Ti vogliamo tutti bene, Fortunata. E ti vogliamo bene perché sei una gabbiana, una bella gabbiana. Non ti abbiamo contradetto quando ti abbiamo sentito stridere che eri un gatto, perché ci lusinga che tu voglia essere come noi, ma sei diversa e ci piace che tu sia diversa. Non abbiamo potuto aiutare tua madre, ma te sì. Ti abbiamo protetta fin da quando sei uscita dall'uovo. Ti abbiamo dato tutto il nostro affetto senza alcuna intenzione di fare di te un gatto. Ti vogliamo gabbiana. Sentiamo che anche tu ci vuoi bene, che siamo i tuoi amici, la tua famiglia, ed è bene tu sappia che con te abbiamo imparato qualcosa che ci riempie di orgoglio: abbiamo imparato ad apprezzare, a rispettare e ad amare un essere diverso. È molto facile accettare e amare chi è uguale a noi, ma con qualcuno che è diverso è molto difficile, e tu ci hai aiutato a farlo. Sei una gabbiana e devi seguire il tuo destino di gabbiana. Devi volare. Quando ci riuscirai, Fortunata, ti assicuro che sarai felice, e allora i tuoi sentimenti verso di noi e i nostri verso di te saranno più intensi e più belli, perché sarà l'affetto tra esseri completamente diversi.
—  Luis Sepúlveda, Storia di una gabbianella e del gatto che le insegnò a volare
Giant music festival is threatening wildlife reserve

Dear Tumblr,

After our previous victory of preventing the huge music festival from being held this year next to Sepulveda Basin wildlife reserve, I promised I would let you know if the promoters of “Angelfest” made another attempt to hold the festival next year. And they are. The petition is still ongoing, but there is an extremely important community hearing tonight at 6PM and we need to help be voice of these animals.

If you can, take a moment to send a short email to: to voice an objection to this irresponsible event.

Your email can simply say that Army Corps should think of the damage and impact a loud 3-day music festival can have on the nature reserve’s local and migratory wildlife.. The promoters should be encouraged to hold their event at any of the more appropriate event venues around Los Angeles, of which there are many.

This is a tipping point tonight to prevent damage from being done to this delicate nature reserve. Anyone can send an email and the more people that send one, the more likely we can protect the wildlife. For more information about the hearing, and politicians to contact, visit SFV Audubon. The deadline for emails is May 25th, but the more we have before tonight the better. 🐦

You know you're from the Valley if...

Repost/Add More to the list. I’ll follow back my locals.

You know at least 3 strip clubs nearby
Marijuana collectives are almost in every block
You’ve had raspados/elotes from el paletero
You go to those swapmeets on the weekends
Know the only Walmart that has two floors is the one in Panorama City
Know the hookers are on Lankershim Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd.
Watched the soccer games at the parks on weekends
You’ve bussed around and met some interesting characters
When it’s 2:33, you think of the 233 bus
Had someone try to sell you bootleg DVDs ON THE BUS
Walked past by street fights b/t two people
Seen little dogs walk by themselves (Where are their owners?)
Almost everyone has little dogs or Pit Bulls
Got cat called by the mechanics as you walked by (Girls)
Know a relative who sells Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, any door to door sales job
Tattoos are the norm
Had some drunk or high individual try to talk to you on the street
Know of the little churches from spaces that used to be stores
People on street corners giving you business cards to clinics/taxis


photos by Ashlen Sepulveda at Swarthmore College, 2014

“This poem hates you for taking
the things that made me different, so I didn’t want them then -
now, my no-Hindi skills, my Bollywood shame,
my one-visit to India. My too-polytheistic-faith, my smelly food.
My mother who wants me to wear a sari to graduation
and my resistance.
I just wanted to be like everyone else,
and now? You take a Buzzfeed quiz on which Hindu god you are.
You have curry powder in your spice rack.
You gyrate wildly to garba songs.
You say holi is your favorite holiday
even if you never remember its name.”

- from “Holiness"