septic truck

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Wait, the septic truck is STILL stuck? Wow. Anyway, it costs about 1000 mks to fill up to the top, but since you get more than that from one pump, it's actually not as expensive as it seems as long as you pump a couple of tanks in the process. Speaking of the bike, I think the one time you died on it in ep.26 is because you flipped over and fell straight on your head, not a collision with green car.

It was a freak accident one time with the bike verses hundreds of times in every other vehicle and yeah I can’t unflip it.

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Favorite and most despised drivable vehicles in My Summer Car?

I hate the septic truck because it’s dead in a ditch and even if I could get it out the thing eats fur faster than it makes money. My favorite is the Nike because the fuel is cheap and it’s near impossible to die on it.