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Dude! Check Toyark's gallery for the Voltron exhibit at toyfair. Season 3 casually confirmed for September, plus an interesting tidbit about how many episodes they have planned.



  • Key element of Netflix’s massive push for original family content. 78 episode commitment
  • 26 episodes scheduled for 2017
    • 13 in January
    • 13 in September
  • 10 episodes of Classic Voltron, with new content added, premiere on Netflix in March
  • Additional Second Screen content pre-Easter, with more content throughout the summer
  • Cross-category marketing events throughout the year - including a Burger King Kid’s Meal partnership



13 – Arsenal (A)
20 – Burnley (H)
27 – Tottenham Hotspur (A)


10 – Leicester City (H)
17 – Chelsea (A)
24 – Hull City (H)


1 – Swansea City (A)
15 – Manchester United (H)
22 – West Bromwich Albion (H)
29 – Crystal Palace (A)


5 – Watford (H)
19 – Southampton (A)
26 – Sunderland (H)


3 – Bournemouth (A)
10 – West Ham United (H)
13 – Middlesbrough (A)
17 – Everton (A)
26 – Stoke City (H)
31 – Manchester City (H)


2 – Sunderland (A)
14 – Manchester United (A)
21 – Swansea City (H)


1 – Chelsea (H)
4 – Hull City (A)
11 – Tottenham Hotspur (H)
25 – Leicester City (A)


4 – Arsenal (H)
11 – Burnley (A)
18 – Manchester City (A)


1 – Everton (H)
5 – Bournemouth (H)
8 – Stoke City (A)
15 – West Bromwich Albion (A)
22 – Crystal Palace (H)
29 – Watford (A)


6 – Southampton (H)
13 – West Ham United (A)
21 – Middlesbrough (H)

september 10th Horoscope Personality 2014-2015

september 10 Virgo Birthday Horoscope personality
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september 10th Birthday Personality

september 10 Virgo birthday astrology personality
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Were you born on the September 10?

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10 years ago tonight, I was in the audience seeing Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Concert. This was truly the event of 2001. From Gladys Knight to Whitney Houston, the show was star-studded. On this magical night of music, Madison Square Garden was the center of the world.
Myself and the packed house who stayed until the early morning of September 11, 2011 could never imagine that the world would change in a few hours following the end of this show.

September 10

People born on this date are quick to spot opportunity, and they have the wherewithal to excel at almost anything that catches their fancy. Ambitious, strong-willed, persistent, and meticulous, you are considerably more self-confident than other natives of your Sun sign. Determined to rise to a position of power and prestige, you’re prepared to work as hard and long as necessary to achieve your personal goals. You know what you want, you’re not afraid to pursue it, and you’re not likely to stop until you get it.

Your desire to reach the top of your profession is enhanced by your knack for dealing with people and your ability to make helpful connections in your chosen field. Although you may seem acquiescent, you’re not likely to be content in a subordinate position. You’re a natural leader with a way of motivating others by making them feel that their contributions are useful and important. Exacting and sensitive, you’re an idealist with high standards, and you demand the best from yourself and everyone else. Always honest and straightforward in your dealings, you expect nothing less in return.

Although physically you are ardent and loving, emotionally you tend to blow hot and cold. Since a true meeting of the mind is as important to you as romance, if you don’t find it, you may prefer living life on your own.