the movie called finding Dory?

I haven’t yet…a little afraid that it will be overdone…that has happened a few times with Disney sequels…

Detective Pikachu was a good game! I don’t know why they haven’t released it in English. Even with my mediocre Japanese I was able to understand most of it. But it ends with a “to be continued” but it’s been 2 years and no sequel has been announced. I want to know what happens D:

Meanwhile I just learned that they’re planning a live-action Detective Pikachu movie?? But the announcement was over a year ago and nothing new was announced so maybe it’s not happening. Anyways, good game even though it’s 80% dialogue.

The Neighbor Next Door 15/15

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, BONUS: XMAS Extra #1, XMAS Extra #2

Summary: (USUK) Arthur, an Omega has recently made the move to the US for a promising new job. He finds more than he bargained for when his loud Alpha neighbor won’t stop having sex at all hours of the night. Being sexually frustrated he declares war, but does Arthur want to be the victor when giving in feels so right?

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse ; this chapter is NSFW

A/N: SO here we are then. I can’t believe I finished a story so fast. It might not seem that way, but trust me this is fast aha. Anyway I want to take the time to thank all of you guys. When I first posted this story I had no idea that so many people would enjoy it as much as you all have. I appreciate your kind words more than you know. There might be a sequel I know in great detail what happens next and it has to do with Arthur’s career and babies but I also think it’s fine on its own. Anyway I hope ya’ll enjoy and thank you!! \(U////U)/

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How is that even a question...YESYESYES. Also, apologies if this has already been addressed, but after the sequel is finished, what will happen to this blog? There are still one shots n stuff but I was just wondering.

Blog stays as is and I’ll launch the next installment

You Were Mine | Steve Rogers  CH. 1/? (”I Am Yours” Sequel)

 Prompt: After everything that has happened between you and your Captain, things take a tragic turn of events that leaves you questioning everything.

warnings: angst, A N G S T, heartbreak, feels

A/N: I originally planned to leave “I Am Yours” were I left it, my babies happy at last and waiting on the arrival of their blessing. BUT I am all about angst and needed to share this with you. A sequel! I have conversed with @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @writingcreatingstorytelling and @chrisevans-imagines  and they gave me motivation to go through with this :) This will be multi-chapter and I can’t wait to go through this journey with all of you!                             

Check out “I Am Yours” here, if you needa refresh or haven’t yet!


Here it comes again.

The whimpers you so desperately tried to keep down were escaping as you clutch the sides of the toilet. Pad thai come up as fast as it went down last night. Your chest heaving as your body relaxes for the third time after vomiting, but soon passes as another wave of nausea hits you.

Just let it all out, everything.” A soothing rub beginning on your lower back as your head dips into the toilet for what seems like the hundredth time.

“It’s okay, baby. That’s it, don’t resist it.”  Your hair that sticks to your damp neck lifts and a slight breeze flow around your heated body as the contents rush out.

“It’s all worth I promise, baby, I promise. You’re okay.”  The nausea subsides and your body finally relaxes against his.

The comforting words, the soothing back rubs… what you would give to have those. Just a simple, “You ok?” would over power the sensation of the upchuck. But those gestures no longer belong to you.

“Buck! Bucky, wake up! You’re okay, hey, hey!” That’s who it now belongs to.

Nearly a year ago, you and Steve purchased your first home together. It’s a perfect little home that didn’t scream extravagant but it’s enough to make you look forward to the future of chasing your children and scrubbing markers off the walls together.

During the attack of Washington DC, the assassin, HYDRA’s Winter Solider, turned out to be Steve’s bestfriend that he thought he lost in 1945.Five months ago, the highly anticipated missing person’s case of James Buchanan Barnes had been solved. Steve had never been so relieved in his life to have his bestfriend back. And thus, bringing you were you were today. Alone with a horrible case of morning sickness.

The screams of Bucky were all you heard in the middle of the night now, followed by your Captains. Stark’s offer on psychological therapy was immediately declined by both men, it wouldn’t have been any better than what HYDRA had done.

