Last November our house was one of the many that got destroyed. Around that time, I was barely a month in my new job and my colleagues had pledged money to help our family. It meant a lot given that I barely knew them. 

So as a token of my sincere gratitude, I went back to making amigurumis so I could give each of them a handmade gift. I  didn’t have a lot of spare time so making 20 owls took time. And now I’m finally done! 

I actually made 23 but my first attempt failed and I had already given two to a friend.

I know owls are so last season but if I was to make 20+, it had to be a fairly easy pattern and I saw this really cute owl pattern over at garnstudio. 

PS. Taking these pictures were a challenge. I was holding the light and the camera and focus all at the same time. I didn’t have a tripod/light stand. :p


Sent the owls to their owners today! See here.