septic truck

those who hate the saints row game series are wrong like its a video game that was originally a clone of GTA but got increasingly silly until the fourth game is your crime boss character stopped a nuclear missle destroying america, became president of the united states THEN the world is attacked by aliens your character mouths off to the head alien he gets angry then destroys the earth out if pettiness whilst also being narrated by jane austen. thats not even taking into account all the silly and fun game modes they have over the series. in saints row 2 you get put in charge of a septic truck and cover as much things as possible in literal poop. in saints row 3 you can go through a tv game show course where you shoot people and two snarky commenters comment and i think at one point they get kinda bro-gay. oh yeah and you can play as a female in 2 - 4 where in GTA it takes itself too seriously and you can only play as a female in online in 5.