September in Synopsis

It’s been nagging me since I started September in Review to consider some sort of way to keep all of it together. I know, I know you can just go to the tag but I’m talking more from a writer’s stand point. I like to make lists and to have everything saved into one little spot so I can go back to it later.

I plan to make it a habit of compiling a long series on reviews into one single document for organization reasons. Also, it helps me narrow down some of my specific points into a pros and cons list. Be sure to drop by the links provided to read my whole reviews. Also complete with silly taglines.

King Falls AM: The Chatty Side of the Paranormal

  • Pros: Wonderful world building. Classical approach to the paranormal. Welcoming atmosphere. Very funny. Setting feels remarkably realistic to a rather impressive degree. Short and sweet episodes.
  • Cons: Not the most original concept out there. Characters and ideas used aren’t anything groundbreaking. Lack of unique selling points can make it a bit dated.
  • Read the full review here.

Kakos Industries: Hear No Evil

  • Pros: Bold, creative, and tightly designed. Funny as well as fun. Quick but thorough treatment of subplots. All around excellent and tongue-in-cheek black comedy satire.
  • Cons: Feels aimless and at times dully repetitive due to lack of central conflict, need to be explicit can overwhelm need to be interesting or clever, consistent music can be an annoyance.
  • Read the full review here.

EOS 10: Slip into the Sounds of Space Surgery

  • Pros: Neat and well designed sound editing. Interesting set up. Diverse casting. Can be funny but also touching and suspenseful if necessary. Great dialogue and voice acting.
  • Cons: Somewhat predictable outcomes and overused story telling cliches for gags, twists, and characters. Aside from setting, not a lot of stand out or unique ideas.
  • Read the full review here.

SAYER: [insert bee pun here]

  • Pros: Heavily atmospheric. Great balance of black comedy, suspense, and sci-fi horror. Descriptive and nicely flowing monologues and/or dialogue. Interesting character relationships. Nice music.
  • Cons: Negative atmosphere can be overwhelmingly apathetic. Plot can be difficult to follow. Many humanoid characters used purely to be killed off later.
  • Read the full review here.

Wolf 359: The Songs of the Stars Have Aligned

  • Pros: Great casting and expressive voice acting. Crafty editing choices and music selection. Gripping plot and steady increase on drama but still keeps a lighthearted sense of humor. Bare-bones authentic.
  • Cons: Some may find the leads cliche. Monologues and dialogue can be melodramatic at times. Somewhat hopeless atmosphere.
  • Read the full review here.

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