Studies and sketches of girly girls with a bunch of quotations. I love taking down quotes. I collect them in fact–in a notebook solely dedicated to quotes. Uh-huh. In the third picture, that’s a part of lyrics from the song Same Mistakes by The Echo Friendly. And on the last picture, those are from a speech Tavi Gevinson gave. She is awesome. I need to watch her movie Enough Said.

And my current scanner is an ancient one. It’s a bit color-confused. Forgive the uneven-ness. 

Ok, let’s talk about the local cinema scene.

They are my favorite production house and I am saying this kasi I’m friends with them.

They are an amazing productions. Madami na silang na gawang music videos here in Cebu, for bands such as; Bethany, Drop Decay, Shuffled & Shiela and the Insects.

Nasali din sila sa only film fest dito - Binisaya (The very one I’m planning to join).

Karl Lucente - He is a gifted and talented director. Grabe yung creative juice niya as in. And sobrang nakakatuwang kasama.

Neil Briones (colortypocineme)- Boyfriend ng bestfriend ko. He is an amazing cinematographer and colorist. Grabe yung eye niya for details of color. And lagi niya akong pinapagalitan dahil I don’t “hone” my skills daw :))

Steve Atenta - I always laugh whenever he’s there. He is super helpful kasi siya yung DP ko nung 2nd short film ko.

Steve Cañete - Or better known as Taicho. Yung charisma lalaking is overflowing. He is the go-to guy of group kasi pagkulang yung actors he fills in. And he also acted for my 2nd short film. I miss Taicho! :D

Jhe Butawan - Boy nila, di joke. Isa pag DP nila and sobrang pilyo nito. Lagi nalang ako natatawa kung kasam ko siya.

Gale Osorio (septembergale)- Nanay nila. She is an amazing production manager. Laging sobrang ganda ng props, locations, make-up & costume nila.

Trena Guerrero - Newest member nila. DP & Sound nila. We made a promise to each other na dapat kasali kami sa Binisaya this year :D

So that’s southernlads for you ;)

Check out this stuff here;

May tumblr din sila so follow; :D

View From The Top

26 floors above Cebu city and the view is to die for. 

Thanks Butalin for taking us up there! :D  

External image

Aerial view of downtown Cebu. Osmena Blvd at the right. 

External image

It was a cloudy day, meaning no sun to be seen at sunrise.

External image

Imagine waking up to this view everyday. That’s my friend Chatt enjoying the view.

External image

We were right next to Club Ultima. 

My Amigurumis

Back when I had all the time in the world and I didn’t have anything better to do, I made these: 

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

Albeit the designs aren’t very original (google “amigurumi”), the patterns I used I made myself–stitch by stich, line by line. These were made for my friends and classmates. Maybe in the future, I’ll make amigurumis again. :D

SINULOG 2012 aka bestsinulogever

Was supposed to go to take pictures at the grand mardi gras but I got stuck at Baseline.


That’s a lot of people in such a small area!!! You can’t really go anywhere in that place. It was so packed you can barely move. To get from point A to point B, you just gotta let the current of the crowd carry you. It’s like swimming where you just let the water take you to the shore!

People were pushing and pulling and jumping and dancing and screaming. BUT IT WAS GREAT. 

Couldn’t take much pictures because there was a lot of beer shower going on. Didn’t want my camera to get drenched in beer. 

Overall a crazy day with crazy people and crazy parties!!! See you guys next year!  

My friends and I supposedly were going for a trip to see the famous whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu. We were super excited, but then when we got there, the fishermen were on a strike.

Of all the days to put up a strike, it was on the day we were there!

We drove almost four hours just to get there and we ended up leaving.
We didn’t want to waste our weekend and the four hour drive so we came up with a spontaneous plan B! We were determined to have fun!

Our plan B consisted of eating lechon at Carcar City and then going for a river tour in Aloguinsan. We heard great things about the river from Chatt and Is and since we didn’t want to waste the day, the rest of us willingly obliged. 

So that picture up there is where we ended up. Taken by Buts I didn’t have one of those water cases for DSLRs so I couldn’t bring my camera along with me. :( I would have wanted to take pictures of the scenery.

We traveled all the way to where the river opened up to the sea and had fun swimming and kayaking and trekking the surrounding mountains and just having plain fun–making the most of our unfortunate event during the morning. 

The river is called Bojo River and if you book before you go there, the staff will greet you with necklaces of lace and will entertain you during your stay. They also have delicious native food you can try. :D

We’re planning to head back south again to finally get our chance at those whale sharks, otherwise known as BUTANDING!  



Last November our house was one of the many that got destroyed. Around that time, I was barely a month in my new job and my colleagues had pledged money to help our family. It meant a lot given that I barely knew them. 

So as a token of my sincere gratitude, I went back to making amigurumis so I could give each of them a handmade gift. I  didn’t have a lot of spare time so making 20 owls took time. And now I’m finally done! 

I actually made 23 but my first attempt failed and I had already given two to a friend.

I know owls are so last season but if I was to make 20+, it had to be a fairly easy pattern and I saw this really cute owl pattern over at garnstudio. 

PS. Taking these pictures were a challenge. I was holding the light and the camera and focus all at the same time. I didn’t have a tripod/light stand. :p


Sent the owls to their owners today! See here.

Batch 2005 never fails to have a reunion every year around Christmas time. This is the only time when almost every one of us comes home for the holidays.
Our class president has always been in charge with the parties and he always comes up with fun themes. 
This year, we’re having a blacklight party where everyone is required to wear funky shades.

This will be a blast. 


And I made that poster/flyer/invite thingy. :D 

I’ve been designing more and drawing less these past few months. 

Screenshot of what I’m currently working on. Photos used are from Flickr, from the common creatives section. :)

This is for a local camera shop that is sponsoring a badminton tournament and wanted to put up posters during the tournament to help promote the shop. These are all still subject for approval. 

Supposedly the purpose of making a tumblr account was to force me to draw more but meh, ang life combo combo pagtumira minsan eh. Just got to make the best of it. :)

Up next, layout for a yearbook/coffee table book. phew. i’m a busy little bee. 

A drawing for a friend. I got so busy with school that I didn’t have much time to do my personal projects. But since we’re on our semestral break, I went ahead and jumped on the opportunity to draw. Having free time is great but sometimes it gets me lazy. Spending five months slaving for school leaves one somewhat listless and all I want to do is lie down and enjoy my bed. Sleeping all day is great. Nothing beats 12 hours of sleep, right? But unproductive days leave me feeling guilty. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Well, so much for rambling, enjoy your day. <3