But the warmth that seared through your heart because of the reunion of these two soon faded and a shallow pit of jealous, desperation and hatred settled. How in these short months the promise of together had been stripped away from the friendship of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

“What’re you doin’ up, doll?” Steve’s voice fills the empty room. He strides in to the closet to retrieve extra pillows and blankets, meaning that he’d be spending the night Bucky’s room.

You bit your bottom lip and exhale a shaking breath.

“Just couldn’t sleep. Buck okay?” He should know why you are up at 3:23 in the morning, it should be obvious with the damp cloth draped over your forehead.

Yeah, he’s fine. He’s getting better though, the past week he’s only been getting up twice a night. We’re really making progress. I’ll see you in the morn, baby.” He strides over and kisses your check and gently runs his palm over your swollen belly.

As he leaves the room, your lips trembles and you bring the pillow to your face to muffle the sobs. Nothing had you more physically tired than these past few months, your fetus as well as your body developing right before your eyes, the flutters you began to feel, all moments that you enjoy but lately you’ve had to enjoy them yourself. It strains you to not be comforted by him.

That was three weeks ago. And things only worsened since.

“Goddamn! That shit will kick your ass, huh?” The loud voice of Sam vibrates of the walls of the kitchen and into your bedroom, a complete floor above and it’s irritating you majorly.

Steve has the guys over for late night poker and drinks, not even asking you if it were alright with you. Communication between you two hadn’t gotten any better from three weeks ago, but really you were one to blame as well.

Though this phase has you on edge, it only remains this way because you allow it to be. But who were you to get between these two? The friendship of these two men that even HYDRA or 70 years couldn’t get between.

You huff out a breath as their masculine noises fill your ears. It’s keeping you up and the tossing and turning is only agitating your child as much it is you.

“Baaaaaby!” Steve’s voice creeps into the void as the door whips open. He’s drunk, way drunk. His burping and dragging of feet across the wooden floor confirming it.

Still laying on your side, you adjust your head on the folded pillows. The tears have threaten to spill over and you know a sob would soon follow, so you remain still.

“Baby, I want to love you up, can I love you up?” His side of the bed dips and he rolls into you causing your still form to move and gripping the side of the bed to prevent falling over.

He snuggles close to you, wrapping an arm over your side and face into the crook of your neck. His hot breath tickling your neck and soon his lip follow. He begins to trail hot kisses on your shoulder and his cold hand runs on your sides.

You shrug your shoulder in hope he’d get the hint that you aren’t exact thrilled to commence what he wants to, but this is really the first time in a long time. You were playing hard to get.

“Com’n, baby. I want to make sweet, sweet laaaave to ya. Help your man out here.” His offer is tempting especially as his hand moves to your hips, down to your ass and leaving a slight squeeze.

“I don’t want to… but ask Bucky, maybe he can help you out.” His hand gets pushed off of you by yours and he sighs irritatingly.

“I don’t want to make love to Bucky, I want to with you but… whatever. I’ll be in company that actually wants me around.” He begins to slide of the bed, as you twist your body to see him, he struggles to push himself off.

All you could think of in that moment was how he’d always ask you if you were okay. If there is a topic that you seemed bother by, he’d drill you until you confess it all. But even that was not prominent anymore. And right now, he wanted to give himself to you. Were you going to pass up this opportunity?

“Wait….” You reach for his shirt and bundle it in your hand, the slight glow of the waning moon casting onto your extended arm. “ I-I’m sorry. It’s the noise, you guys are being really, really loud and it’s upsetting not just me but the baby and I can’t sleep.”

He finally relaxes back into his sitting position and turns to you, a face in between I’m fucked up and I’m here for you. It’s better than him walking out and making your predicament a hundred times worst.

“Want me to tell them to beat it?” He asks apologetically.

You sit up, your elbows propping your upper half slightly, “Yes… so I can fuck my captain.”

His jaw lowers, mouth agape and the bulge in his pants agreeing. “Language, doll but I’ll be right back!”


The laughter building in your chest and warmth spreading, you were finally going to get a night with him.

He pushes both your legs open and slips in between them, arms above your head, extended as he hovers over you. His head dips down to the space where your neck and shoulder meet to kiss passionately, he’s going to mark you. Excitement is coursing through your veins. You’ve gone through three orgasms in the past hour and the night is still young, you think to yourself.

