sequel has to happen

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<3<3 Hehe, you’re welcome to look through my fanfiction tag here if you want to see more of what I’ve written, or my AO3 account - there’s plenty more along these lines!

And as it happens, this specific ficlet actually has a sequel posted - Morning! There’s gonna be a sequel to that, too - but I’ve just started writing it up today, so it’ll still be a little way. :P

april fool’s day is actually the worst bc it’s the day japan decides to announce all the anime and video game sequels and spinoffs that everyone has been begging for but will never happen

Darcyland Prompt for a fic that I have a mighty need to read but zero talent to write:

The Bartons let Tony invite himself and the whole avengers team & family for a big dinner, a celebration of their reunion and reconciliation (yeah I like everyone to be happy and united). The dinner is great and lively and then, the lights are out. Darcy is suddenly kissed, like, thoroughly kissed ‘best kiss of her life’ kind of kiss. The problem is that she doesn’t know who is kissing her, she has zero clues and when the lights are back, no one is near her.

guess what? the whole fic could be about her trying to figure out who is the kisser. and guess what the sequel? it happens again and she has the feeling it’s not always the same person and IDK, could be fun? Detective work kind of fun? (I like fluffy, funny, domesticity stuff, I have a problem lol).
'Ghostbusters' Sequel 'Will Happen,' Sony Pictures Distribution Chief Says
On the heels of $46 million opening, studio eyes "Ghostbusters" franchise plans

Nothing official has been announced, but one can only hope that anyone screaming that there childhood was ruining will get tired of screaming by the time the sequel would supposedly come out.

I swear to whatever God may exist if something happens to Leia (I mean worse than what has already happened) I’m just gonna ignore the sequels and stick to the OT and the head canon that Han and Leia lived happily fighting ever after together with their like 5 kids so yeah

A thank you to all who made Ghostbusters

Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, no matter what happens, sequel or not, Ghostbusters has made its mark because it inspired! It was a fun movie, it showed that girls could be the action heroes, and science geeks, and be strong. I think every girl who saw the movie, me included, could see themselves in each character. Erin - booksmart, Abby - always positive and believes in the team. Patty - up for adventure. Jillian - fun loving geeky smart eccentric and gay. These characters threw girl stereotypes out the window with proton packs and we all thank you. We forever have 4 amazing Ghostbusters to look up to.