Brandon drove in from Arkansas to have Richard do several new piercings for him, including an awesome septril piercing.  Brandon coordinated a fiery selection of opals for his piercings!

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anonymous asked:

Hullo there! ( OwO )/ What kind of piercings (and where is it located) will the Lords and/or NPCs have in Modern!Au? Thanks in advance!

Hiii, thanks for the request ~

Nobunaga: Eyebrow Piercing

Mitsuhide: /

Shingen: Chin Piercing (not Labret) or tongue

Yukimura: Racoon Piercing

Saizo: Daith Piercing (ring) and flesh tunnel (lobe, expansion rod)

Kenshin: Septril (shiny jewel) or Medusa

Kageie: Vertical Labret or Venom

Kagetsugu: Industrial Piercing (black, pointed ends)

Masamune: Snake Bites (studs)

Kojuro: Flesh Tunnel (Tubes)

Shigezane: Frenulum Piercing (‘Smiley Piercing’)

Hideyoshi: Labret Piercing and several lobepiercings

Mitsunari: Septum Piercing (black ring)

Hanbei: Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Toshiie: Bridge Piercing or Nipple Piercing because he likes showing tits we know that

Ieyasu: /