“Give it to me already, baby.” Your legs wrap tightly around his waist and your nails drag themselves painstakingly slow across his back.

Your hips bucking slightly forward, as much as your body would allow. You want his weight on you badly, but your baby bump won’t allow it. Heat emitting of your naked bodies, sweat sticking them together.

“Anything you want, baby, I’ll give it to you.” He says as he deepens himself inside you.

Utter Euphoria.

Slow, but deep thrusts. Teeth dragging on your neck as your nails do the same, digging into his skin as he grunts out passion into your ear. His skin hitting your sex each time sends you off the deep end, as your moans become louder, he speeds up just a bit.

“I love you, I love you so much, Steven. I want this forever. Promise me this is forever?” You barely get out as your chest becomes more and more hollow with each time you moan, making it damn near impossible to catch your breath.

His face softens from the look of discomfort caused by the orgasm building up, ready to confess but his words don’t come out.

“Steve! Steve, help me!” Bucky’s frantic call halts his thrusts; his breath hitches in his throat.

And he wastes no time pulling himself out of you to attend to his bestfriend.

“I-I’ll be right back, baby.” He jumps out of bed and pull on sweatpants.

You lay there, almost on the brink of a 4th orgasm, desperately gasping for air. You understand that the call seems urgent, that Steve is the only one he calls out to. But how could he just leave you there that way? More importantly, how could he not return his promise of forever to you?

However, he does not come “right” back. A few moments turn into minutes and soon hours. Your tears couldn’t fall anymore; you’ve put yourself into hyperventilation and soon grew to tiresome to wait any longer.

Steve begins to groan as he shifts body on the uncomfortable wooden floor of Bucky’s bedroom. His knees bending, soles of his feet meeting the cool ground. The hangover beginning to take its toll. He looks to the clock wall reading it’s half past eight in the morning.

“Hey, man. I don’t know why you don’t just move a cot in here. Saves you the stiff muscles.” Bucky looks down at his grinning bestfriend wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

“It’s the bourbon that’s causing most of the discomfort. You sleep alright?” Steve ask still trying to wake up and push this hangover aside.

Bucky swings his legs over the side of the messy bed and looks down with a smirk. “ Well before the darkness of HYDRA’s after effects consumed me and the sound of a headboard slamming ferociously into the wall with  Oh yes Steve, right there! I had a good sleep.”

This stops Steve instantly. Scrambling to get up dismaying the fact of his throbbing headache, he dashes up the staircase; muttering profanities under his breath.

You thought he didn’t notice the distance between you two. You thought he didn’t notice that you pretend to be okay with all of this, but he notices. But like you, he can’t wrap his head around how much of change has occurred. Bucky is literally half his life, the half that had died before he had, or so he thought. So waking up 70 years later, life just resumed. He didn’t get to move on just like that, everything lingered and even you didn’t understand that he didn’t just wake and accept what had happened. It took him time and still it is.

When he sprinted into your shared bedroom, you weren’t there. The bed is made neatly and on top has an envelope with Steve written in your handwriting.


When I found myself falling for you, I relinquished all my past. I forgot about the hold Clark had on me, the century of living with who I am, the many days and nights of crying that for me there wouldn’t be happiness. Then, I finally found you. You were there for me more that I imagined anyone would be. I stubbornly took my time accepting that you letting go of your past wasn’t going to be easy. Clearly, you and I have had many disagreements regarding Peggy and to the brink of a permanent split. But true love prevails, universe be damned. But he we are again. Back to square one. The first time around it was different, I was just being silly. This time it isn’t just me, it’s a person who deserves to know that no matter what or who comes into our life, that you will be there. Our child deserves you just as much as I. And I know that Bucky means the world to you, but so did I. So did this child of ours. I just need some time to think.

Your Forever.


Steve’s chest had tightened, his ability to breath gone like a newborn gasping for its first breath. He knew that things had gotten bad, but this bad? Where could you have gone to?

He treks into the kitchen quickly trying to find anything that point to where you could have gone. The Stark tower? Your old Brooklyn apartment? He really couldn’t breathe now. So he tries his go-to emergency: calling Natasha. Since she always seems to know what is happening with you.

As he listens to the rings, he notices today’s date circled on the calendar. Baby appt. @8:30.

