Let’s do a thing! We are 5 followers away from 10,000 so here’s a challenge to celebrate! I wanted to challenge myself to post at least one photo a day and I’m hoping the topics will help me work on my photography and get creative.

If anyone wants to join in there’s a tag I’ll be tracking! Not particularly expecting anyone to join in but you know, just in case. 

Happy September!

Day 22 - Learning

So we are few days behind.. Daniel is teaching Lilly to balance things on her head.  I should have gotten video for you as she kept following his hands and would tilt her head. It was very funny from my view probably not his.

She’s really quick to catch onto concepts so it’s awesome to teach her new things.  Of course perfecting the concept takes a bit.

These are my rotten little pups, Kylie and Mika. They are the main subject of my blog, and my photography. 

Kylie is the cheesy, timid one. And Mika is the nutty, outgoing one. 

I don’t usually put photos of Kylie up where she isn’t perky and super happy, but in reality, she really just isn’t perky and happy all of the time. Most of the time, she really is just a calm smile kind of dog. That’s just how she shows her contentment. 

Mika though, Mika is happy ALL of the time. She usually isn’t ever unhappy, even when she’s in trouble (the little shit)… So that’s why I usually focus on taking photos of her. She was raised with a camera in her face.