[si-kwey-shuh s] 

1. following with smooth or logical regularity.

2. Archaic. following, imitating, or serving another person, especially unreasoningly.

by 1640, “given to following leaders,” from Latin sequac-, stem of sequax “that follows, a follower,” from sequi “to follow”

“In a world peopled with limp critics and sequacious art historians the ruthlessness with which he used the battering ram of talent invariably earned my admiration and almost invariably my support.”
- John Pope-Hennessy, Learning to Look

anonymous asked:

Do you hate christians and muslims and jews with a burning passion too because they have no evidence to back up their beliefs, or does that only apply to kinnies?

‘do i hate christian and muslims and jews with a burning passion’ well, that isn’t an aggressive-sounding ask at all. since someone seems a wee bit worked up this morning, i’ll spare you no secrets and lay my beliefs bare for all to see.

i hate religion with a burning passion, as i hate all made-up, unfounded beliefs which have had, quite literally, no evidence to support them since their very inception and do more harm than good to both its sequacious adherents and the world at large through hateful, archaic, and cultish doctrines that encourage bigotry, oppression, and the brainwashing of children from the moment they can understand words. 

i do not hate the people. i do not and could not and you really must understand that. i don’t hate the people and in fact, if anything, i pity them. 

i pity the fact that most have been indoctrinated since birth and never given a chance to think for themselves, that they’ve been told since youth they’re going to burn in hell if they ever make a mistake, that their fear of this “loving” god and their ingrained brainwashing prevents them from fully appriciating what an awe-inspiring and incredible place the universe is, and how absolutely amazing the human race is for all our achievements, and the wonders of science and nature that aren’t governed by some apparently omnipotent and benevolent invisible man in the sky who lets nothing but death and destruction and starvation and poverty reign over the planet while doing nothing to stop it. apparently some people “need” their religion as a comfort, or to escape the reality of how life is ultimately meaningless and death is in fact quite permanent. yeah, well some people do crack cocaine as a comfort and to escape reality, and that certainly doesn’t make it right or harmless. at the end of the day, i really want nothing more than to see these poor people released from religion, so we as the human race might proceed into the future unhindered by delusional bronze age beliefs. 

of course, otherkin is nothing like all that. it’s not a world-destroying institution and i recognise that. however, its frankly ridiculous beliefs (whichever way you want to define them) remain as self-destructive and harmful to the mental health and wellbeing of its adherents and that is why i must, as i would do and have done to all other deserving religions, call it out.

good day to you, sir!

Word of the Day

Sequacious, a. /se’kwā-shē’us/ - Disposed to follow; ready to be led; following; attendant. Logically consecutive or consistent. Ductile and pliable.

       Source: Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary, 1953