The phone drops out of his hand, over on the stove the clock reads 8:36. His heart hammering in his chest as he rushes to the drawer for his stashed keys to his bike. “Buck! I’m leaving!”

8:40 am

“Your baby is growing well, make sure to keep up with your prenatal. For 23 weeks, you are growing on the bigger side but nothing to worry about.” Dr. Cho says behind the monitor as your smile, tapping your fingers obsessively.

A smile displays across your face as you look onto the screen and see your little bean. “Precious, are we done here?”

Her face contorts into confusion but she nods anyways. You hop off the table and button your jeans. You needed to leave the Stark tower before Steve figures out that you are here. Before he tries to beg you to stay.

After gathering your things, you send out a quick text to reassure your ride would be here before nine. None of Avengers we around in the tower, they are halfway across the world on a mission.

You stood at the roadside, constantly looking down at your watch. Waiting, hoping, fearing he would come and try to stop you. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t wait around and listen to him, trying to get you to see his POV. Because you do, but it doesn’t make up for it. You needed some time.

Finally, after 10 minutes, a familiar car appears in your peripheral. You smile at the tiny car pulling up and large man getting out, “I still don’t see why you drive this small thing,” You embrace Clark in a hug.

“Well I couldn’t exactly choose the faster route with your predicament and this is my way of fitting in, thank you.” He quirks an eyebrow as he chucks my duffel bag of his shoulder and pecks a kiss on your forehead.

The roaring sound of an engine a motorcycle sounds, Clark and I  look back to see Steve rushing off. I look over to him and back to Clark, I nod my head towards the car and I scramble, “Step on it.”

Looking back into the rearview mirror, I see Steve standing there. Head falling, body slumping and heart breaking. He promised me that through anything we’d work it out, we always do. Not this time.


Nevermore Triology by Kelly Creagh: Nevermore

“Cheerleader Isobel becomes the reluctant partner of Goth Varen Nethers for an English assignment on Poe. Predictably, she falls hard for him, and he may not be a lost soul trapped between the real world and the dream world, psychologically abused by his father, or just a strange kid. There are so many dropped threads in the story that are just begging to be picked up in sequels that readers aren’t really sure what has happened and what hasn’t”

Darcyland Prompt for a fic that I have a mighty need to read but zero talent to write:

The Bartons let Tony invite himself and the whole avengers team & family for a big dinner, a celebration of their reunion and reconciliation (yeah I like everyone to be happy and united). The dinner is great and lively and then, the lights are out. Darcy is suddenly kissed, like, thoroughly kissed ‘best kiss of her life’ kind of kiss. The problem is that she doesn’t know who is kissing her, she has zero clues and when the lights are back, no one is near her.

guess what? the whole fic could be about her trying to figure out who is the kisser. and guess what the sequel? it happens again and she has the feeling it’s not always the same person and IDK, could be fun? Detective work kind of fun? (I like fluffy, funny, domesticity stuff, I have a problem lol).

I swear to whatever God may exist if something happens to Leia (I mean worse than what has already happened) I’m just gonna ignore the sequels and stick to the OT and the head canon that Han and Leia lived happily fighting ever after together with their like 5 kids so yeah

april fool’s day is actually the worst bc it’s the day japan decides to announce all the anime and video game sequels and spinoffs that everyone has been begging for but will never happen
'Ghostbusters' Sequel 'Will Happen,' Sony Pictures Distribution Chief Says
On the heels of $46 million opening, studio eyes "Ghostbusters" franchise plans

Nothing official has been announced, but one can only hope that anyone screaming that there childhood was ruining will get tired of screaming by the time the sequel would supposedly come out.

A thank you to all who made Ghostbusters

Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, no matter what happens, sequel or not, Ghostbusters has made its mark because it inspired! It was a fun movie, it showed that girls could be the action heroes, and science geeks, and be strong. I think every girl who saw the movie, me included, could see themselves in each character. Erin - booksmart, Abby - always positive and believes in the team. Patty - up for adventure. Jillian - fun loving geeky smart eccentric and gay. These characters threw girl stereotypes out the window with proton packs and we all thank you. We forever have 4 amazing Ghostbusters to look up to.